View Full Version : Gardener NEWBY! I need some of your help please identifing!

04-23-2012, 02:18 PM
Good Morning All,

I'm brand new here and to gardening!!! Need some help. We just got a house in the winter with just beautiful landscape. I've been cleaning everything up and where the woman used to plant veggies (i've found radishes and scallions) I have sooo many of these. I have no clue what they are. A girlfriend of mine said they are probably just weeds and to pull them. I don;t want to do that until I know for sure. I'm still hoping they may be something good! ;) I put some tomatoes, cucumbers, zuchini, peppers, beans, and peas back there already. If they are no good- or a weed that could harm my plants I would like to know. Just a note- I don't know if you can really see from the pic- but there are like thin branch like things that come out of them. Looks like they were once alive. Ok- Thanks so much for any help you can give. I'm excited to be part of this forum!!361

04-28-2012, 12:48 PM
There are very very few perennial veggies. But they could be a flower. Looking at the growth they could be echinacea (cone flower), or possibly maximillian sunflower.