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Juvenile Cardinal Fearless & Frolicking

Cardinals mature very fast, just a week ago (maybe less) I saw this cardinal learning how to fly, it had just left the nest. Yesterday, while filming something else, he came to visit, and got really close to me. Since I had the camera ready I decided to film him, it is so rare to […]

Baby Robin Photo Diary

I actually took these pictures in 2008, but only just now am getting around to blogging about it. In 2008 some robins built a nest in a barberry bush just outside our kitchen window, and so I was able to monitor it daily. May 26th I first noticed a single egg on May 26th. By […]

Opossum on the Porch, Compost Eating Critter

No picture with this post, this is probably the first post I’ve done ever without a picture, for some reason I didn’t think about it last night. So, last night I made some skillet apples, and as I do normally I got out a brown paper bag to put all the scraps into for taking […]

Butternut Squash & Squirrels

So, I increased the amount of space devoted to edibles this year in order to save money. Involved in this was picking new spots that are NOT garden beds to plant things to see if they’ll grow. I planted some squash on the south side of my house near my raised beds (but not within […]

Attract Yellow Goldfinches to your Garden

The American Goldfinch, Carduelis tristis, is a beautiful backyard songbird that happens to frequent our garden so I thought I’d share how I attract them with others. The easiest way to attract these birds is with a sock full of niger thistle seeds. You can get these at most home improvement stores, but I’ve seen […]

Stop Rabbits (and Deer) from Eating Shrubs in Winter

This isn’t the most timely advice, it would be best in the Fall, but I’m posting this in Spring because it is on my mind. Also because I noticed a lot of my blog traffic is from people searching for advice on this. I don’t really have deer where I live in town. However I […]

Attack of the Red Squirrel!

We have had a red squirrel named Rudy take up residence in our backyard. My wife really likes him, he has been active all winter and she enjoys watching his frenetic search for food. These squirrels are small, maybe halfway between a chipmunk and a normal squirrel, are very active, and are very rare where […]

I must be doing something right…

Last night on our back deck we saw a raccoon. Now I live in the city, I have my entire backyard surrounded by a privacy fence, and overall my lot is only 90×160. Yet in my backyard there are families of 3 different kinds of squirrels, a family of rabbits, chipmunks, scores of birds, and […]

Fledging Robin Visitor

The other day I noticed this fledging Robin in my back yard and I went out to say hello. He was very well camouflagued and had I not seen him move I would never have noticed him. He wasn’t that scared of us but I believe they’re instincts are to stay still to avoid notice. […]

Baby Cardinals

As part gardening I (and my wife joins me in this) try to attract birds to our backyard. My wife likes birds, and I do as well but mostly I appreciate the good they can do for a garden by eating insects and whatnot. This Spring a family of cardinals made a nest in one […]

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