Apricot Tree Update

April 10th, 2010

A year ago I planted an apricot tree I had ordered from Stark Bros. I ended up making a post about it to rave about the quality of the bareroot tree I was sent, it had almost perfect branching.

I mentioned in the post that with such nicely pruned branching the tree could fruit sooner than normal, perhaps as soon as two years.

Well, it is covered with blossoms right now, and typically blossoms mean fruit. Sometimes when a fruit tree is young it will fruit only on a few small areas of branches, and that doesn’t necessarily mean fruit, but for every other fruit tree I’ve grown, being fully blossomed like this means fruit later this year.

Also odd is that some of the blossoms are coming directly from the trunk and or primary branches, making me think this may be a spur-type plant, (that fruits from primary or secondary branches, instead of tertiary ones) but it was not sold as such.

This is, however, the first apricot I’ve ever grown so maybe it is a normal thing for the tree. Anyone have an opinion on that?

In anycase, the tree is still certainly performing mightily.

9 Responses to “Apricot Tree Update”

  1. Anne  Says:

    What a beautiful tree! Looks like you will be getting a lot of fruit this year as long as you have enough bees to pollinate all those flowers. Good luck!

  2. Joe@GardenGurus  Says:

    Good luck with your tree project. I love apricots! This sounds like a great project for me to undertake as well. Keep us posted.

  3. Heather Brady  Says:

    We had an apricot tree on our farm when I was young – I believe we had to have two of them for cross-pollination?

  4. Maurizo  Says:

    What a tree! I agree with the first post, you should be seeing a fair bit of fruit if all goes well.

  5. How to live green  Says:

    @Heather Brady: Apricots are self-pollinated tree. So, only one tree is enough for pollination.

    I keep four or, five fruits in a cluster to let them grow larger.

    Thanks for the update.

  6. Meg  Says:


    I came across this blog post while doing some research… I actually work for Stark Bro’s & just wanted to say, that apricot tree is looking lovely! Did you end up getting any fruit off of it this year? Sometimes apricots (& peaches/other stone fruit) will bloom on the main branches (in spur-fashion) & while that doesn’t happen often, it isn’t too uncommon for those tree types. Thanks so much for posting the gorgeous picture, please let us know if you need anything!


  7. Administrator  Says:

    No fruit, I had what I thought were little baby fruits, but we had a late cold snap and they withered and fell off.

  8. joseph davides  Says:

    hello just I was looking on your websit and
    I was on the web for the apricots I have 2
    apricots trees and last year they have give
    me a lot of apricots this year they have not any fruit and they have extruct both of
    them gum if you can help me what Ican do to
    save them and also what is the cause of
    that happening I thank you
    my name is joseph davides and living in
    athens greece I thank you again joseph

  9. shayne  Says:

    oh what a great idea. I have been thinking about what fruiting trees to plant on our new place in Novi and that one has got to go on the list, right on top of the list just under apple tree

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