Save Paul James, Gardening by the Yard Cancelled, HGTV == Bad

April 1st, 2009

I’m angry.

Scripps Networks, owners of HGTV, are canning Gardening by the Yard and other gardening shows.

I want to swear and curse them out, I consider myself sailor quality in those activities, but this is a family blog so I’ll leave it to your imagination.

HGTV has forgotten the second letter in their name. As chronicled here they’ve been dropping gardening content for years, and little of what they do have is more like, as the link above says, using plants as design elements rather than things to cultivate.

Now they’re cancelling the one, one, educational gardening (as opposed to landscape design show) they have left. As you can read here they say.

They said gardening doesn’t sell and only old people garden. Well, we may be a seasoned, thrifty bunch, but gardening is still the #1 hobby in America.

This is a lie. Young people are in to gardening at unprecedented levels nowadays because young people are into being green and gardening, especially things like growing your own food, is green. There are 25 year old homesteaders out there trying to grow all their own food, this is not an activity for just old people. And with the economic crisis this has only increased. If anything HGTV should have made this move 4 years ago when people where all just interested in flipping houses rather than working the land, but to do it now when the pendulum is swinging the other way is ridiculous.

I am only 28 years old, I’ve been gardening all my life and I garden with a passion. Even for the few years when I lived in an apartment I had a patio garden (from the ground our patio looked like a jungle). I am smart, successful, young, technologically hip, and a big time gardener, and I’m not alone. So to say Paul James doesn’t appeal to young people is ridiculous. My youngest brother likes him too, he is only 20 and has been watching Paul James since he was probably 12.

I’ve learned so much from Paul. I would probably have not gotten more interested in dwarf conifers had it not been for him. I wouldn’t know what the heck a blue atlas cedar was had I not seen that beautiful specimen in his yard so many times. Paul taught me all about soil and especially about compost, I probably saw my first compost tumbler on his show. I’ve learned about vegetables from him, I’ve learned about trees. I’ve learned how to put in a rock wall, and how to build a fountain. And the only times I got close to bored was when Paul wasn’t on the screen.

Paul James is the Alton Brown of HGTV (or is Alton the Paul James of Food Network?). He is both entertaining and educational, a mix that is hard to find. He is the ultimate TV gardening personality (note to Paul though, this did not translate to your cooking show.). To say young people are not going to be interested in him as opposed to interested in a show where someone with a $30,000 a year income buys a $800,000 house? Or someone puts in a million dollar yard we can certainly all relate too? Please.

Is PBS going to be the only channel with gardening content? And what then, what do we have? Victory Garden which is slow and meandering and not nearly as entertaining (and invariably just about gardening on the coasts or at professional public gardens), or Smart Gardening which is so much filler content to fill 30 minutes? (“Today’s Smart Gardening Tips, exactly the same as last weeks: Choose the Best Plants, Water Well, and Have Fun!”)

If Paul James is cancelled he should get a show on Discovery Green. That channel is a little pretentious at times, and sometimes a little out of the mainstream, but I find myself watching it more and more. I think Paul would be a good fit there.

Either that, or, fulfill my dream of Paul, Alton Brown, and Les Stroud (Discovery’s Survivorman) going off on adventures together trying to live off wild foragables. That would be an awesome show.

There is a protest being organized to help save the show, don’t think it can’t work. Fans of CBS’ “Jericho” sent tons of nuts to CBS’ offices and managed to save that show for another season. Scrubs was cancelled by NBC, and picked up by ABC, same thing happened with Buffy. It can happen, show your support. The protest campaign is here.

Oh, date aside, this is no joke.

Oh, and if anyone from HGTV reads this. Paul James is the youngest person you have on your network. Age is not appearance of grey hair, age is a state of mind. And tell me, who acts more like a kid than him?

605 Responses to “Save Paul James, Gardening by the Yard Cancelled, HGTV == Bad”

  1. Victoria  Says:

    I’ve always enjoyed Gardening by the Yard. With all the newfound interest in gardening I can’t believe they would cancel it. That’s awful.

  2. Amy  Says:

    I agree with your sentiments about HGTV and gardening. It’s depressing, really. My mom has complained for several years that her favorite things are being stripped away from HGTV, making the channel increasingly less interesting. The shows we liked to watch were along the lines of “A Gardener’s Journal” (Erica Glasner), where she would visit the yards of people who gardened with a passion…some were big, spectacular yards, but some were just small and well-loved. She would analyze all aspects of the gardens, the layout, unusual combinations and cultivars. The pace of the show was absolutely JUST RIGHT. I can’t say for certain why the show was cancelled…but it disappeared after a few seasons.

    They also have been scaling down on the crafting side of HGTV. I have to admit, I’m not a huge fan of sock monkeys, but I did like Carol Duvall’s show. And sewing shows like Simply Quilts have totally gone away. Maybe they have re-appeared elsewhere, like the DIY network…. but I don’t shop around to find my shows when they get bought out. I just miss them.

    It won’t be long before HGTV loses me as a viewer if they continue the way things are going. How much House Hunters must a person be expected to watch? I do enjoy *some* (but not much) of the small-scale decorating shows. But decorating, and home staging shows are getting grander all the time. For example…Curb Appeal, which used to be about making small, significant changes to your home’s facade…has become about total facade redo (on a grand scale). The one I happened to see the other night must have cost the home-owner close to 100 grand to accomplish.

    I represent probably the largest demographic for HGTV. And I’m not pleased with how things are changing. What used to be my favorite TV channel is now being replaced by Discovery Green, TLC, PBS, and anywhere I can find real gardening and lifestyle programming.

    I hope someone at HGTV is listening.

  3. Jamie Rex  Says:

    Here, here! I agree completely!

  4. Ruth Ann Dalton  Says:

    Please, please don’t take Paul away! It seems like everthing I watch HGTV for is disappearing one by one. I too am getting tired of seeing “House Hunters” over and over again. It might be o.k. if sometimes they would choose a different house but they never do. Why is that? Seriously though, I feel that HGTV will sooner or later (probably sooner) will be loosing me as an avid watcher. There was a time HGTV was just about all I watched, now it’s hard to stay tuned.
    Can someone PLEASE do something to keep Paul James alive and well on HGTV?

  5. Norm  Says:

    I recently called to cancel our Directv service, planning to attempt to live without pay tv for awhile (or forever, depending on how it goes). The two things that my husband and I were worried about missing were SportsCenter and Gardening By the Yard. Now only my husband will miss anything.

    I hope that Paul James finds us here on the internet. I’ll miss him.

  6. James Caldwell  Says:

    There are more than one million garden bloggers and even more gardeners. I hope all of them can use the link to the protest campaign and join in. I second all the comments about HGTV. I haven’t been able to see Paul since they moved him to before sunup on Sunday-must have just been a prelude to cancelling. With the new interest in gardening there should be more, rather than less programming about real down to earth gardening. PBS has disappointed me since Roger Swain left Victory Garden-the show hasn’t been the same.

  7. Tami  Says:

    Please don’t take Paul off the air. My mother and I love to watch his show. He gives us great ideas for our yard. And ideas on how to do different things in our garden. We like to try the things he has on his show. If you cancel his show will I guess we will have to stop watching HGTV. We would hate to do so because we enjoy watching all the yard improvement show. We don’t care to much for how to flip that house or house hunter or anything like that. Just keep the gardening in the yard on the air.

  8. Flossy  Says:

    I have been saying for some time now that HGTV has lost the “G” and therefore losing me as a viewer. First they move anything remotely resembling gardening to early morning. I work a 40+ hour week and like to sleep in on the weekends, so I miss Paul frequently. I was appalled to hear that they’re cancelling him! As previously stated, I’m sick of “House Hunters” and all the shows about how much homes are worth and how to stage them. Give me a break – we’re not all heading toward foreclosure or need to sell our house. Many of us are doing just fine, are investing in our homes and have money to spend…on our gardens! HGTV is missing out on a huge opportunity with the new energy around the environment and living green. Thank you for the protest…I’m signing up and have already begun to change the channel.

  9. Ruth  Says:

    No matter what else Sunday morning brings, I appreciate the time with Paul James and find it hard to believe that HGTV would cancel that show. It’s a delightful half hour of practical ideas and relevant information and, of course, Paul James’ humor. Leave it alone, please. Enough said.

  10. Jo Ater  Says:

    I cannot believe in today’s world that you would cancel the one gardening show that helps people plant gardens, learn to care for their lawns, trees, etc. Today those of us who have our homes need help in keeping the yards looking nice and in being able to feed ourselves from our small gardens and to be able to give some of the excess to soup kitchens etc. I feel that this year you will have many more people looking for help with their first time gardening experience. They may not be able to afford that expensive lawn service so they will need to learn to care for the lawn. Please don’t take off the only show you have left for the small home gardener. The landscaping shows really don’t show you how to care for plants after they are planted. Paul James is a great guy and we need more gardening teaching now than ever before.

  11. Neal  Says:

    This is an outrage!! I am also fairly young (28) and have been watching Paul and his silly antics for years and years (at least 10).

    Sunday mornings have been my only source of gardening entertainment from the television for quite some time; and now they are ripping it away from me… to be replaced, most surely, with someone trying to flip/remodel/buy/sale a house… how many of these shows can they make!

    The G has surely been lost from HGTV…

  12. Debbie Williamson  Says:

    Feels to me that gardening is bigger than ever. Both the need to be more “green” and “locally grown” as well as the economic situation of most people–stay home and conserve makes gardening the up and coming hobby for all of us. An entertaining, soothing, reward giving hobby. Silly people thinking gardening is “only for old people”.

  13. Kendra Culp  Says:

    Paul James had the most down to earth show on gardening. His tips and ideas were useful and most did not require a backhoe and a ten man crew to accomplish them. He was intertaining as well as. He had the perfect show for the weekend gardener. What is HGTV thinking?

  14. Marianne Perumean  Says:

    I’m one of those “old” gardeners. I’ve suddenly been very popular in my neighborhood because all the young homeowners are starting their own home gardens & they are looking for education in that area. Between the economy, e coli & salmonella, young people are not only starting home gardens, but learning how to can their own harvest. Check the hits on the canning websites & you’ll see that home gardening, harvesting & canning are on the rise! The best educator out there is Paul James. Leave him on the air so I can spend time in my own garden instead of my neighbors!!!!!

  15. Chuck J  Says:

    I quit HGTV for that very reason. You might as well call it Real Estate TV and I am an Architect that wants Gardening back. HGTV used to be my favorite channel now I thank heaven for PBS.

  16. Anne Rosenblum  Says:

    The cancelling of basic educational gardening shows is a real loss the the viewing public. Shame on you HGTV.

  17. KEVIN ISAACS  Says:


  18. Brian  Says:

    Calling all Paul James “The Gardener Guy” FANS. Let your voice be heard.
    I work with Paul James and we love the grass roots movement. However let me clear the air on some facts. GBTY has not been cancelled, however we are not filming any new shows at this time. We finished 26 new shows that should be running now and we are being told that GBTY should keep running for the next couple years. HOWEVER with that said, HGTV has left the G out and that is wrong. ON APRIL 13TH LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!!!!! LET HGTV KNOW YOU AS A VIEWER WANT MORE PAUL JAMES and MORE GBTY AT A GOOOOOOOD TIME SLOT.

    Here is GOOD NEWS***** Paul James “The Gardener Guy” has a new web site set to launch MAY 1st. Go to and see the count down to MAY 1st.



  19. Marilyn McIntyre  Says:

    This is the first I’ve heard that they’ve cancelled their only gardening show. I knew it was becoming harder and harder to find Gardening by the Yard. Then I saw it was on Sunday mornings at 6:30 AM. Hey, we are gardeners, not farmers! I am shocked and angry. The few landscape shows they have are for folks with a $40,000.00 budget and heavy machinery. Not gardening! HGTV has too many decorating shows and too much House Hunters!

  20. Tina  Says:

    I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for your support and helping to get the word out. We need all the help we can get if this is going to work.

  21. greenfingers  Says:

    Do you know what, fair play to you, i felt the same rage with that reveiw aswell, how does it not appeal to young people, they just want to believe were not into it, but we know we are so forget bout them. great article

  22. Von  Says:

    I need Paul’s personality and advice and antics and energy and his ability to muster excitement about gardening. By the way, I’m 19.

  23. Luke  Says:

    Great article what the heck are HGTV thinking oh my gosh!

  24. Nancy  Says:

    I agree that that the HGTV has become a real estate channel. I hope they don’t cancel this show. Someone at that network needs to snap out of it and get the programming back on track. I feel sad for the people who created such a great network to have to see it become so unrecognizeable. I was so inspired by Paul James I went back to school and became a certified arborist at the age of 48. That’s pretty darn good job of inspiring, Paul! Especially considering that 95% of the people taking the 6 hour certification test were guys in their 20′s. I hope some network reads tese posts and sees the oportunity to truly be green not just faux green like so many really are. If they are smart their first call will be to Paul James.

  25. brian  Says:


    SAVE PAUL!!!!!!!

  26. Kelly  Says:

    Why does HGTV have to cancel all the good shows? GBTY was the last show I actually liked on HGTV. Collector Inspector, Flea Market Finds and Room by Room were all cancelled before GBTY. I’ve been watching Paul since before he had GBTY. We moved to Tulsa, OK in 1988 and Paul had his Gardener Guy segments on KOTV, the news on 6. Since we moved out of state, I was ecstatic to find he had his own show on national tv! And I don’t even garden! (well, you can’t really garden when you live in an apt. and wasps take over your balcony.) Paul James is fun to watch even if you don’t garden. And in case I ever do start gardening, I have lots of great tips I learned from Paul! I certainly hope we can save GBTY!

  27. Wanda Shipley  Says:

    I was afraid that Gardening by the Yard was going to be cancelled and I really hate to hear it. It is the only show left on HGTV that I watch now and I used to leave that channel on all day long. When Paul is gone I will no longer have any reason to watch HGTV. Too much house hunting, high budget makeovers, and home selling. There are more of us out here who are keeping our homes and trying to improve them with budget minded ideas and work we can do ourselves. Give us more programs like Paul’s that offer good, reasonable advice on how we can do that. Please, please keep Paul!

  28. Regina Miller-Fierke  Says:

    I agree with you completely! Paul James is my hero. They can’t cancel the ONE show of theirs that I still watch (even if I have to record it to do so).

    By the way, I have press this onto my blog. Thanks so much for making me aware of it.

  29. Runner Susan  Says:

    No, say it isn’t so. I heart Paul James. : (

  30. Yvonne  Says:

    I Love this show… DVR it every Sunday Morning since they won’t put it on at a decent hour.
    I’m not OLD either…. Please keep it on.

  31. Greg  Says:

    I have been wathching Gardening by the Yard for years and have always enjoyed his presentation of new info and visiting growers etc. Please don’t cancel this show it will be sorely missed. I too have been forced to DVR the show now that it’s moved to an inconvenient time. I wouldn’t miss one of the inumerable yard/room/house make overs being canceled.

  32. Paul Thomas  Says:

    I am a big fan of Paul James’gardening by the yard. I like many of my friends have become hooked on gardening as a great hobby but an even better source of organic home grown food. The fact that I tivo every show and that this is my best connection to the station that carries his shows should carry some weight, I will take it personally as I am sure many others. I will find out what stations Scripps owns and make sure I never watch those stations again.
    Gardening by the yard is the type of programming this country needs. Add this to the long list of bad decisions being made by big business that is hurting America, They should truly be ashamed!!

  33. Cookie Ainsworth  Says:

    I look forward to Sunday mornings to watch this show. It used to come on for two half hour segments but suddenly it went down to only one half hour show. I’ve watched Paul James for years and like everyone else, I do not at all like the way HGTV has taken off all the good shows and put on junk like House Hunters, Property Virgins, etc. Who cares how much someone wants to pay for a house or what type of house they are looking to buy??? If Gardening By The Yard is taken off the air, there is no reason for me to watch HGTV again! All the “reality shows” are for the birds!

  34. Julia  Says:

    I am unable to get onto the website as it requires a password. Anybody know what it is? Thanks.

  35. Robert Rush  Says:

    Probably a young white shirt jerk, like washington is full of that cancelled James out. Other than him , i will not even watch hgtv. I hope whom ever dropped James gets to watch there ratings go down

  36. madison  Says:

    I keep learning from the ‘Garden Guy’. He makes learning about gardening fun and interesting.
    Most HGTV shows are about designing and selling. Both cost money.
    With today’s economy (from what I’ve been reading) more and more families are growing their own food, replacing their gardener to save money, and spending more time in the backyard. If I were deciding programing for HGTV I would be promoting his show instead of canceling it.

  37. Carol  Says:

    I loved watching Gardening by the Yard. He knows so much about gardening and I miss him.

  38. Vern Bilby  Says:

    My wife and I enjoy watching Gardening by the yard. We would hate to see it cancelled but like with most shows the executives are clueless about what viewers want to watch. Ill just have to see him at his favorite nursery.

  39. barbara rowland  Says:

    I,ve been watching gardening by the yard for years.Thank goodness I have taped most of the shows if not all of them!! I can’t believe they would cancel the show.Now what do I have to look forward too,beats me ???? I’m glad I have the tapes!By all means let put more sex shit on the tv and take off the good EDUCATIONAL shows instead. I’ll miss the show and I’ll really miss Paul!!!!I will stop watching hgtv.

  40. barbara rowland  Says:

    By the way if we can’t get paul back,we do have p allen smith.He is also terrific.But I do want to keep paul on tv,I’ll surely miss his personality if we don’t!!

  41. ryan  Says:

    Paul James is a wonderful gardener and tv personality. Canceling his show is a huge mistake by the morons who run HGTV.
    He’ll be back!

  42. Anne E. Hock  Says:

    For heaven’s sake…don’t cancel Paul and his wonderful informative and colorful show! There are so few gardening shows on TV now. With folks
    spending more time and money at home due to the
    financial downturn it seems silly to cancel a show which so often features easy and money saving
    ideas for your garden.
    Also, in the past Paul had a simply terrific cooking show. What happened to that! He was so
    at home in the kitchen and prepared the recipies
    with charm and ease. PLEASE rethink this idea…
    we need shows like this…personal, creative, fun
    and informative and inspirational. Anne

  43. CHRIS  Says:

    Here is just another reason why i tune in less and less to hgtv.

  44. Geri  Says:

    I can’t believe Paul’s shows is being cancelled! Shame on you HGTV! It is the one gardening show I find very ‘down to earth’ (pardon the pun). He has helped us make our lawn and garden picture perfect! There isn’t another show like Garden by the Yard and Paul will be sorely missed!

  45. Rose Anderson  Says:

    You have to be out of your mind to cancell Paul James. It is one of the best informed program you have. Shame on you. Matter of fact it is the only program on HGTV worth watching. Please put him back on. Rose

  46. Patrick Ramsey  Says:

    OMG I just heard, of course I am slow to find out but not this show, NOOOOOOOOOO, it was one of the few shows’s to turn me onto growing stuff in my yard in the first place. Now I will have to be an OSU extension office groupy and hangout at the fairgrounds.

  47. Jim H.  Says:

    I like a lot of other people look forward to watching Paul James whenever he is on. It seems ashamed that a few TV ex’s can dictate what we “need” to watch. I feel Paul is very good for TV and the TV networks could use a lot more like him. I have learned a lot about my yard and gardening from watching “The PAUL”. He is so needed now as the world is trying to get back to the green life. He is a great teacher that we need to watch as much as possible.

  48. bernard wall  Says:

    I get up a to watch this’s the best that hgtv has to offer.who cares about flipping houses our family don’t have millions to fix our houses or back yards. ihope if garden by the yard goes to a differnt station i can find out.i will be happy to change channels.

  49. Jim H  Says:

    I have been watching Paul James for quite a while. Even though I would like to sleep in on Sunday mounings I get up to watch the show because I learn alot about things that I use when I am in the garden.Then after the gardening and lanscaping shows are over I turn the channel. If this show is cancelled I will be watching less HGTV. What does HGTV stand for anyhow…

  50. Cathy M  Says:

    I have been watching Paul James for a long time. I can’t believe HGTV would cancel this show. Just what we need is another show on HGTV regarding redesigning million dollar homes in an economy such as ours. Gardening by the Yard has given us weekend gardeners important pointers. We feel like we know what we are doing. Gardening is something we can try to control. We need that right now!!!! I am disappointed in HGTV!!!!

  51. cindy w.  Says:

    Our economy sucks, my husband is laid off, I’m just an R.N. trying to feed my 2 little boys. The only show they had worth watching to actually help you be self relient and save some grocery money they take off the air. How infuriating!!!! We looked forward to seeing all Paul’s shows and dvr’d a lot of them. At least I can look back at how to grow somewhat of a decent garden. Talk about a media kick in the ribs when we’re down. obama must have not liked his job performance, either. We’re cancelling our HGTV if he is cancelled.

  52. brian  Says:

    Paul’s new website is UP and LIVE. Check it out and let us here from you.

  53. Dave B  Says:

    They can take the “G” out of HGTV because without any gardening shows it isn’t about gardening any more!

  54. Jacqueline Okoh  Says:

    I record every episode of Gardening by the Yard, as I am a huge garden enthusiast and find these shows extremely helpful and full of ideas for my garden. Please don’t cancel this show! It is the highlight of my week!!!

  55. Daniel  Says:

    The folks at HGTV have reduced us to figures on a page vs warm hearted gardener’s who enjoy a cup of coffee and a stroll through our flower beds then an hour or so with HGTV and arm chair gardening. Perhaps Public TV would pick up Paul and his crazy but useful ways of gardening. I’m not sure about you but the botanical names of plants really don’t interest me that much. However Paul looking down a gopher hole telling me how to rid my yard of the pest’s does. “SAVE PAUL JAMES” With the utmost respect. Daniel

  56. Ellen  Says:

    Funny, I see a liot of young people at the garden stores. I’m 65, run my own company and took a stab at landscaping a new home we bought. I am not an old person with nothing to do but garden.

    There are over 200 homes in our community all with back yards that most people put in themselves.
    I used gardening by the to tell me when to do what in the yard and to make decisions about what to plant.
    HGTV used to have shows like Lynette jennings who really taught us about design. A lot of the new pwoplw are creative, but I don’t want to watch hours of someone painting, building furnature or competeing. I want strong ideas about home decorating and gardening. I know many of may friends from their 20′s and older who are not watching HGTV as much as we used to, and now you have lost me except for househunters international.

    Bring back the gardening show that taught us how to garden. Anmd do it wioth humor. Bad move HGTV..cancelling this show lost you and many of my freinds as viewers.

  57. Lee Gardens  Says:

    OMG – I didn’t know about this and I love that show! He’s quirky but informative. I’ve learned a lot from the show and I hope HGTV will reconsider.

  58. Debra Spruill  Says:

    To paraphrase John McEnroe HGTV “cannot be serious”. Just as I go online to search the website for some cool tools on one of the shows Google pops up Gardening by the Yard cancelled. So HGTV is the only entity that is not aware that gardening is one of the hottest home undertakings — uh, what is that just added to The White House. And in these economic times everyone I know with a plot is considering growing something — for me my first pole beans and squash this year for starters.

    Come on HGTV — here the voices who want Paul James to stay on.

  59. justin songer  Says:


  60. Lisa Brown  Says:

    I just got finished sending a comment to HGTV complaining about them cancelling “GBTY”. I agree with what everyone has been posting. I used to watch HGTV all the time and one by one all the really down to earth shows for the regular person have been cancelled. HGTV is off the mark. They have lost touch with the average viewer. With today’s economy more people are DIYing and growing their own vegetables. The shows on HGTV are fantasy landscape shows at fancy homes. I cannot afford to do the stuff they show. I like practical advice and Paul provided that in a very entertaining manner. All I can suggest is that everyone write them and complain and then turn the channel off. When their numbers go down, they will take notice.

  61. Kathy Rogge  Says:

    I’m saddened to hear that Paul James is cancelled. I, too, have a garden show currently on the air that will help people be more confident gardeners. I was going to contact HGTV after my show has run on local cable, but now – I think I will just keep it local! Since my show covers gardening for zones 2, 3 and 4…I’ll just stick with the station it’s currently running on. Hopefully I’ll get sponsorship so the program can go on! Keep up the fight! We will get good programs on the air – eventually!!

  62. Timi  Says:

    Cancelling Paul James???? You’ve got to be kidding! I get all my gardening advice from this show! It’s the only show on HGTV that shows ways to impove your yard without having to be a millionaire. Does anybody know if another station/network will be picking up the show? The only time I watch anything else on HGTV is while waiting for Paul James, Gardening by Yard to come on. But I’m sure HGTV thinks we need one more show on how rich people remodel their homes.

  63. Judy Briscoe  Says:

    Paul James is my favorite garden show. My husband and I quote him all the time. We record it on our DVR to record every show so we don’t miss any. I won’t watch HGTV any more because ther aren’t any gardening shows except Gardening By The Yard.

  64. ginger hoar  Says:

    I’ve enjoyed gardening by the yard for years and saddened that hgtv feels his show is not worthy.There are many people planting gardens these days,take your head out of the sand hgtv and listen to the people. I for one won’t be viewing hgtv if Paul James is discontinued. His show is informative and helpful and I can’t imagine why you can’t see this.

  65. J.D Edmondson  Says:

    I have looked forward to getting up early every Sunday morning and watching Paul’s show. That is the only program worth watching on HGTV. That’s it for me. I won’t be tuning into that worthless channel anymore.

  66. Linda Kampel  Says:

    My husband and I have watched Paul for years. He has the last great gardening show on hGtv. I’m so sorry to see him go, but HGTV really isn’t the place for serious gardeners anyway. It used to be. I’ve seen shows with this country’s best gardeners on this station, now it’s a joke. Paul, Erica, Kathy and all of the others should start their own!! Obviously HGTV doesn’t care about the viewers who have supported them from the very beginning.

  67. Todd  Says:

    I’m going to write to HGTV. I got INTO gardening BECAUSE of Paul James. (seriously). I’m not old, I started gardening at the age of 26, I’m 31 right now. To be quite honest, I don’t think I actually watch anything else on HGTV? I have Gardening by the Yard TiVo’ed and I record all the episodes. If they cancel the show, then I’m not likely to really watch anything else.

    I’m really a car guy, and never thought twice about my backyard or my front yard, but I happened upon the show while flipping through the channels, and was immediatley drawn in. Paul ABSOLUTELY has made a topic (which I had always otherwise considered to be something sissy) into something that’s pretty damned cool.

    I work for a professional NFL team, and I intend to encourage some of my co-workers to write to HGTV as well. Hopefully, if my position has any pull at all, it will make them re-consider.

  68. Cindy Grumpp  Says:

    Please keep Paul James on, he’s the only program that we watch anymore on HGTV! The “H” does not stand for Home, it means “H”ow quick can I resell this house and and make three times the money! Mr. James teaches and shows us how to take care of our yards and gardens within our means and in a way that doesn’t slowly kill us with pesticides.
    His way of “G”ardening doesn’t cost thousands of dollars like most of the other garden shows do. Even the room makeover shows are out in left field! What average person can afford a $35,000.00 kitchen? Or worse yet, a bathroom! I use to work my schedule around your shows, now there’s no need to, the only time I watch is the recorded 7:30 Sunday morning Gardening By The Yard and then that’s taped because I’m getting ready for church at that time! Please keep Paul James and bring back more sensible shows like Decorating Cents and Room by Room.

  69. Gary Moore  Says:

    This is also the first I have heard about the loss of “Gardening By The Yard” and I think it is a shame. This is the most down to earth (no pun intended) show. Paul James blends easy to learn garden tips with humor and the beauty of great home gardens. The variety his show has is unsurpassed. I am hoping that the network will come to their senses and reinstate the program. I too tivo this program and will truly miss it when and if it is gone.

  70. Christine McFadden  Says:

    I am deeply upset that the directors of HGTV have chosen to cancel Gardening By The Yard. The program was absolutely excellent. There are no other gardening programs that come anywhere near it with regard to the topics that were covered, not to mention the fact that it was hosted by Paul James who is in a class of his own with regard to his knowledge on how to create and maintain a beautiful garden. I have stopped watching HGTV because there is nothing of interest to watch anymore. There is a limit on how many home improvement programs that one can watch, especially when hosted by people who have the craziest notions about what constitutes interior design. My one request is that Gardening By The Yard be reinstated – please!

    Respectfully yours,
    Christine McFadden

  71. kathy Inchiostro  Says:

    Why have you cancelled Gardening by the Yard? Not a good move. I always thought it should be on longer and more times a week. The guy who hosted it was great too! As someone else notated, they have way too many home improvement shows on. Consider reinstating it!

  72. Vicki  Says:

    I wait for Gardening by the Yard all week. There used to be a radio gardener “Denny McKeon” that I listened to and he was cancelled. Now you are cancelling Paul James!! You need to reconsider, take off some of the landscaping shows. What is HGTV after all – home and garden. Where’s the garden part – save Paul James!!

  73. Randy  Says:

    Gardening by the Yard is the ONLY show I watch on HGTV, it’s great. If it is cancelled there will be nothing that interests me on HGTV anymore. There will certainly be no gardening in HGTV anymore.

  74. Vic  Says:

    Paul should never be removed from our airways. He is, and always has been the most informative host on tv. Reconsider your stand on his cancellation and I’m sure your veiwership will go back up. It sounds like it’s about to crash and burn now.

  75. pgunning  Says:

    Hey, Paul. Move on. You were the best thing that ever happened to HGTV. Let’s start the GBTY channel.

  76. Tina  Says:

    Paul James’ show is one of the few that the host ACTUALLY gardens himself. His recommendation often come from experience. I love the episodes that are based in his yard. I’ve followed his lawn and garden care for years. (And for those who think gardening is for your golden years… I’m only 29!)

  77. Julia Hathaway  Says:

    Foolish to cancel an informative, useful and entertaining show. Shortsighted to end a show as the economy will drive more people to try their hand at gardening as a means of saving money. I am so disappointed that one of my favorite shows is cancelled form HGTV. They seem to be falling victim to the “let’s all pretend we have so much more than we have,” – oh, right – that’s the syndrom that has our economy facing crisis as it’s finally hits up against reality. This is not Disney, folks. We need a Paul James to teach us how to use our earth responsibly and frugally, so we canb feed ourselves a litte. God knows the government cannot bail US out.

  78. Donna  Says:

    VERY Inconsiderate to cancel a show that THOUSANDS of people enjoy..especially this time of year. I have always looked forward to the weekends just so I could watch Pauls show. Winters are dreary, but at least at I had his show to brighten it up some. Did HGTV even think of polling the people to see if they would like to keep it? Now if Paul himself bowed out thats different. You can still see him on DIY network doing a Home grown cooking show. WE WILL MISS YOU PAUL!! HGTV….you BAD!

  79. Carla Baxter  Says:

    Please don’t cancel Paul Jame’s. He has helped me not only with some great gardening idea’s, but also given me lot’s of idea’s of how to use and re-use thing’s just lying around the house/yard and use them in creative way’s to beautify my back yard and patio… I’m an avid gardener, but a beginner in landscaping and because he make’s it very clear that anyone can do this. He also give’s you lot’s of pocket friendly way’s to do it.
    Thank You HGTV…

  80. Long time fan  Says:

    I have been watching paul for years and taking him and the best show home and GARDEN tv has had,, off the air can only mean one thing for me,,,pbs is going to get watched alot more, hope pauls show finds its way on to a channel that will enjoy the fan base that his show has,,,,,thanks alot HGTV,,or is that home with a very little garden tv,,,

  81. pat crocker  Says:

    Paul’s show is absolutly the best gardening show around. It is ashame that HGTV has to put on all of the shows that have no class. I find myself watching less of the shows that they air. I certainly hope some other network will pick up Paul’s show. I miss him.

  82. Leon  Says:

    My wife watches HGTV a lot, and her favorite shows are the gardening shows. I watch HGTV some, but I also like the gardening shows. We have an old Italianate Victorian and we’ve several several ideas from Paul James’s show. Even when we lived in Texas, we used a lot of his ideas and we had an acre of land for trees, shrubs, etc. His tips are the best, even though he’s a little “hammy” at times, but he keeps it entertaining while getting his points across. My wife may not quit watching HGTV entirely, but you will lost me as a viewer. And I thought it was Home Garden TV… why are they cutting out half their name? Will they change it to just HTV now?

  83. Leon  Says:

    Man, I made a couple of errors, but it’s 4am here.
    I meant we have used several of his ideas and HGTV will lose me as a viewer. My typing at 4am leaves a lot to be desired. Sorry to those who are grammar freaks.

  84. Chera  Says:

    I will be so mad if they cancel this show. It is the best gardening show on tv. My kids even enjoy watching him.

  85. Jenny  Says:

    I’m 53 years old !!! They think only “older” people garden??? I don’t think so….Paul’s show was very versatile and covered many different gardening issues and ideas. Bring Paul Back !!!!!
    I miss him and his terrific, educational show!
    Paul…a lot of people miss you !!!

  86. Ruth  Says:

    My grandson is 20 and he enjoys watching Paul James, because he has a career interest in landscaping.

    My daughter is 39 and watches Paul for gardening tips.

    My thriving gardens wouldn’t exist without the gardening knowledge Gardening By the Yard has given me.

    HGTV is out of touch with it’s viewers and age is not the issue. Many of the current programs are worthless.

  87. Virginia Drew  Says:

    Please don’t cancel Paul James, his wisdom and wit has made Gardening By The Yard program a must watch for our family for years. His ideas and instructions have helped make my garden a bountiful show place. If HGTV doesn’t keep him I hope another network will.

  88. abigail  Says:

    on friday mornings i get to work late only because i stay to watch the garden show. On sunday mornings I enjoy the repeat shows as well. I am a small gardener so you can imagine how I feel watching and learning. I really don’t care for the other stuff that shows as log as I get my gardening dosage

  89. Wayne  Says:

    Shame on HGTV. I’m a real estate agent and I can’t stand their shows. They increase their real estate programing and hype as less and less people are looking to buy homes. They move Paul to an early slot, and they wonder why their ad revenue is down. We’re in a recession. Duh. People like Paul make life a little better at home, which is what HGTV is supposed to be all about. Oh well, hopefully CreateTV (PBS Digital) picks up Paul. Then I can watch him since I’ve canned my dish because of all the crappy programing I pay too much for. Oh, by the way, I’m 35 and I’ve watched paul for over 8 years. If your HGTV is concerned about ad revenue, get some new ad salespeople. Paul is a goldmine.

  90. joe  Says:

    I search the listing and get up early on the Sundays to watch Gardening by the Yard. It’s the only show among the mind numbing TV options that has the magic to me “want” to watch TV. Unlike the other gardening and home improvement shows, Gardening by the Yard is for the everyday “Joe” who enjoys learning tips that they can use like how to kill weeds with vinegar, prune, or build a raised flower bed. Other gardening shows focus on big, expensive landscape projects that are beyond most American’s reach. I’m not going to spend $100K on a landscape makeover, but I am going to weed the flower beds this weekend. I love his sense of humor and so does my 12-year old!!!

  91. Darlene  Says:

    To say that my husband and I are disappointed with the decision of HGTV’s programmers for canceling Paul James’ Gardening by the Yard is an understatement. We are both wondering if the executives of HGTV are akin to GMC management. The assumptions of HGTV executives that Paul James viewers are old and lack purchasing power is ludicrous and nuts, to say the least! As an active university executive and my spouse an independent contractor, we both enjoyed listening, learning and often purchased due to Paul’s suggestions, his guests and his advertisers. We found Paul’s show entertaining yet full of horticultural information. Even our teenage grandson delighted in Paul’s sense of humor and ability to teach and entertain. If HGTV wants to streamline their programming perhaps they would consider getting rid of some of the repetitive and redundant house hunting series that keeps airing over and over and over again!

  92. Randi Schoneman  Says:

    Hi there!!

    Paul James is the reason I started watching HGTV!!
    If you cancel Gardening By The Yard, I will be looking for a gardening channel!! I will boycott HGTV!! I am already upset that his show was moved to the middle of the night!! I should have known something was up!!

    How can we stop this?? Is there an address we can send our complaints to?? What is the email address for HGTV??

  93. Lou  Says:

    HGTV has lost me as a viewer! There are 0 gardening shows and everyone I know loves to garden. HGTV I am 36 years old and I love to garden. The only reason I got cable was to get HGTV and a few other shows, I guess now I do not need to pay for cable! Bring back gardening shows, Paul James was great!

  94. Carel  Says:

    Paul James is also what drew me to hGtv. Sadly, HGTV has become pretty uninteresting, with nothing but slick, cookie cutter shows. I see posters complaining about this, on several message boards, often.

    Hopefully, Paul will be picked up by another network…which is where I’ll be, also.
    Farewell, hGtv.

  95. Ed  Says:

    Ditto, all! Paul’s humor is admittedly “corny”, but he “grows” on you. He’s also refreshingly literate. Agree also with comments about HGTV . . . Except for Paul’s show, its “gardening” fare amounts to a few shows with a common theme: How to spend a boatload of money on a landscaping “makeover” with dozens of different, high maintenance plants and beds(and, of course, the obligatory “water feature”–WhatEVER did we do before water features?). Notice that the “after” shots are never taken a year after project completion; Clearly, nobody at HGTV has ever read the “less is more” memo.

  96. Sharon Ross  Says:

    I am absolutely mortified to hear that this show is being cancelled. I was one of the original group of viewers that were asked to vote for some of the original channel options that ended up on the Time-Warner lineup when cable first became popular. I enthusiastically voted for HGTV. Even at the beginning, however, I was dismayed that there were only a few gardening shows presented as the original description of HGTV indicated gardening to be a substantial part of programming. Over the years, as those few programs dwindled to only one, I still remained a devoted fan — ONLY because of Paul’s show. How in the world are the producers determining their demographics? Certainly not from any acredited source! This is the only really enjoyable show on the network. Not only are they making a terrible mistake by cancelling this, but they are losing out on a tremendous business opportunity as well. With the current resurgence of home gardening in America, programs like this are in HUGE demand. HGTV programming developers must be out of their minds to think that only older people are interested in gardening! We don’t only want this show back, we want many more gardening shows as well. In the meantime, sayonara HGTV — count me out.

  97. Alina Von Drasek  Says:

    This is the first I’ve heard of the cancelling of Gardening by the Yard. I just recommended the show to co-worker. By the way she’s in her early 30′s NOT older viewer!! Let the powers at HGTV listen to our pleas to keep this GREAT PROGRAM on the air!!! This weekend, my husband & I used an idea we saw on the show about birdbaths. The diversity of the show is more than gardening! Enough of the House Hunters and such like programs.

  98. vondrasek  Says:

    Great show hate to see it go !!!!!

  99. Jim McGovern  Says:

    This is horrible news, if there ever was a TV personality that could relate to both young and old, it is Paul James. I am 38 years old and every week watch Paul James with my wife and 2 kids. Paul we will follow you to whatever network you go to and boycott HGTV. Jim

  100. Deborah Lehman  Says:

    Here, Here, I agree whole heartedly with Mr. McGovern. I am a “transplanted” brit who, when I found Paul on the telly, I was thrilled. Here is a fellow who can relate to everyone of ALL AGES…can you hear me now HGTV? My 17year old watches him, REGULARLY. And if you think for one tiny moment we are all going to log onto your website to find answers, well, you’ll have a long wait and another think coming, as we’ll be on another channel watching someone else, not as informed, not as educated, to get the answers that we crave.
    My Father has his doctorates from Cambridge University in UK in horticulture!!! He LOVES Paul James as he says that he is informational, makes learning fun without you realizing that you’ve actually learnt something, and he has the right personality for television.
    Can not Screaming Flea put the show online? I would log on for it.
    Yes, I am also sick and tired of the “curb apeal” kind of shows where they take a right grubby house and make miracles happen at an exhorbitant price! We want a show that we can ALL afford, starting out making your home right from the earth up.
    Paul can do it from cuttings, visiting the Cornell exchange, or asking the ladies of your local gardening commitee. Paul teaches us patience in the garden, for it truly is a virtue when you see the first fruit on a tree, or the first rose bud on what was once a dying bush (not with Paul around).
    NO HGTV, you do NOT have anyone to take his place…shame…looks like you’ll be another station that we block from our viewing schedule (and I mean block, no-one will be able to watch your station again in our home).
    My neightbours in the tiny one mile big:) village that I live in are also up in arms. Of course, we are not hundreds, but you’ll be losing a great audience…

  101. Richard  Says:

    I have watch this show for years, but did drift away because of time and lost the channel he was on. However, I have it back and with my DVR, I can easily record it and watch it on my free time.

    I love to get the tips on gardening and he give great tips on landscaping too. Most people are do-it-your-selvers and shows like this are top watched and recorded for re-watching!

    Also, I love the talks about the birds and how to feed and attract them. This makes my birdwatching much more fun and in my own back yard too!

    Without Gardening by the Yard they might as well take the G out of HGTV. It is the main reason I watch that channel. Take it off and I will follow Paul James where Ever He Goes.

  102. James  Says:

    One more reason to throw hgtv in the trash pile or maybe the COMPOST bin that Paul James (My favorite Name) was able to show us all to build. Paul James is one of the champions of Family and gardening and is was that Moral standard that brought hgtv up in the ratings and make it; what it is today or was.
    I don’t watch it that much anymore anyway, just alot of POOP shows nowadays anyway.
    Thank you Mr.James for the FAMILY FUN, the back yard pun and the gardening wisdom and knowledge that we have shared over the years from your show.
    If you can, Please try to find away to bring GBTY back into all our homes again. We do miss you.
    GOD bless you and until we meet again.
    James from Tularosa,NM.

  103. Terrell abd Susie Austin  Says:

    This is one of the few reasons we watch HGTV, all these buy it fix it tv shows and all these redocorate on a dime shows are all garbage, not real world stuff, Paul is informative and entertaining , he provides good information and provides a reason to go the network, without him there is very reason to warch HGTV.

  104. mark  Says:

    I love that show and paul james..the best show on HGTV and they take it away! i want it on every week…NOW!

  105. Mark  Says:

    I love that show and Paul James what is wrong with HGTV are you crazy! AI want this ahow on every week or more…or i will stop watching HGTV now DO IT! VERY MAD!

  106. Kelly McHugh  Says:

    I am 34 and 5 years ago bought a house with an empty backyard.Thanks to Paul ,I started with an edge flower bed and am slowly trying some of the things I have learned from watching his show.Perrenials are coming back and annuals are a fun way to add color. Please keep a website so I can continue to learn from you!!! Thak you,Kelly

  107. Rhoda  Says:

    Paul James is a one of a kind instructor, entertainer and gardener. He teaches in a way that encourages those of us who are just weekend gardeners to really enjoy our yards and experiment with various plants. Shame on HGTV for their comments referring to older audience and not earning enough…better look around. Gardening is the “in” thing right now. I was laughted at for gardening in whiskey barrels years ago, but today it is the “in” thing. A bucket, barrel or ground – just grow. Paul James is be sorely missed. Maybe OPB will see the light that HGTV put out.

  108. miguel  Says:

    Gardening by the yard was the last show I watched from the HGTV. So, the channel will be on my block list.
    As for Paul, he should continue to create his show and post it on the Web. I’d watch it often.


  109. sheri  Says:

    I agree. Ninety percent of the shows on HGTV tend to be about houses. Especially with enormous budgets. Bring back the gardening part of HGTV. And especially Paul James.

  110. jeanette  Says:

    I agree with everyone else. don’t take paul james off the air. I to am getting tired of house hunting and remodeling houses.what happened to all the shows that showed us how to do crafts and stuff like kitty bartholomew.What ever happened to her anyway?

  111. RHONDA  Says:

    Please don’t cancel the best program ever with the best host ever…are you crazy? We love Paul and his show”Gardening by the Yard”, it’s the BEST!!! We’ll follow you Paul where ever you go, we are your loyal audience…we are many!!! Please let us know where you’ll be on at and we’re rate there with yah! HGTV loss will be somebodies gold mine, and I myself will cease to watch hgtv anymore if you are not on Paul James, Sincerely one of your biggest fans, Rhonda!

  112. Roy and Sharon Sheppard  Says:

    This is the only gardening show that we like. It’s knowledgable as well as entertaining. Paul makes this show and it’s obvious that he knows what he’s talking about. This show is NOT just for the “old people”
    Some biggest fans,
    Roy and Sharon

  113. Charly Kennon  Says:

    Well, I just want to say, Thanks, HGTV, for airing endless reruns and even cancelling some of my favorite shows like GARDENING BY THE YARD and A GARDENER’S DIARY.
    Now that I’m watching less television, I have much more time to actually spend IN MY GARDEN. And I find that I also have MORE MONEY IN MY POCKET since I’m no longer tempted to spend it on things that I would see advertised on your TV channel.
    Keep up the good work, guys. Pretty soon I won’t even have to pay for the extra viewing package in my satelite TV service. Now THERE will be some REAL savings.
    Charly Kennon

  114. Sandra  Says:

    I knew something was a ray when thye moved it to such strange times. I am saddened as it is one of the few shows I actually watch on HGTV lately. I am much older then you are and remember when Gardening by the Yard was infact a PBS show. Maybe it will go back to PBS where it has an audience that will pledge for ti instead of HGTV where the shows are chosen on the looks of the host not the reavence of the topic

  115. Allen Kreider  Says:

    I view Paul James, and Gardening By The Yard as my favorite program on HGTV. If I am away, I record each program. I have gotten many of my gardening friends to tune in. I even enjoy the reruns. If you take this program off, I know you will loss viewers.

  116. Deborah  Says:

    It’s as simple as this…….no Paul James, no HGTV in this household and eventually, in all the households of all the gardners I know. Soon you will be HTV, and gardners everywhere will know then.

  117. Francine  Says:

    This is horrible! This was the only gardening show on television with accurate information. It is also the only one I watch. Instead of just cancelling , why can’t they change the day or time it is on.

  118. Kathi & Brian  Says:

    We can’t believe that Paul James will no longer be on HGTV. We tivo it incase we want to refer to info from the shows. My husband and I have all types of gardens and I raise Bonsai’s. Paul James has touched on all types of gardening. If Gardening by the Yard is off the air we will no longer watch HGTV. What a waste of a channel.

  119. Sonya  Says:

    I am a regular person waiting for the sensible gardening advice of Paul James. No Paul, no more viewership here in Baton Rouge. Shame on you HGTV for your shortsighted, poorly researched decision to take your best show off the air. Your current Saturday morning lineup is unexciting to say the least. Change your decision or lose your viewers!

  120. Kyle Clark  Says:

    My girlfriend and I (I’m 22 she’s 24) just recently discovered Gardening by The Yard and have been recording every episode since. Paul James is the best, he and his advice is priceless. I agree with most the other responders that HGTV has gone downhill and if they cancel this show they will loose at least two more viewers. (NH)

  121. L. Simones  Says:

    HGTV must have fallen out of its tree and bumped its little head! Cancelled Paul The Gardening Guy?? He was wonderful! I am an avid gardener and my husband (a city boy) also LOVED Paul James. Paul is a natural entertainer and the best gardener I ever saw, other than my father, who was a life-long Master Gardener! Who made such a BAD decision? That’s who should be fired!

  122. Bruce McLean  Says:

    Me and my wife love gardening by the yard. That is the only show of interest on HGTV. Without it I will block HGTV. I was about 4 when I began gardening with my mother. I still love to garden.

  123. J. Petschulat  Says:

    Paul is one of the few unpretentious, amusing, down-to-earth people with genuine information on HGTV. We need his light hearted approach to get the real dirt on gardening. Bring him back, or at least I hope he lets his supporters know where he will appear.

  124. bill gutierres  Says:

    hdtv has to be nuts to cancel this show.whats wrong with these people. i love this show it has good ideas,keep this show going.

  125. Linda Setter  Says:

    I am very disappointed! Paul James has been a favorite of my husband and I for years. We have learned so much from him! Please reconsider!

  126. Rose Hazlett  Says:

    I’m really sad that GBTY will be cancelled. I look forward to it every Sunday morning. What next?
    It’s interesting, educational and fun.

  127. MARY FLETCHER  Says:

    I went to the Paul James webpage today to find out about composting and instead I find that his show is being cancelled. I have been watching HGTV since November 1999, and fortunatedly for gardeners (whether a novic or seasoned worker of the earth) Paul James show has stayed with a format gardeners understand. It is the only “true gardening” show left on HGTV. We need more programs that are down to earth and helpful.

  128. Karen Cohen  Says:

    I have recently written a letter to HGTV requesting that they not cancel Gardening By the Yard (GBTY) hosted by Paul James. I am urging everyone to contact many of HGTV’s sponsors, i.e. Home Depot, Lowes, Monrovia, Color Spot, and other advertisers on HGTV and request that they intervene and help stop GBTY’s cancellation.

    By contacting the sponsors you can be sure that our voices will be heard.

  129. Susan A  Says:

    went to GBTY for reference and found out the news.
    I whole-heartedly agree with everything everyone is saying, but the bottom line is, BIG MISTAKE HGTV!
    I’ve been watching GBTY for YEARS. Then they changed the time of the show so I haven’t seen it as much as I would like. (HGTV’s first mistake with the show.)
    My favorite thing to do on Saturday mornings was to drink coffee and watch the “guy next door” who was full of great gardening information! Plus I think he’s hilarious.
    My guess – he’ll find a better place for the show, or write a best-selling book. (There will be a book, right?) But he’ll still be around. Until then, I’ll miss the crazy Gardener Guy that always made me laugh and learn.
    Best to you, Paul!

  130. Peggy  Says:

    Years ago, I was caring for two elderly men in a hospital setting. They shared many gardening tips. I ask how they new so much about natural gardening. They told me to watch Paul James on Saturday morning. I stopped on Saturdays and watch the 1100 CST episode and go up early on Sunday to watch. I have learned so much. Gardening by the YARD. THen the Saturday episode was dropped and one SUnday episode. I was deeply saddened. I enjoy this guy and his every day practical “GREEN” NATURAL “” techniques. NOW I watch on Friday and Sunday. I am deeply saddened by this rumbling. I can not afford the $70,000 $ make overs, and there is not a freeway by my house loaded with HGTV crews to make over my yard. Paul is what the everyday home owner needs. REALISTIC. MAKES SENSE. SO why I am I not suprised he is being dropped. SHAME ON THE PERSONS RESPONSIBLE> MAY YOU HAVE A PERIOD TO REFLECT ON THIS WRONGFUL DECISION.

  131. David D  Says:

    HGTV just lost me. They seem to want personalities that rub people the wrong way or shows that spend a lot of money. How many outdoor kitchens do we need?

  132. rebecca senger  Says:

    Shame on you for canceling Paul James!!! I get up at 6:00 am to watch him. I am sick of all the home improvement shows and nothing on gardening. You are wrong, more and more people are turning to growing their own vegetables and herbs they are even turning their front yards into beautiful gardens. We all want to keep Gardening by the Yard on.

  133. Tom Hall  Says:

    Gardening By The Yard is the reason I get up on Sundays– otherwise I could sleep in like all the YOUNG people you seem to be concerned about. Nothing wrong with young people, thats our source for future gardeners and Future Farmers of America. If you want to cancel something, cancel about half a dozen of those designer shows. Most people watch those as a sleep-aid!

  134. Mike Sherby  Says:

    I am not a good reader But i do have a good garded
    be couse of the garden show i try to re cord all garding by gthe Yard so i can look at tghem tell i know what nto do. Please do not take them away.
    thank you mike

  135. Dianne Eppich  Says:

    Shame on HGTV canceling Paul James. He is one of the reasons I get up early on Sundays. I am tired of the networks catering to the younger generation. Don’t forget, us older generations are the ones with the MONEY! Get rid of those repetitive makeover shows that are all the same. Too many are on Sundays in a row. If money talks, then listen to us who have it MR EXECUTIVES!!!!

  136. Dianne Eppich  Says:

    I did some research after my last comment. I wrote a letter to Scripps Networks last nite. If we all write a letter to:

    Mr. Mark Hale
    Executive V.P. Operations
    Scripps Networks
    9721 Sherrill Blvd.
    Knoxville, TN 37932-3330

    Maybe he will get the message. If he is not the correct person,and if he gets enough letters from us the Fans, he can forward them to the correct person. Let’s hope this works. All it will cost us is a stamp. Go to Fans!

  137. Michael Rose  Says:

    Paul James was the most informative and entertaining individual hgtv has ever had on their network.I noticed gardening by the yard was being aired less and less.I had figured that it wouldnt be too long before hgtv canned him.Thats a real shame.Now we are going to be stuck with olny pretensious stuffy shows like the flaming victory garden.It was nice to see a real guy gardener for a change.Paul James was actually teaching us about growing stuff instead of decorating.I personally learned a lot from gardening by the yard,and i am hoping another station picks up Paul James.he will surley be missed at my house.Thanks Paul James for the incite.Good luck else where.

  138. Lynda Cole  Says:

    Can’t believe you even think about canceling Paul James. I get up early on Friday & Sunday just to watch his show. He is so informative. I am so tired of getting houses ready to sell and all that nonsense also three landscape artist trying to be the best. I have quit watchin almost all the shows on HGTV. If Paul goes, then I go.

  139. Debbie  Says:

    We have already stopped watching HGTV. Simply Quilts was cancelled, then the House Inspector, Extreme Homes, and then my husband’s carpentry shows like Carter Can. We got the internet and looked up the stuff, and that’s where we found out that GBTY had been cancelled. This stinks! I would watch it if it was on in the afternoons, but I like to sleep in on Sunday mornings, like most people. They could put it on at say, 1 p.m Sunday afternoon, and get a much bigger audience.

  140. WAYNE  Says:


    hgtv U SUCK AND I HOPE ALL YOUR HOUSES FLOOD WITH SEWER WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  141. Kathleen  Says:

    We are very disappointed in the fact that this show was cancelled!! This is the only show that we could watch that was both educational and relative to our lives, and loved the fact that Paul would add humor that would make gardening even more fun!! I have gardened all my life and need to have a show like Gardening by the Yard!!!

  142. kim  Says:

    HGTV…not a good move taking Garden by the Yard off the air. What are you thinking??? With today’s economy being in the shape it is, it was great to have a program on with projects that you could actually afford to do. Paul James always presents his ideas with such enthusiasm and thoroughness that he makes you feel like you CAN do it. His sense of humor gives the program a wonderful added touch. HGTV I think its time you reassess your call letters. Gardening certainly isn’t apart of your programing anymore. Canceling this program, whose ever bright idea that was, is making a BIG mistake. We’ll miss you Paul and will be looking forward to your next venture!

  143. Randy  Says:

    HGTV? This is a real shame we were hoping that you would had brought this program back on T.V. since it was cancelled we have no longer been watching this channel.We had watch this channel for years every since it started. Incorporate some commercials that bring if thats the problem but cancelling is not the way to go.Paul my wife and I love your program and hope to see you again soon! You have inspired me so much I am going to go for my master gardener certificate in 2010.

  144. matt and jackie  Says:

    My wife and I get up every sunday morning looking forward to our morning cup of coffee and watching Paul. We are thirty one years old and like to garden. It is not just for the seasonned veterans. I will be very sad if I cannot enjoy my sunday mornings with Paul anymore.

  145. penny  Says:

    I can’t understand why you would take GBTY off the air. I loved watching Paul on Sunday mornings & learning how to take care of my gardening issues. You should take off some of those real estate programs. Who cares that some idiot spent $90,000.00 on his kitchen? I want Paul to stay.

  146. Michael Nunnally  Says:

    Typical network stupidity. I’ve had a running joke with my wife for sometime on what the “G” stands for in HGTV. Certainly not gardening. And by the way I guess I am old…60′s, but I BUY a lot of gardening supplies and gadgets after watching Paul James show. Guess my money isn’t green enough to satisfy HGTV.

    I guess Paul’s show will be replaced with another home decorating show. Yawn.


  147. Greg Quist  Says:

    Gardening By The Yard is the one show I watch on HGTV. I agree with all of the other posts about this.

  148. Michele  Says:

    This is the only TV show that I will wake up at 7:30 on a Sunday morning to watch – of course I want it to stay on….

  149. Betty  Says:

    HGTV is not giving viewers enough for their viewing dollars. Some of the cooking show newbies are so boring and there are too many shows geared at people who will spend nearly a million $$$ for a city apartment/condo. Boring. Paul’s Gardening By The Yard program has been my favorite HGTV feature for years. Is HGTV only aiming at the sensationalistic market? Keep Paul On HGTV!!

  150. Audra Russell  Says:

    So if gardening is for old people then why did I just receive my master gardener certification and I am only 38??

    I watch the reruns of his shows and I always get so much information from them! HGTV….if you are listening….put Gardening by the Yard back on and start adding other gardening shows as well.

    To cancel this show at a time when people are moving back to “slow food” is absolutely ridiculous and very lacking in foresight.

  151. dee greer  Says:

    why do the networks take off the great programs like paul james and keep on programs that are horrible. Paul was great and so informative plus being a great personality.

  152. Rick Brazill  Says:

    Gardening By The Yard is one show that I really enjoyed watching. I had the priviledge of having dinner with Paul James when he was at our local garden show. He is very down to earth. Big mistake on HGTV’s part.

  153. Heidi Butler  Says:

    I’ll watch Paul James no matter which network aires him. I’m 36 and a very new gardener. Paul has made it possible for me to start gardening green instead of using Miracle Gro on everything. He has given me the confidence to try all sorts of things I wouldn’t have ever tried before. I love his quarkyness and down to earth personality. I’ll follow him no matter which network he is on. HGTV will loose some cool points if they drop him!

  154. KJ Schulz  Says:

    I use to be one if the veiwers that complained about it being on at 10:30 AM now it is on early so we have time to go practise what was taught. It seems like loosing a good old friend. May be some of his humor is to witty for the network lords that cancels good television shows.

  155. Lupe Cruz  Says:

    I am so surprise that you are canceling Paul James’ program. I thought you were just looking for a better time to place his program. I was recording all his programs because we get his show at 4:00 or 5:00 a.m. in the morning on Sundays. His program gives a lot of information and great ideas on landscaping. All his info are a lot better than some of the new programs you have now. His tips aren’t just for rich people that don’t like to dirty their fingers. They are for everyone who loves to garden. I’m sorry about what I said about rich people but most of your programs are for people that can afford to get someone to do their landscaping or decorate their home or going to expensive trips to buy a home at one of the islands. Paul James is funny, has great tips on gardening and gets info. from other people. It would be a shame to cancel his program. Please let him know that I hope he will get better from his arm. I didn’t get to see the whole program from 8/9/09 because for some reason my box stop recording. Thank!

  156. Dorothy  Says:

    I too get up early on Sunday to watch the show. I have learned a lot from the show and would miss it very much.
    I agree that HGTV has forgotten about gardening I get tired of watching shows about people who are too lazy to clean their houses and then wonder why they won’t sell. I also do not agree that younger people are not interested in gardening, but even if it were true, it’s sad to think that HGTV’s programming is geared only to the younger viewers.

  157. Joe Saudade  Says:

    I can’t believe this.I love gardening, and this is the only decent one left. I love getting up early Sunday morning and watch Paul with a cup a coffee, then going outside and working in my garden. Which ever station picks him up, You will have my subscription.

  158. susan  Says:

    Please bring Paul back to us. He is wonderful. You are not so wonderful right now, but will be if you bring him back…please!!! I don’t read the funnies…I had Paul!!!

  159. gary leonard  Says:

    I think HGTV has gone over the edge. The best show they have is cancelled? That doesn’t even begin to make any sense! Whatever happened to giving the consumer what they want? Not only does HGTV need to bring Paul James back, they need to give him more air time for those of us who enjoy his unique approach to gardening. Bring Paul back!!!!More Paul less real estate!!!

  160. Carol Schroeder  Says:

    Like everyone else I hate to see Paul James show cancelled, his was the only show that really got down to the basics of gardening. I guess the G now stands for greed and glutteny. I can afford to start my own seeds and make my own compost but paying big bucks to hire a professional is out of my league, plus I get the satisfaction of saying I did this myself. I too am sick and tired of all the HOME shows and only watched HGTV for the true gardening shows which are all gone so goodbye HGTV you need to get your heads out of the loamy soil and give your viewers what they want and not what you think they want.

  161. Bob Toth  Says:

    Dear Sir,

    Like some many other gardeners, my favorite gardening show is, or was, Gardening by the Yard with Paul James. Not only was the show informative, but it was also entertaining.

    Please bring this show back.

    Bob Toth

  162. barb  Says:

    I still see some new show of paul on hgtv,is he here to stay?I hope so!!!!! barb

  163. jessica  Says:

    this is so sad! I love watching paul james. He is very knowledgable and has given me so many good ideas and tips for my yard and garden. even my 6 and 9 yo boys like watching his show. I am 28 yo and have been gardening since I can remember. I guess the high ups at HGTV think House Hunters and the like are more important to society than how to grow your own food and be environmentally friendly.
    Definately wont be watching their channel anymore. I’m sick of all the good informative shows being cancelled in favor of shows with little or no informative/educational value.

  164. Hilda Corley  Says:

    Based on everyone’s comments since April I would think that HGTV would be dense if they considered dismissing not only everyones comments but also the show. If TV is the main communicator in this day and age, HGTV must realize the value Gardening by the Yard brings/has brought to it’s viewers even if ratings may have dropped. They seemed to have thought so in the beginning. And if ratings have dropped why not improve the show instead of canceling it? There is something to think about HGTV.

  165. judy cromer  Says:

    I really enjoy watching garding by the yard,Paul has really answered alot of questions for me about my own garden .I think it would be a real shame to cancel the show.

  166. constance ferguson-tittle  Says:

    We LOVE Paul.Please don’t let him go.My husband and I start out our Sundays with him.He is the greatest.

  167. betsy  Says:

    I used to watch HGTV a lot, now it is just boring, nothing but real estate programs. I used to enjoy watching the Christmas specials, there is nothing special here anymore. Might as well do away with it.
    I loved to watch Paul and he is the expert at gardening. I am mad about this and just will not watch any HGTV. There is nothing worth watching.

  168. nancy  Says:

    why would they cancel one of the best shows on the channel? unbelievable!!!!! I love paul james and the show.

  169. Rhonda  Says:

    I absolutely love this show!! PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL IT! It only airs in my area at 6:30 am on Sunday morning, and by gosh, I get up early on Sunday just to watch it! PLEASE DON’T CANCEL IT!

  170. LARRY B.  Says:


  171. LARRY B.  Says:


  172. LARRY B.  Says:


  173. LARRY B.  Says:


  174. Frances  Says:

    I also set my alarm on Sunday morning to watch the gardener guy. That’s the only show on that channel that would get me up on a Sunday.The other shows show you how to move furniture around and combine colors.Everybodies done that since kindergarden. Gardening By The Yard teaches many different plants and how to use them where to plant. It’s never the same. There’s always something new and interesting. I’m very dissappointed.

  175. Frances  Says:

    I haven’t read all of the comments, but did anyone pick up on the fact that they’re cancelling this show because only OLD people watch gardening shows? HELLO!!!! Old people are people and young people will get old!

  176. Craig  Says:

    Craig from Illinois, my wife and I would always watch Paul James because of his great advice on not only ” Gardening” but ” Landscaping ” as well ! I was in need of some advice from Paul and just found out that Gardening by The Yard has been cancelled. Well, one reason maybe is here in Illinois the show was scheduled recently on Saturdays at 6 or 6:30 am in the morning, whats that !! My wife and I do not roll out of bed until 8 or so, and Gardening by The Yard was on at 10 or 11 am on Saturdays which waas great !!!
    Some of my best yard projects came from Mr. James
    show, with a touch of my wife and my own style !
    Do Not get me wrong some of the Home Improvement
    shows are great but there needs to be some gardening in the mix ! And young people do enjoy gardening, I have neices and nephews who enjoy garedning and they range in age from 5 to 13 years of age. We need Mr. Paul James !!!

  177. Kristine M.  Says:

    i’m so sick of all the great shows being cancelled and keeping the crappy ones on!!! BRING BACK PAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  178. larry  Says:

    paul got me up on sunday to watch his show ang got my day going after a long work weeki am a auto tech and love gardening on keep changing and cancelling the good shows and bring back the crap i am not a t.v. person but use to love hgtv and dyi now you wrecked everything
    ex hgtv and dyi watcher.

  179. virna mccourt  Says:

    i as many, have watched and recorded pauls shows for as long as its been on hgtv. i have been a big fan of most hgtv’s programs, but am also irrate that they are even considering canceling gardening by the yard. its one of my favorite shows!!! please don’t do this. i definetly not watch the hgtv channel near as much. i know how the big guys work. they don’t care about the little guys and whats really important in life. yeh! i don’t like the “mostly for old folks” term either. we are the ones who have lived and learned and know what a good show is. not just for selling products or landscapers. very upset, virna

  180. Janice Camp  Says:

    I can’t beleive it has been cancled. A lot of good info not just fluff like a lot of the other shows on HGTV.

  181. danny r.  Says:

    well folks, i’ll tell you this. gbty is DEFINITELY wrapped. we havn’t shot an episode since october of ’08. our tiny crew of 5 or so in the field had a blast collectively creating that show over those many years tho. thanks to you all for watching! sincerely, Danny that wacky Lighting Guy. love live gardening! (especially yummy veggies.)

  182. lucy  Says:

    HGTV has definately lost another viewer. Gardening by the Yard was a sure thing. Most of the others that are left have herds of people going into a yard and blowing through. No content just wham bam, instant yard, how many of us can have that.Next to none. Paul had content !! Discussed plants, tools and their care. He was entertaining as well. Thanks for the memories Paul.

  183. RON & CYNDI SCOTT  Says:

    We are not great gardeners,not enough time, but grow a few things and care for our plants. We get a lot of good information from Paul James and, besides, he is just plain ole funny. We enjoy his personality and the show. Hope someone picks this show up as we miss it. Much better show than most on the HGTV schedule.
    Ron & Cyndi Scott

  184. shannon  Says:

    come on HGTV. Live up to your name! We love Paul James and I always tune in to find out the latest on plants, ideas and gardening tools. And oh by the way, he is funny too boot. I find that most of your other shows cater to people who have a ton of money so other people can do their work. This show is relly for the Do It Yourself Gardener. I hope another channel has the smarts to pick up this show!!We love you Paul!

  185. Cheryl Norrie  Says:

    OK HGTV WHERE THE HECK DO YOU GET OFF CALLING A 44 YEAR-OLD OLD!!!!!Isn’t your station supposed to be the Home and GARDEN TV ???? With the outright crash in the real estate market just how many people do you think are going to be interested in trying to flip a house these days?? If I see one more person doing a redecorating show I do believe I will VOMIT!!! To see even ONE gardening show on your network would be refreshing. I haven’t watched since you took him off the air and I won’t untill you put him back on!!! His show was one of the shows that addressed the problems of the REAL gardener. Yes you can show people how to plant things in the happy little Victory Garden world but, what about when a tree falls in your yard and you have a hugh mess to deal with or when you have ivy invading ?? These are the kind of everyday problems that he dealt with…kind of like the rest of us, oh and lets not forget that chores don’t get magically done…you saw how much work it was. Please HGTV PUT PAUL JAMES BACK ON THE AIR!!! YOUR POTENTIAL VIEWERS ARE SPEAKING, SO LISTEN UP !!!

  186. Cheryl Norrie  Says:

    OK just went to the HGTV website next episode is Friday morning September 4th 7:30am Dealing with Deadwood. Maybe they heard the other 182 people already : – ). A little early but he is there.

  187. diane  Says:

    I agree with others! Garden by the Yard is/was the best program. I too I’m tired of watching rude people trying to pick out a home in house hunters, they seem to belittle the realtors. When your remodeling a home loud music doesn’t make a it any better either. Tooo many remodeling shows BRING BACK GARDENING AND PAUL JAMES.
    Paul James is smart,funny and not a phony. He let us come in to life.
    HGTV the only loser will be you! If you let him go.

  188. Barb  Says:

    One show that relates to the everyday working person who does not have the monies to hire someone else to do the “dirty” work. I love the way Paul James connects with us, the little things. I look forward to his shows, even the old ones. I have picked up so many little things from him, and his sense of humor is great. Why is it that all the good shows are canceled. You will keep the ones around that stink or are performed bu people who would not get their fingers dirty if they were not paid to do it. You have lost a viewer, I am disappointed.

  189. JOANNE  Says:

    Keep Paul On.. I learn a lot from him. There is a lot of new school out there but the old school still works.. He made my Gardening life a Lot easier. When ever I watch him I learn new things, new ways of doing THINGS. IF HE WANTS TO STOP.. FINE. BUT AS LONG AS HE IS HELPFUL. INFORMATIVE. EXCITING AND CRAZY AS HE ACTS .. I SAY.. VIVA LA PAUL

  190. Terry  Says:

    Gardening by the Yard is the ONLY HGTV show that I religiously watch. I can’t believe it’s been canceled. What were they THINKING?

    Give me a list of all the HGTV shows, and I’ll tell them what they can lose….all the shows that compare housing prices can go….all the shows that show the angst of first time buyers can go….all the shows about rental property can go…anything that outlines how to make crafts I made in Girl Scouts can go….


  191. Lisa H  Says:

    I cannot believe they cancelled this show. I am 29 and I love gardening. That show is entertaining, inspiring and knowledgeable, how can you take all that away for those other stupid shows on tv. Paul James inspires me to plant and grow my own healthy veggies and plants and stuff.
    Planting is therapeutic and it relieves a lot of stress but most exciting is when you walk out into your beautiful garden and you see what you’ve accomplished, and you owe it all to Mr. Paul James. I hope they bring the show back.

  192. janiehoo  Says:

    I wrote HGTV a year ago complaining about their house-only programming. I loved GBTY, Gardener’s Journal, and the old Curb Appeal, too. PBS’s Victory Garden is the only thing close I have found, and it floats around on my local channel. Who watches Property Virgins? I don’t care to see anymore house hunting.

  193. cecilia  Says:

    I can’t believe you would cancel this show. There is not another gardening show that has humor and tons of gardening experience. Keep Mr Paul James!

  194. foody  Says:

    Cancel Paul James are you nut’s. i owe most of my gardening know how to him, He is imformative and funny. I have people comming to my house just to take a look at my garden. If the management at HGTV cancel Paul james you are the weed’s that need to be pulled. good by.

  195. joe chmilewski  Says:

    Canceling Paul James is stupid! As a Landscape Designer for 30 years, I believe he is the best show on HGTV. He explains landscaping and the importantance of good soil. He is funny and informative at the same time and shows that good landscaping is a process. Landscaping is done by people of all ages and is a great way of teaching children stewardship of the land. Over the years we have seen many people coming from urban areas to the suburbs who don’t know the basic of good landscaping and spend thousands of dollars putting in the wrong plants in the wrong micro-climates, Paul’s shows explains and shows the differences

    There are other shows that should be cancelled. Many of the shows do a poor job with installing pavers and stone patios. They show that under patios you just need a leveling base which is not true in regions that have big climate changes. In the Northeast for example, if you don’t have six inches of base (minimum) you will get freezing and thawing that will make your patio uneven in one year. It’s what you don’t see is the most important thing in patios and walkways.

    So, don’t get rid of one of the best shows on TV that explains the basics. People are doing more gardening now then ever. People need more shows like GARDENING BY THE YARD. People are concerned about the environment and need more shows showing how proper landscaping can save them money.

  196. Courtney Arlow  Says:

    I sure hope that all the posting has helped save this wonderful show! The show is so inspiring and never fails to motivate me to learn even more about gardening….and get my hands dirty. What I really like about Paul is that he is so down to earth and natural…not a fluffy, fake, made up host. Come on HGTV, Keep it real!

  197. Sherry  Says:

    I was just getting ready to complain about the lack of gardening shows anymore. I get on the HGTV site and see you are now canceling the greatest program on HGTV. I am sick of all the design landscape programs. Give us a break, some of us want to know how to do it ourselves and from someone that actually knows their business. Paul James has been around a long time and we have watched him over the years and can actually trust his suggestions and ideas. His humor makes the program a delight to watch also. You do have more people watching than twenty year old people. And, there are a lot of people becoming more and more interested in gardening(young and old)and they need advice from someone that has been around and actually done the work. And get rid of some of the landscape design programs with the twenty year olds that can’t have more than a few months or a year of experience.Keep the “gardening guy”.I’m not the only person that thinks this way.I also miss “the gardeners diary”.

  198. Eden Chase  Says:

    I wondered why I couldn’t find Paul James and GBTY. Great show full of practical knowledge (he is after all a Master Gardener) and humor. I never became interested in Reality TV and the shows that HGTV is substituting for GBTY are boring and shallow. Thanks for starting this movement to save Paul James!

  199. Pat Polheber  Says:

    Wow, I was just looking to see if I could ask a question about a compost bin he showed last year and saw this post! I just can’t believe they would cancel this show! I’ve learned many things from Paul James and have been watching him for years. It’s the one garden show I can watch that my husband will actually watch with me.
    I also believe there are many gardners out there that aren’t “old”. It is definately not a dying art. Just look at your local department stores in the spring and watch the volume of plants that are being sold!!!
    I am definately going to write to Scripps Network and request they reconsider their decision. I think this is a wonderful idea and urge more of you to do the same. Thank you Dianne Eppich for the address. It is posted in #136.

  200. Arthur  Says:

    I miss Gardener’s Journal” (Erica Glasner), too. HGTV now has only shows about fliping houses and trying to sell houses. There are few gardening shows. So sad.

  201. Claudia  Says:

    Bad move HGTV! “Gardening By The Yard” is a great show! Why would they cancel? Paul James is the BEST! He is so informative and his humor is great. There are too many shows about flipping houses, besides, once the house flipping is finished, the yards must be done. This is the best gardening show on tv!

  202. jACKIE CALDWELL  Says:

    i always enjoyed watching hgtv till lately the have taken off all the good shows like carol duvall,martha,decorting sense, and most of all gardening by the yard. they are showing house hunters and whats that worth till i got sick of hgtv. so i stopped watching hgtv. its a shame that tv doesn’t show what people really like long hgtv till you can bring some good shows back about crafts and gardening by the yard as i got really good tips on gardening from paul.

  203. Laura McCreight  Says:

    I’m 47 — don’t know if that’s considered “old” — but my husband and our boys, 18 and 13, also watch “Gardening by the Yard,” due ENTIRELY to its host, Paul. He is a funny, wonderful, caring teacher who obviously knows his craft. Paul James gets into the “nitty gritty” in each lesson with lots of depth and detailed information — but doesn’t talk down to his students. HGTV, bring back this show! We’d also love to see an organic, all-season vegetable gardening show, hosted by Paul, so that our family and fellow earthlings can learn the proper way to feed ourselves while preserving our natural resources for many future generations. And, Paul, many thanks for your expertise and guidance.

  204. Connie Byers  Says:

    I really enjoy Paul James and “Gardening by the Yard”. Paul’s off beat sence of humor and great gardening tips are very beneficial. Gardening isn’t just for old people it is becoming more popular for all ages due to the increase cost of food.

    What is getting old is the various decorating shows in a market where people do not have the income to redecorate.

    WAKE UP and smell the roses!!!

  205. john  Says:

    im 48 and have looked forward to this show. now more than ever we need gardening by the yard. we all need to understand the importance of going green. paul has helped me learn valueable lessons in my yard. please leave his show on the air. I have been watching for ten years, ever since i bought my first house.

  206. diane  Says:

    i’m in my 30s and have always wanted to learn more about gardening, partly to be green and partly just to be educated. since i can’t afford to always take classes, i choose to watch gardening shows. i’ve learned the most from gardening by the yard than any other show. i record it and i take notes. i actually feel a bit smarter when i go to my local gardening store. i am not longer intimidated by the choices and feel good about what i’ve planted in my yard. thanks paul! if hgtv is so stubborn, i hope gardening by the yard finds a place on another network. it’s worth keeping!

  207. Patti  Says:

    This is a very education program and Paul is the perfect host. I learn something new everytime I watch it.

  208. Blanca  Says:

    I love
    Paul It’s the time slot it needs to be mondays at 8:00. My kids love him to, but on sundays we don’t wake up that early. Please don’t take Paul away he is he only show I really learned anything from. I live on a 2acre lot what am I going to do?

  209. Rikki  Says:

    Thats horrible. I am not old have been gardening the last four years. I love growing my own produce and with the way the economy is it really saves a lot on the grocery bill.

  210. S. PHILLIPS  Says:

    finally, somewhere to vent. my favorite show on all of t.v. is a gardener’s diary with erica glasener. the show is perfect. an oasis in a desert of bad t.v. heaven on earth. i look forward to friday mornings at 5:30when it airs here, it’s so beautifully done. i with i had the video’s on all the episodes.

  211. stubby  Says:

    bottom line is I love the show & Paul makes it fun. They talk about going green,he makes it look easy.Keep Paul alive

  212. J  Says:

    No, no, say it ain’t so!! Paul James is my gardening Idol. Ohh, I could just scream at HGTV! I’m no expert when it comes to gardening, but after I watch Paul James he not only inspires me to be greener, he also helps me with any questions and problems I have in my garden. He makes you understand gardening in a very simple way. I wake-up early on Sunday just to catch his show. I will miss Paul James funny, light-hearted personality.

  213. M.McAllen  Says:

    I find it hard to believe that somewhere in this world there is a tv exec so out of touch with the public that he/she would cancel a show as great as Gardening By The Yard. My wife and I welcomed Paul James into are house every Sunday morning as if he were the guy next door stopping in for a coffee.It was not only Paul’s knowledge he shared with us but his humorous presentation that made GBTY such a weekly staple in our home.I am not interested in someone’s poor choice of paint in their parlor or what type of fabric is on the sofa that the dog sleeps on. I definately don’t want to see misfortunes of a foreclosure gobbled up with your cameras. Goodbye hgtv. You have forgotten your roots. Paul, stop by for that coffee anytime ol buddy. By the way, I lost my tomatoes to the late blight. I know you would have helped.

  214. Tim Moore  Says:

    I’m 48 and this was the first show I watched on HGTV. I’m watching a rerun right now with my two boys. I particularly enjoy Paul’s combination of gardening knowledge with his quirkiness and goofy puns. PLEASE KEEP Gardening By The Yard! DO NOT CANCEL THIS SHOW.

  215. Andy B  Says:

    I find it hard to believe that they are going to cancel one of the only HGTV shows worth watching. For years it was a channel for the “do-it-yourself” people but has slowly turned to “watch a contractor do it” (and usually in a manner I wouldn’t do). LET’S KEEP ONE OF THE LAST DO-IT-YOURSELF SHOWS ON!!

  216. Bobby&Pat Hubbard  Says:

    My wife and I watch Paul James every Sunday together.Its not right that HGTV would cancel such a show, do they even watch their own show? Better does any of them garden at all? This is a great show and my wife and I are NOT OLD. Maybe you are to young to know what gardening is all about. PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  217. Bobby&Pat Hubbard  Says:

    My wife and I watch Paul James every Sunday together,we very much enjoy and learn from this show.Why are you canceling? This is not right. There are not enough gardening shows as is.WE ARE NOT OLD!!!! maybe you are to young to understand.

  218. Tim  Says:

    While I was not a big fan of Gardening by the Yard, I’m sorry to see it go. HGTV has truly been a disappointment where the “garden” aspect of their name comes in. In fact most of their programming has been unwatchable for some time. I find it so hard to believe that gardening does not sell and only interests older people. Phooey! I was gardening alongside my parents before I could even tie my shoe laces.

  219. david  Says:

    hGtv… I would rather watch dancing with the stars. Never

  220. Lisa  Says:

    I watch Paul James as much as possible.
    I love his show.
    HGTV poor judgement to cancel this show.

  221. Ben C  Says:

    Although Gardening By The Yard is canceled (must to everyone’s dismay), that doesn’t mean HGTV is discontinuing the show. Paul James says it himself at his official website he recently launched here:

    Here is the text from the site:

    HGTV & ME

    There’s been a lot of hoopla on the web lately about HGTV in general and my show in particular. I’ve even read that “Gardening by the Yard” has been cancelled. Well, it’s time I set the record straight.

    My show has not been cancelled. It’s just that it’s no longer in production. What that means is that through 2009 you’ll see 26 new episodes that I shot last year, but after that the show will go into reruns, probably for several years. HGTV has a considerable inventory of “Gardening by the Yard,” and the powers that be felt they didn’t need any more shows.

    Frankly, their decision not to renew my show came as no surprise. And to be honest, I was getting burned out by the grueling schedule and travel. That’s one of the reasons I decided to finally launch this website, and hire a literary agent to help me get a book published. Does that mean my television career is over? Not necessarily. I’d love to do another show, but on my terms. And sadly, there aren’t many (any?) networks that are interested in traditional gardening shows these days.

    I know it’s hard to reconcile how on the one hand interest in gardening is stronger than ever, and that gardeners spend billions of dollars every year on garden-related products, while on the other hand there’s an apparent lack of interest in garden-related programming by networks. On the surface, you’d think they’d be clamoring to acquire new garden shows.

    But the simple truth is that gardening shows, for whatever reason, don’t produce significant ratings, my show included. Basically, not enough people watch them. And without significant ratings, networks can’t sell ads, which is their primary source of revenue. Moreover, while there are thousands of companies that sell garden products, most of them, including most of them I support, can’t afford to advertise on television.

    In fairness to the folks at HGTV, they’ve been very good to me. Especially in the early years, they gave me nearly complete creative freedom, and they paid me well. (They also picked up the tab for some amazing meals and excellent wines, but that’s another story.) I have very fond memories of many of the people who helped launch the network, and I’ve developed some wonderful friendships with past and current employees.

    Finally, to all of you – my faithful and sometimes fanatical fans — let me say thank you. I’m humbled beyond words by your interest, excitement, and devotion to my cause, which is to get as many people as possible to discover and enjoy all that gardening has to offer.

    I LOVE this show and understand Paul is ok with the cease production of it as the man can use a break anyway. I only discovered the show the last few years and look forward to seeing all the way back 15 years ago. I hope HGTV starts from the first show and shows them all! I’ll record and burn every show to DVD too! The time slot doesn’t bother me as I have 3 DVRs in the household to catch it whenever it is on. :)

    I do hope Paul is called up for special events on HGTV to infuse some new programming. Time will tell.

  222. mike m.  Says:

    Great show. I’ve enjoyed the show and hate to see it go. HGTV needs to re-think this idea.

  223. James Ricciuti  Says:

    I watch Paul every Sunday. All I can say if Paul goes I go to. I enjoy watching and learned a lot from him. Again if Paul goes I go.

  224. lou  Says:

    GBTY was certainally the best gardening show left on tv. these tough economic times are similar to the 70′s when victory garden started. the VG has degenerated into a garden tour and gourmet cooking show. even the Obamas have a vegetable garden at the white house, so it would seem like there would be alot of new gardeners seeking information. the old joy of gardening show with dick raymond from the 80′s was the best and of course the early victory garden shows were informative. anyway, GBTY will be missed and hopefully will resurface somewhere else.

  225. Maryann  Says:

    I have been watching HGTV almost from the beginning. Many of the people and shows that MADE this channel have been tossed aside like trash!!! I wholeheartedly agree that the G is gone. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, Paul’s show and have learned so much from it. I checked out his websiste and it is FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!! I intend to give any business that supports the websiet my business, as much as possible! Since I am mid 50s, I am sure HGTV doesn’t care what I think about anything, but if it wasn’t for people that are now older and all the younger people who do like gardening, HGTV would have never gotten off the ground! And we won’t even talk about the millions of crafters!


  226. Victoria Thompson  Says:

    Paul James is extremely knowledgeable as well as entertaining and his show should stay on!!! I love watching that show. I always learned something and took it back to my customers confident that the answer was absolutely right.

  227. Dennis Lukaszewski  Says:

    C’mon guys how much decorating crap can a person handle. Color this, decorate that, buy this…I remember when it was Home AND Garden tv. I am sick of color splashes and other shows that do not focus on the garden…how about us folks that actually work outside. Let’s face it. Some guy showing up at my local H + G store offering to come home and take care of my yard isn’t going to happen…You know why? Because I take pride in my yard. I don’t want some guy to come in and do stuff for me…I am quite capable of doing the work myself…in fact…I enjoy it. So Paul James is the connection to practical advice for people who: 1. Have a yard. 2. Have an interest in taking care of said yard. 3. Who aren’t so lazy they let thigs go so that you can make another show to help them….
    Wake up. Gardening By The Yard was a great program. It actually hit home with families who enjoy a great looking back yard and aren’t too lazy to take care of it. Thank you Paul James….

  228. Holly Wait  Says:

    I agree completely. It’s a shame to cancel Paul James. His show is wonderful, educational, and funny. So is he. I also miss other “small scale” gardening and decorating shows (Can’t ever find Decorating Cents anymore). While buying a house is important, let’s stop running all those programs back to back, nonstop. I’ll soon change my viewing habits & I’ve been a major fan of HGTV since its inception.

  229. Gary Cooper  Says:

    If I no longer see Paul James I’ll go into a deep depression and I promise I’ll not watch HGTV no more. I’ve been wondering what happened to all the other Gardening shows they used to have??? What is wrong with these people??? As said previously HGTV stands for Home AND GARDENING! Not just Home sells/decorating, etc. We need just a GARDENING station, I’d watch (or record it) 24/7…

  230. Chris Jones  Says:

    I completely agree. I’m 26 years old and I’ve been gardening since I was about 11 yrs old. I’ve been watching Gardening by the Yard since I was about 13 years old. I learned a lot of my gardening techniques from watching Paul James. A lot of my friends have gardens too.

  231. helen dockery  Says:

    you say that gardening is for old folk, but may daughter loved to go out to the vegetable garden and help my dad to hoe and pick the vegetables for supper. she had her little rubber boots and hat to help her granddad. dad has been gone 10 years,but she still talks of him and the garden.

  232. lou  Says:

    thanks for sharing that touching letter, helen. brings a tear to the eye. don’t we all have plants from family and friends no longer with us that remind us of them when we’re in the garden? they say you’re never closer to God than when you’re working in the garden, and while i’m not a church-goer, i believe that to be true. too bad the folks that run HGTV are only focused on trying to exploit the dismal real estate market with their programing. hopefully they will realize that there will always be interest in gardening.

  233. mack  Says:

    Gardening by the yard is my fave show on hgtv .the only one on that I watch. bring back more gardening shows

  234. Edna Garcia  Says:

    I really love this program, it help me learn a lot when i start gardening, show me the different plants we can work with, it make me go and research for more information, I leave in California and the program start before at 6 am and 6:30 am we had two and i love that, it will not matter it was my only day off when i could be sleeping late, i will get up and watch it. now 0ct.4 we have only one and start at 7:30 am and before this a break ground program that mainly shows you the before and after picture which doesn’t show me or teach me anything,and now the whole hour from 6 am to 7 am is dedicated to commercial shows awful isn’t it. He is so nice and cute and make everything fun and active and just make you feel like running to the yard and start working with all the ideas you got from him.
    I am so sorry that we don’t have more and if necessary i will not watch any of their programs and tell my friends to do the same.
    Hope to see a lot of Paul for a lot of years to come.

  235. Sharon Grimes  Says:

    Who the hell told you it was ok to cancel Gardening By the Yard? You did not ask me, you did not inform me, you did’t even warn me. HOW DARE YOU! What the hell am I suppose to do now. Where am I going to get my information from. This show is interesting,informative,funny and I am demanding that you not take this show of off the air. Your kidding me (yes)? Is this Candid Camera or am I being Punked?

  236. Gail  Says:

    HGTV should have more gardening shows. I watch all of them. Even the reruns of some older program. Would love to see more new garden shows. More and more people are gardening these days. Wake up HGTV.
    The rest of the programs are getting tedious and repetitive.

  237. organicgal  Says:

    Great comments! What’s the latest status…still being cancelled? I’m watching right now on HGTV and like you said…Paul James is the Alton Brown of gardening and both rock hard (and are easy on the eyes :) ). Hey, if HGTV gives him up, maybe PBS or DIY or some other venue will pick it up. Here’s hoping!

  238. mtucker  Says:

    I used to be a big fan of HGTV but over the past few years have watched less and less. Too many silly shows that do not educate. The only one I now watch is Gardening by the Yard. It is crazy that they would cancel this show but not a suprise. Hopefully they have reconsidered. We need more of this ype of show not less.

  239. Jacqui  Says:

    Please add me to the protest of the cancellation of Paul James and Gardineing by the Yard. This is a big mistake. More & more people are getting back into gardening. Farmers markets are springing up all over. And this is the BEST show to help those of us new to gardening learn what works best in simple, easy to understand terms along with some really funny bits by Paul.

    I love this show so much that I have over half of my DVR allotment minutes used up with saved Gardening By the Yard episodes. KEEP GARDENING BY THE YARD ON THE HGTV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  240. Barbara  Says:

    Well, I can comment on this. I am disappointed to find out that Gardening by the Yard is cancelled.
    In fact I feel HGTV has gotten away from the home & garden aspect of the channel completely.
    it is more of a real estate channel now. I appreciate that in small doses. But, I miss the home design, gardening, landscaping, etc.

  241. john miller  Says:

    I have watched gardening by the yard for years. HGTV is blowing it. I garden , I don,t remodel houses!

  242. Marguerite  Says:

    I am more than disappointed in HGTV and I am watching it less and less. There are no Gardening shows on the channel anymore and to kill Gardening By The Yard is really heart breaking. I pray Paul gets a show somewhere else and it is a channel I have. Maybe he should go to GreenTV. He would be a great compliment to Ed Bagley’s show, “Living with Ed”. They are both very entertaining and informative. I hope Paul and HGTV read this blog.

  243. N Hester  Says:

    I am disappointed that HGTV cancelled Gardening by the Yard. People who have homes NEED LANDSCAPING ADVICE. Especially when selling homes, which seem to be what HGTV is focused on. HGTV all of your shows are on selling homes. Really,how many shows do you need on buying and selling? What do you do now that you bought your home? The outside of the home is just as important as the inside.

  244. Jane Jett  Says:

    I have learned alot from Paul James so have my sons who are all 4 in their 30s They now have thier own gardens and yards to care for they like me use alot of his advice on yard and garden care so thats at least 3 generation of our family and well someday if on be 4 generations of my family who well watch if hes still there.

  245. Regina  Says:

    I am 43 and do not consider myself old. I have learned so my by watching Paul and was shocked when I saw he was being cancelled. I used to watch HGTV everyday but have discovered that the only shows being aired are about selling houses, BORING! I do not watch any of those and find myself watching the network less and less. If Gardening by the Yard is cancelled I won’t have a reason to watch at all. Keep Paul on the air, he is the best thing for HGTV.

  246. Betty  Says:

    Paul was the ONLY entertaining person on HGTV. Now all the greats are gone. I hope a network that actually has “a finger on the American pulse” will pick him up. I learned to garden by watching Paul all those years.

  247. Rosemary  Says:

    I can certainly believe HGTV would cancel Gardening by the Yard, this is not the only stupid thing they have done. I loved Gardners Diary, they took that off, for some reason I think I tape the Gardners Journal on HGTV, Rebecca’s Garden has moved to a PBS station, thats goodness for PBS, The only thing HGTV does now is decorating homes, I watch none of them, I decorate my own home and have for 50 years without them. and those silly Buy my house type shows. ah well, good bye HGTV

  248. Dawn Morgan  Says:

    Paul you will be truely missed your show is my favorite on hgtv. And it didn’t hurt that you are a fellow oklahoman. I love you Paul and will miss you….. hgtv this is the worst thing you have done

  249. Dick Cresgy  Says:

    I hope HGTV doesn’t take off Paul James, I have learned alot from Paul, Seems like they are taking off the gardening shows..They soon will lose me as a watcher. Good shows are hard to find this is a good one….

  250. Andrea G.  Says:

    I hate all the B.S. shows on hgtv. I hate all the shows that make ordinary people think they can actually do the things that real trades people go to school to learn how to do!!! Does anyone check the safety of that stuff? Gardening By the Yard was informative AND entertaining for the common gardener, no pretense. God, my husband and I are going to miss that show. There is no other show we watch on that channel!

  251. Barbara  Says:

    I thoroughly enjoy Gardening By the Yard and hate to see it discontinued along with all the other great gardening shows that have been dropped. I don’t doubt Mr. James has other things he would like to do and he was generous in his appreciation of HGTV and their support. However, that doesn’t change the fact that they continually drop good programming and pick up more “fluff”.
    I am becoming more and more dissatisfied with HGTV. We’re barraged with big expensive projects. We see young people buying homes they can’t afford because they just have to have a home in the best neighborhoods with 4 bedrooms, fireplaces, wood floors, an office, 3 baths, double car garage, pools, etc, etc, etc. Then there are the interior decorating programs and backyards that cost more than some homes. I think that attitude is part of the financial problems we are in today.
    The idea that only older people like gardening is wrong but more importantly SO WHAT? There are a lot of older people in this country and we buy things, lots of things, not just garden products. I doubt gardening shows aren’t profitable on their own but lets go with the assumtion that they aren’t: Evidently they haven’t heard the term “loss leader” so let me explain the concept. The shows we like bring us in, we watch other programs once we’re there and wah lah, we buy things we see advertised! If we no longer bother to watch HGTV then all the advertisers lose.

  252. April  Says:

    I’m crushed. I just found Paul James only last spring and have really enjoyed the show. It comes on at 5:30 a.m. on Sunday morning, and I just happened to stumble upon it while channel surfing. I didn’t know he’d been on for so long, and I’m a big gardening fan. We started recording it on our DVR to make sure we didn’t miss an episode, now I found out he’s being cancelled. I have so many questions for him that I’m sure he’s answered 50 times in the last two decades, but I just found him and haven’t had a chance to learn as much from him as other bloggers. Please don’t cancel his show, I never watched HGTV before, but recently started because of Paul’s show. If you take him off, I won’t have a reason to watch HGTV anymore. I feel like I’m losing an old friend I just met. Does he know how important he is?

  253. john  Says:

    I was wondering what was going on with his show. For the losngest time he was on 11:30 Saturday & Sundays, then they moved him to early morning then I could not find the show. We will miss Paul’s fun and educational way of teaching his viewers. It is sad day in the gardening world with out our friend Paul.

  254. Alicia Nelson  Says:

    It seems that HGTV has not understood that the latest, and I hope lasting, trend is to eat locally grown food. More and more people are starting their own vegetable and fruit gardens and Paul James would be a sterling example and guide for these gardeners.

  255. Royce Gideon  Says:

    I’m 58 years old I guess one of the old people. I’ve never cared anything about working in the yard until I caught one of Paul James shows and I was hooked. If I couldn’t work in my yard I would still watch Pauls show. I love HGTV but for me the programing is beginning to lack in content, gardening shows adds wonderful diversaty in programing, with out Paul for me it would flat line. Please do not take him off but put him back on ever Saturday morning or ever morning for that matter.

  256. Kay  Says:

    You must be out of your heads. This is the best gardening program on the air at this time. He has helped me with many gardening problems. As a matter of fact I was looking up a problem today. Please think twice about this decision.

  257. Deanna  Says:

    I can’t believe they are going to do this to us!!!! I have watched hgtv for years and they just keep taking off the gardening shows. The only show I watch on there now is Gardening by the Yard. It is the BEST!!! He makes gardening fun. If they take Paul off I will not even turn that channel on EVER again! I hope they put him on another channel so hgtv can just change their name to htv. The shows they have on there now are sorry excuses for entertainment and information.

  258. nancy  Says:

    well this is odd i thought i was the only one who felt this way hgtv sucks without the gardening shows its nothing ,shame on you hgtv

  259. Robin  Says:

    I have been expecting this for quite some time. I thought the show had been canceled, then finally found it at 6:30 AM on Sunday morning. So now I try to get up early to watch, but if they cancel the show, I will have no more reason to turn the channel on. What does the G stand for at this point, because the audience they are trying to reach is way above my pay scale. I just want to Garden, not do hundred thousand dollar home renovations or designing my home to sell. I live in my house as is, but I love to garden.

  260. Jeff  Says:

    This is typical of the way television programming is going. If you can learn something from a program or if it’s informative….remove it!
    Who makes all these decisions for the tv viewers anyway? I enjoy the Gardening by the Yard and hope it continues.

  261. Karen  Says:

    I am up at 7:30 sunday morning to see Paul James and he was replaces with an infomerical. what is going on. I have been watching this show for 5 years and have been so inspired. I love gardening and appreciate all the tips. I love his sense of humor added to his presentation of gardening knowlegde. Please keep this show on.

  262. Mary Ann  Says:

    Do not cancel Paul’s show he is very informative and funny. You have moved his show around to much it is hard to find. Also, his advise and landscaping ideas are in normal peoples budgets! Not ones that cost $100 of thousands of $ like most of your shows. You do have the middle last out here watching, too.

  263. Sharon  Says:

    I am sooooooooo disappointed in HGTV for cancelling Gardening By the Yard. I have watched Paul James shows for years and received more valuable information from this show than all of the other HGTV shows put together. Sad, that HGTV does no gardening shows but mostly real estate focused shows. What gives??? There is no reason for me to continue watching anything that HGTV produces.

  264. mary mcintosh  Says:

    im so sorry to see this show leaving i got so much good out of it. guess i will not be watching hgtv. any more for nothing else i want to see. to bad.

  265. Debbie Booth  Says:

    Gardening By The Yard is THE show that got me hooked on HGTV in the first place. I never watched anything but Paul James then slowly I started watching other shows, but I still look forward to seeing Gardening By The Yard. Its a shame to take such a great show off the air…I’m sure lots of folks will just turn the channel now.

  266. Heidi  Says:

    I love GBY. It is sad HGTV was an informative TV station now all they show are people purchasing new homes. Sad. A great loss for HGTV.

  267. CAROL  Says:

    Gardening by the Yard cannot be cancelled! I love being able to turn on HGTV and learn how to improve what I already have (Paul James on how to begin a raised bed. Or which weed killers work best, or the right tool for the right job.Which vegetables grow well with others) I, too, am tired of seeing renovations to sell houses, renovations to make houses bigger than necessary,renovations to make backyards way out over anyones budget. I’m also tired of seeing people buying houses, or going out of the country to buy a house. Come on guys, real people watch HGTV!

  268. Brooke Greenleaf  Says:

    I am hoping someone there iin t.v. land who picks the shows to air will see these blogs, people right now NEED to feel the dirt before them. With the uncertainty of this nation the only thing we might have left is the ground we stand on and here in my region we all LOVE Paul James. My little girl attends a school garden club and I might say plenty of them are the Cool kids in school, so please don’t tell me it is only for old people. Why don’t they scratch one of the shows that is one “contemporary style” re-do after another. We need Paul James to remain on t.v. He is funny, informative and great for the soul!HGTV you’re gonna lose me and now with that out to the barn to feed the horses, then finish putting my gardens to rest for a long winters nap!! Thank you for reading!

  269. tommy mccowan  Says:

    i cannot believe that you cancelled my favorite show on hgtv i guess paul james is getting to old and does not have any girls with low tops and pants barely staying up i want be watshing hgtv any more tommy

  270. Tom/Pam VanSickle  Says:

    HGTV has turned into Highly Greedy T V, or any number of offensive symbols. Gardening is practiced all over this planet and by people of all faiths/ages/cultures/$$status. Please stop with the house selling gimicry and do the right thing. Keep Paul and his cohorts on for as long as THEY wish to be with us. Keep giving us home builders, doers, dreamers and thinkers– please.

  271. Evelyn K  Says:

    HGTV people can’t be very smart – because of the downturn in the economy and because more people are interested in being healthy they need shows like Gardening by the Yard. We need more do it yourself shows.

  272. Lynda Duggan  Says:

    Paul James is a rare jewel. He makes learning about gardening super interesting and fun. Even my 5 and 8 year olds love to watch his show (nice change from Sponge Bob!). I cannot possible fathom why HGTV would cancel his show. Are you kidding me? What network nimrod made this decision? I will stop watching all HGTV. HGTV sucks.

  273. Aaron  Says:

    How disappointing. When Gardening by the Yard was on Saturday mornings, I’d always tune in. The TV would remain on HGTV for hours afterwards also. They have other shows that are decent, but nothing exciting enough for me to change the channel to HGTV. My kids would watch it with me as well, and it is better than the cartoons that they would otherwise be watching.

    Since they shifted its schedule, I’ve been recording it on the DVR. It is only on a rare occasion that I’ve been enticed to tune into other HGTV shows. I may have multiple waterfront homes with vast yards, but I don’t have unlimited funds or the desire to hire a service to my landscaping work. Maybe I’m just not their target market.

    Paul James provided great gardening content, and with an enthusiasm you just don’t see very often. Dropping this show is a poor choice for HGTV, and a great loss for future generations of gardeners.

  274. Dale Pickering  Says:

    Please keep Paul’s show on the air. I have watchd it for years, when I can find during normal waking hours. Now that It’s on at 5:30 a.m. Sundays, I cam enjoying it entertaining and educational content. I get many ideas from his shows and learn about lots of new things plants, animals, and people. It gives me new appreciation for nature and our relationship to it. It certainly reflects the ‘green’ emphases being developed in our society today. Even if you think it’s for the older crowd, that’s fine. After all, we have interests, too and keep the economy rolling. Please keep the show!

  275. Thomas D, Clements  Says:

    You cannot find a credible gardening show on television anymore. Landscape, home remodel, home make-over shows abound. This was/is sound information delivered in a matter that made it fun to watch. I’ve introduced my grandchildren (3 boys, 10yrs., 6 yrs, 5yrs) to gardening and they’re up they’re ears in dirt. Love it. Go on-line for information and it’s either someone’s opinion or inconsistent information when crossed referenced. I’ve done that to Paul James information and credible info. More and more people are gardening and canning these days to save money and doing things their parents and grandparents did and love it. Get rid of some of the home make-over shows where you have to be practically a millionaire to afford to do. Leave Paul James and “gardening By The Yard” alone.

  276. Mary Ann Clements  Says:

    Without “Gardening by the Yard” there is no reason to even watch HGTV anymore. My husband is PO’d about it. He got me watching it because he was and it was interesting. It helped me pick out a couple of plants (shrubs) because Paul James show-cased them on the program. Who ever made this decision should be living on severance pay.

  277. Mike  Says:

    Cancelling shows such as gardening by the yard is slowly but surely driving me away from watching the one channel that is the only reason I purchase pay TV

  278. Helen Brown  Says:

    As a Master GArdener in Las Vegas, I would like to add that I teach gardening classes all year long and they are loaded. I am truly seeing young people coming out and wanting to learn how to begin. They are interested in their health, their planet etc. I also added canning to my teahing this year! Paul James has always been a source if knowlege for me. Now when he is on {Fri Mornings only} it is rare, and I guess they are reruns. He is not on every week — most of the time they would rather bore everyone with some sappy rerun of some design show, or that awful thing about attics. I used to watch this channel for hours – now except for Fri., morning it is not in my viewing desires. With all the terriable things going on in our econmony now I should think people would be more interested in growing something in a container, than watching someone tear a kichen apart and rebuild [who has money for that any longer} So I have said my piece – and wish good gardening to all.

  279. Joyce Black  Says:

    Paul James and Gardening By The Yard is my favorite gardening program. I will be VERY DISAPPOINTED if this program is removed. I have watched his program for years and have learned a lot. There is a new interest in young people wanting to learn about gardening. After all, farmers are part of the foundation of our country. I have taught my children, grandchildren and others about gardening, vegetable gardening, etc. Gray hair shows wisdom and has nothing to do with gardening. Paul James is a very knowledgeable gardener and is a delite. I look forward to his programs.

  280. Dina K  Says:

    Well, HGTV, congratulations on canceling the one show that actually demonstrates how to garden instead of calling a LANDSCAPER. We all don’t have thousands of dollars to have someone else do it nor do we want to waste our money when we want to experience the creativity and accomplishment of doing it ourselves. If I see one more show with an infinity pool behind a McMansion I might just throw up. PLEASE KEEP PAUL JAMES AND GARDENING BY THE YARD. By the way I started watching in my 30s and I’m now considered an elderly 41 years old.

  281. Michael Leer  Says:

    Please don’t cancel ” Gardening by the Yard” This is a very educational show. Even with the reruns you still find that you learn or get a refresher on how to’s. Also having Paul James living in Tulsa Ok. and I living in North central Ks., It’s like having our own personal go to person for gardening tips here in the West central region. I also like his light, witty humor. He shows how to have fun gardening which is a very good stress reliever. No matter how small or how big your garden is. He can show you how and what to do. Their is very little shows out there anymore that teach you like Gardening by the Yard. You ought to feel good about having a great show like this one. ATTABOY Paul James!
    Mike Leer, Hays, Ks.

  282. Utah Dude  Says:

    I taped a years worth of his shows so I could take them with me on a deployment in the Persian gulf. Watching his shows let me drift back home for a half hour at a time. The fellas liked watching him too. I’ve also learned alot from Paul. I cant tell you how many times I did something to a plant because I learned it from Paul. Please bring his show back. Its on DIY network on Sundays @ 4:00 am. I still tape it.

  283. Debbie  Says:

    I miss Paul James the most of all the gardening shows and personalities, but what has happened to Home and GARDEN TV?? Who is behind this regime? The only shows on there anymore are more like half-hour or hour-long infomercials. It’s all about the money. Disgusting! I could only hope that Public tv would take up the slack, but they are not likely to do so. There aren’t many gardening shows on there either. Thank goodness for the internet,else there’d be no real choice left for video.

  284. Sharon  Says:

    Yes, I’m still watching reruns of Paul but would love to see more newer ones. I won’t do anything on Sunday morning until I see his show. HGTV, please please please bring back Paul James. He’s so funny and really makes gardening fun. Like many others, we don’t have 1000′s of dollars to spend on someone else doing the work…..we need to learn how to do this ourselves. Gardening is therapy for me and my husband so please please bring back Paul James.

  285. Nebraska Gal  Says:

    Please leave Gardening by the Yard on. I love to be outside gardening and yard work. You show so few gardening show any more. There is no shortage of house decorating show on HGTV. I hardly ever turn HGTV on any more except Friday & Sunday mornings to watch Gardening by the Yard. Educational TV has some gardening shows. I have been watching Gardening by the Yard for a long time now and it would be fustrating to see it go along with other gardening show you use to broadcast.

  286. Robert Bosworth  Says:

    Paul James put the G in HGTV. That is why I watched this channel. Without him…I move on.
    Home & GARDEN?

  287. John  Says:

    Gardening by the Yard is the only HGTV program I watch – however once I switch channels to watch it, sometimes I stay on that channel for an hour or two.

  288. Tammy Walls  Says:

    I am so disgusted by this… Paul James was a real person who discussed real issues in the gardening world. Whoever decided to cancel this show was obviously ignorant about the many problems us REAL gardeners face. I will miss you Paul James…
    You may as well call your station HTV, You have totally disregaurded all of you GARDENing viewers.

  289. sb121  Says:

    Please leave this show on!! Paul James is entertaining and informative, extremely enjoyable to watch. Its the only show I watch on HGTV since every other show is about color and design, quite boring to me. HGTV, show somw variety, put true authentic GARDENING back on your programs please! Thanks for listening (hopefully).

  290. Summer  Says:

    Yeah, that sucks, instead they keep shows like “Property Virgins” and I’m sure that the people buying houses on there are getting screwed. The host always has these bidding wars supposedly. I think she’s playing the clients. She gets so indignant when the buyer doesn’t want to buy some piece of crap house they don’t want. I wouldn’t trust her!!! Tonight it was “the bully bid” as she called it. Ridiculous. I won’t be watching it again, that’s for sure. I agree with Amy. You’re losing people HGTV.

  291. David  Says:

    The show is on 6:00 am and I still try to get to see it. Last weekends show detailed how to start a bed before winter. Excellent information. Didn’t know the show was cancelled until I viewed this site.

  292. patricia  Says:

    perhaps if HGTV would give Paul a makeover such as buff arms and shirts with no sleeves, day old beard and tight jeans, his show could continue. Oh and don’t forget, his IQ has to be lowered to minus 4. what is the old saying “if it ain’t broke don’t FIX it”?

  293. Al Heline  Says:

    Get serious HGTV. You have one of the most educational gardening shows available on television, and there are even THOUGHTS of hitting the cancel button.

    I am in hopes that you would rebroadcast Paul James’ show into some of the ‘paid programming’ slots, but that would dig into your bottom line, wouldn’t it?

    I happened here today because I had a family issue that caused me to miss this mornings program. I was looking for some way of seeing the show, even if it was in the middle of the night. Then, to hear that it might be on the chopping block – Get serious HGTV!

  294. dan  Says:

    there is not much worth watching on cable tv any more .bring back garding by the yard soon or i do not need cable tv.

  295. Wayne  Says:

    I have watched Paul James show for years, and I have noticed that it is harder to find shows like his. At one time there were numerous show like his, and we watched them all. He is one of the reasons I wanted to learn more about gardening. My wife and I have been avid gardeners for 28 years, and have several books on the subject. His show was instrumental in improving our skills, and mine especially because I’m more a visual learner. We had gardens from container gardens on our porch (when we lived in an apartment) to now large areas for plants and vegetables. We both in 2008 took classes at our extension service via Penn State to become Master Gardeners.

    I’m a Master Gardener as well as my wife, and Paul has helped me become a better Master Gardener too. I have used some of his ideas or guest ideas to pass on to others. I’m part of the adult education, and used his ideas like how to make a rain barrels in the classes I have taught. In 2010 I and another Master Gardener have a class in container gardens. Two different shows again had brought out ideas I never have thought of or products that are out there which can be used for containers. I will add them into our class so that others will benefit from Paul James Show.

    Paul James is a fountain of information, and his television show is for all ages. We, “The Baby Boomers” are not the only ones that like his show. This year we started a new program at our extension service called “The Back Yard Garden” and we had all ages there to learn about gardening. Not just plants, but how to start vegetables gardens too. I can tell you we had a lot of new gardeners there, and I mean first time gardeners too. With the economy being like it is, more people are turning to their production of food. Not only to save money, but to learn how to grow safe food and protect the environment.

    Not everyone has 10’s of 1,000 of dollars to make their back yard into an extension of their house. I’ll say I like to watch shows that have explore the backyard, but it isn’t my cup of tea. Taking away Paul James show is a disgrace to your network. I watch a lot of your programs. I can safely say 25% of TV time is devoted to your channel and the rest of our time is divided up between 10 other networks or more. You have moved Paul James to early morning, and I have my VCR set up to record it. Now I don’t miss his shows, and my wife and I can watch him when we have time. HGTV, Home and Garden, don’t let the garden die. People like Paul James are the few, very few, that still care about the common garden and the ordinary gardener, and that’s most of your viewers, which most of your viewers have too.

  296. Michael Wray  Says:

    Just tuned in to the HGTV broadcast of “The Rose Parade”. I was very disappointed to see that Paul isn’t on the broadcast.

    And I’m very confused why HGTV requires their personalities to either be 20 somethings with a two day beard or have a British or Australian accent.

    Oh well. I miss opera on A&E, too.

  297. Sherry  Says:

    I believe it’s such a shame to have Paul James taken off the air. He is such a breath of fresh air with his knowledge of gardning and the comedic way he delivers it to the viewers. We looked forward to his show weekly and I am very disappointed that he is no longer there. Now I see bubbly near teenagers who only know what they have read in books (no first hand experience) as appossed to a man who actually knows what it takes to make things grow and thrive. Shame on your network!

  298. Doug  Says:

    HGTV has been going down hill for a few years. Paul James is entertaining and informative. I , like the rest of the responses wonder why gardening is not important to HGTv. Actually the shows they have on now are not informative or educational, a bunch of idiots who are to into themselves. They also took of the show with Rick Kaldrovics that was a gardning show, sometimes it was kind of the same but you got ideas from him. HGTV sucks anymore, pure and simple

  299. Barry  Says:

    I just want to say how much my wife and I missed Paul James this years on HGTV’s Rose Parade He was alway’s so imformitive. He was one of the reasons we watched the parade on Hgtv. The guy from Astrailia that replaced Paul isn’t as knowledgable as an example he call a canelop a rock melon which it is in other part’s of the world but not here in the United States. My wife and I would like to see Paul back doing the Rose Parade. I am also a Horticulturist and know that comnon names used in other parts of the world are not the same. I am not sure why James from Austrilia was hired over somebody here in the United States.

  300. Brenda  Says:

    I am very disappointed and consider not watching HGTV anymore.I watch Paul James every Sunday morning at 7:30am and I wouldn’t get up early to watch anything else. I agree with many of the others that there are too many of the makeover shows and all 20 somethings shows. Paul always talked about real gardening and information on how to garden not just designing something. I am really disappointed about this..I think I will only have Public TV now to watch gardening shows and there are only a couple of those on Saturday.

  301. Brenda  Says:

    I am very disappointed. Paul James was one of the few people that still talked about real gardening and in an entertaining way. I never missed a show even though It came on at 7:30 on Sunday morning. There are too many of the makeover shows and realestate shows and someone else pointed out. I think HGTV is out of touch because with the economy now there is a renewed interest in gardening. I heard just this week there is an increase of 25% in home gardening. BAD MOVE for HGTV I say…

  302. Rose  Says:

    I have followed Paul James show for years. I was wondering why HGTV kept changing the time it was shown. Don’t they realize they have no other garden show that is as interesting as Mr. James’? Please don’t let them cancel him!!

  303. Jeannette  Says:

    I agree very much with the original letter. HGTV has shown very poor judgment regarding this show. Even when they changed this show to early morning 7:30am viewing on Sunday, I would get up on a day that I would like to sleep later to watch this show. There simply are NO gardening shows worth anything unless, of course, you have a million dollars to pay someone else to do the job.
    Paul James will be missed but I hope to catch his blogs or any other ways in which he communicates with his audience.

  304. Donna  Says:

    HGTV has forgotten that the ‘G’ stands for Garden! Gardeners don’t want to see landscaping shows..byt HGTV doesn’t get it. Paul James came on here at 6:30 on Sunday mornings…and I was a faithful (But tired) viewer. I am VERY unhappy about this cancellation. But then I’m also unhappy about hour after hour of House Hunter re-runs in prime time every day…………..

  305. Rodert  Says:

    I would get up sunday at 7:15 just to view this show, HGTV your nuts!WE need this show so put it back on.

  306. Elliot Hudson  Says:

    How absolutely typical…I guess we should check to see if HGTV is owned by a Canadian concern…seem like everything is Canadian programing…the majority of the realty shows are set in Canada….get REAL HGTV…I doubt that more than 10% of your viewers can afford to pay a designer for the beautiful but $$$$$designs that are exhibited. I think the closest to reality are most of your shows like Michael Bromstadt but…after they are through, I find myself wondering about all the rough edges and MDF…get real…who wants that “backstage look” in their homes. You need to get a proper perspective. While I am at it…why has Kim Myles been packaged as some quirky BAG LADY? How stupid. I actually like her. Get real. WHat happened to the girl who won design star two years ago? And you most recent winner….please….I want my house to look like an urban chop shop. If that is all he is capable of turning out….you guys really are going to the dogs.

  307. Steve Sanderson  Says:

    HGTV needs to remember that us old folks have more discretionary income than the younger set who is in debt up to their eyeballs. I get up every Sunday morning to watch it before I head to church. I guess I will be looking on another network. I am tired of reality shows and contests. Paul James gave us great content and He will be missed, so will I to the HGTV network.

  308. Melissa Khattak  Says:

    Just ot let you know, there is very little left on HGTV in which I am actually interested. I am merely a school teacher who does NOT have zillions of dollars to spend on decorating projects or second homes – - I’m trying to help out the family budget by growing my own vegetables and doing my own landscaping – - and the only helpfu program you had for the non-millionaire bunch was “Gardening by the Yard”. BRING IT BACK, PLEASE, and, in a more user-friendly time slot!
    Thank you.

  309. Cory Blum  Says:

    I get up early just to watch Gardening by the Yard…it’s getting so that I can’t relate to much on HGTV….I mean, can everybody afford to put $50,000 in an outdoor kitchen, or buy a $500,000 home…or spend $75,000 renovating a kitchen? We can all benefit from the tips that Paul James gives us… Gardening by the Yard…he’s just an average guy like most of us can relate to…keep Paul on HGTV!!!

  310. Linda L Downing  Says:

    It is to BAD that you have cancelled the Gardening by the Yard program with Paul James…Don’t you read/listen to the news that states GARDENING is the #1 hobby…Also the Obama’s have a vegetable garden at the White House that is used to help with their meals…I used to get up early on Sunday mornings just to watch Paul…NO longer though….I now watch little or no HGTV, because all you have is shows about real estate….GET A LIFE not everyone is interested in buying/selling real estate….

  311. Sam  Says:

    GROWL! I’ve watched Paul James from day one. He’s as real as they come – like many have already stated HGTV gardening is now about the the $60,000+ renovation done by contractors. I work for a large company who has advertised on HGTV and we received hundreds of complaints about the lack of gardening shows on HGTV. People who loved our products but were mad and fussing to us about HGTV.

    Shows on HGTV are becoming so repetitive – house redo’s, house hunting, house giveaway….all about the almighty dollar, not real living shows – like gardening, crafts, interior designs and antiques by real people not just a team of designers.

    I try to watch, but it just doesn’t do anything for me any longer. BOO HGTV!!

  312. Suzo  Says:

    Such a loss. HGTV, you just lost me! Paul James was the ONLY reason I woke up early on Sunday mornings! I looked forward to every new show, and watched the reruns when there were no new shows.

    The problem is deeper than we all want to admit. The terrible programming decisions by what I considered the most desirable channels (HGTV, Discovery, TLC, etc) has forced me to rethink the idea of actually spending money to watch TV.

    Since cable TV does not come free in my neighborhood, and I am SO tired of paying for crap programming, I must give serious consideration to the alternatives. The only way to force networks to program what we want to see is to bark really loud and cut them off financially.

    Paul, I sincerely hope you find a new place to air your show. PBS would be a great place. Limited commercials! WOOT! Try them. And PLEASE Paul, know that we will truly miss you on Sunday morning!

  313. Jack Parris  Says:

    It’s saddening that HDTV cancelled Gardening by The Yard. The show featuring Paul James appealed the all ages both young and old. My wife and I are in our late 30′s and use to look forward to the watching the show and going out and applying what we had learned. I hope enough viewers write in to HGTV and express their thoughts on returning the show to the air.


    Jack and Sherri Parris

  314. k.k. ward  Says:

    There is not a gardening show on tv that was as intelligent or entertaing or fun to watch. This show inspired me. The people involved in cancelling gardening by the yard with Paul James Do not equal between them the intellect of one earthworm.

  315. DR Morris  Says:

    I was disappointed a few weeks ago when I turned on the TV AT 7:30 A.M. Sunday morning to find another remodeling going on, there must be 50 a day, but no Gardning by the Yard.
    After some research I found the program had been cut to a half hour and moved to 7 a.m.
    This is tyhe best gardening show on TV and in most respects the only really educational one.
    HGardeningTV return it to the 7:30 slot and, if available episodes, to a full hour program.

  316. De Ackerson  Says:

    I don’t even watch HGTV any more. Like earlier comments mentioned, I was in it for the “G” factor. I can’t afford all that landscaping but it was fun to watch but now Nothing. Paul James, if your watching, I miss your show.

  317. Marilyn  Says:

    What a total shame. No more Paul James. His program was one the average gardener could relate to. His humor was also very entertaining. “G” has definately been left out of your programing. I really cannot relate to people who can spend thousands on remodeling and increasing the sizes of their homes or are able to buy homes on foreign islands around the globe. HG-TV was the one station I could watch all the time. Now I barely watch at all. If Paul is reading these messages I, TOO, miss you and your type of show.

  318. Joe  Says:

    I have also noticed that there are very few gardening shows left on HGTV. I have always loved “Gardening by the Yard” and have enjoyed Paul James’ sense of humor. I would love to see his show put back on the air. Truthfully, I’m sick and tired of the replacement shows on HGTV that show buyers looking for houses.
    One time I wrote to Paul James requesting some information and he personally wrote back. They don’t make them like him anymore!
    Bring him back!!!!!!

  319. k.k. ward  Says:

    HGTV I have only a few shows that I watch now because you have no idea of what people really want. I watched Gardening By The Yard With Paul James because it is an intelligent and entertaining show There is no other show that can compare to it. I do watch Color Splash and Devine Design out side of those there is no reason to continue with HGTV. If you can’t bring Gardening By The yard back I feel we have no need for HGTV. K>K> Ward

  320. Matt  Says:

    Although I love Paul James and GBYTY, I’m surprised the show has lasted this long. When HGTV moved the show to weekend mornings a few years ago, I figured it was canceled and they were just showing repeats. So I stopped watching.

    Matter of fact, since “Room By Room” was canceled in 2006, I stopped watching HGTV altogether. There were (and still are) no shows that interested me. Needless to say, I was surprised when I caught it one day and found it to be a new episode.

    Nonetheless, I’m sad to see him go. I’ve always loved his show and have learned so much from him. Hopefully, he’ll land somewhere else where we can see him. But I won’t hold my breath. Cable networks are dropping their signature shows left and right in favor for general ones that supposedly get better ratings.

  321. Billy  Says:

    Please bring Paul James, Gardening By the Yard, that is about the only show on HGTV that I watch, but without it I guess I will not have nothing else to watch. One can only watch so much Colot Splash, Hammer Heads, and Over Your Head so much. I did like to watch Holmes on Homes, but now all those are reruns. There is nothing left on HGTV without Paul, so please someone come to your senses and bring him back before you lose another viewer.

  322. Brian Adams  Says:

    This would be the biggest mistake HGTV could make.

  323. MYRA  Says:


  324. Al  Says:

    Well, sad day at HGTV, “Gardening by The Yard’ has apparently been cut. So HDTV, you have lost this viewer. Any network that is so STUPID to cut the last good gardening show that you have, does not need me as a viewer.

    I have had it with HDTV… I’m GONE !!!!!!!!!

  325. Ron L  Says:

    Does anyone know if another network has picked PJ’s program up? A couple of weeks ago, the show went to 7 am. so I knew trouble was ahead. Too bad. I guess I will have to go searching and hoping that he reappears somewhere.

  326. jerry jorgensen  Says:

    My Sunday morning ritual is wake up read the paper and wathc Gardening by the Yard. It is by far the best gardening show on TV

  327. maryann s  Says:

    I cannot believe gardening by the yard was taken off. That is one of my favorite shows. I even set the alarm if I can’t tape it. I really look forward to seeing that show. It is the BEST gardening show on tv. PLEASE HELP GET IT BACK ON!!!!

  328. bruce meilstrup  Says:

    HGTV might as well change their name to HTV because they have forsaken the gardening programs, the best of which is Gardening by the yard

  329. Rosie  Says:

    My husband and I are very disappointed to find Gardening by the Yard off the air. We were always looked forward to get up with Paul James and watch his program. HGTV isn’t really keeping up with the times by recognizing that people are more interested in doing their own yards (now more than ever due to economic challenges). Paul knew his stuff and really made it entertaining.

    Enough with house hunting programs. The reruns seem to be taking over the network channel. HGTV – you are going to lose all your viewers if you don’t have a good pulse on what your viewers want to see. HGTV is not what it used to be . . . it has now shifted its focus to buying properties instead fixing what you have (rent/own).

    Please bring Paul James back!!!!

  330. Darlene Ray  Says:

    Paul James was the real deal. He did what he taught and made the show the best. Does HGTV think that only young people count?

  331. Mary H  Says:

    He’s the best, so put him on a network that every one can watch, like PBS.

  332. art crager  Says:

    well goodbye hgtv. no paul, no art.i am 64 yrs old and pauls show is the best on tv period. i am mad. paul is an icon on hgtv. those silly… shows they are putting on now are stupid. how many ways can you remodel a bathroom and kitchen. go ahead, cancel the truly great shows. i want be back. i get up at 6;30 every sunday to watch paul. now i’ll sleep a little later.

  333. glenn kujath  Says:

    this is one of the best gardening shows on tv.
    Paaul James is the best
    keep him on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  334. Guy and Barbara  Says:

    Hay HGTV! Darn:( … We even got up early Sundays to watch this guy! We have been “devoted fans” for years! He is charismatic, an “natural” people person. We can relate to him, and he doesn’t come across like a Celebrity. His program was intertaining (because of his presentation), and educational! After his program on Sundays, we’d watch other programs on HGTV. Now we will not turn the TV on in the morning.
    Your “re-runs” of “rich” people doing their yeards does not make us feel good about what little we can do to ours! Know what I mean? bj&gj

  335. Dario  Says:

    I still watch the reruns, but I no longer watch anything else on HGTV to show my support of Paul. Hopefully another network will request his services. Hope to see back on TV soon.

  336. Ben  Says:

    Maybe the Dolan boys who own Long Island’s Cablevision were right in fighting with Scripps and not renewing automatically with this money grabbing arogent bunch who choose $ over content.

  337. Ben  Says:

    The spelling is arrogant and they are

  338. Bryan Allen  Says:

    This was my favorite show on HGTV. At least you learned something from the show along with the entertainment. I am considering canceling part of my direct TV.

  339. Mike Lung  Says:

    Paul James had the only show worth viewing on HGTV.Now you have canceled the only educational gardening show.His show was for everyone, unlike your other shows that are about people putting big screen tv’s and giant waterfalls in their backyards who cares about that stuff.Oh thats right young people.HGTV is going down the wrong road.Paul James will be back some where.You will see!
    Mike & Family

  340. John R. Wilhelm  Says:

    fooey on hgtv….looks like I for one will be
    watching less of this “less entertaining” channel. Sad does not encompass not being able
    to have breakfast and enjoy Paul’s wit and wisdom when it comes to his expertise about landscaping. Enjoyed ALL of his shows, even have
    some saved.Hopefully Paul is picked up by some
    other channel that don’t have their heads up you
    know where! Gunna miss ya buddy…already do

  341. Patrick Nelson  Says:

    I’m from Trinidad & Tobago,and i’ave watched Paul James for alot of years
    .His shows were very informative and entertaining,you just never got bored watching him.BAD MOVE HGTV.BAAAD MOVE.!!!!!

  342. Mona Diller  Says:

    What will HGTV do when all of the “young people” can no longer afford cable television because they were encouraged to buy a house that they could not afford & then renovate it with MORE borrowed money. But, then, that is how our government is running business, too – is it not? Paul James is as “green” as can be, but even a true environmentalist seems now worthless once gray hair appears. I’m not surprised, just disappointed. I’ll keep gardening on our half acre & if I want to see a waterfall, I’ll go to Niagra Falls.

  343. Michael  Says:

    Paul James is the only real thing on HGTV, these new, make over shows are for the birds, he has educated me and gave me tips I can’t find on the “NEW” shows they are putting on the air. I will have to say they have made a big mistake, as someone will pickup his show, and then HGTV will be wishing they had Paul back. These makeover shows they have on now, they teach me nothing, HGTV just lost me as a loyal viewer….Here’s me saying goodbye to HGTV….

  344. marjorie Marquis  Says:

    What Gaul to cancel Paul, you have nothing left to watch but yelling carpenters, silly stagers, and unrealistic sellers. Paul is family, both his and his garden. You can relate.

  345. Garry  Says:

    What a disappointment, we have watched Paul James about 5 years now. It has become a Sunday morning ritual in our house. The educational side was great for our kids. Learning about the history of gardening tools and the new tools coming on the market was enlightening. Understanding planting techniques and drainage requirements had helped us with our own unique growing problems around our yard. We are avid fans of HGTV versus regular network channels, esp on the weekends. We will certainly start looking around hoping to find Paul on another network, PBS or Discovery channel. For many of us, hoping to teach our children about nature and gardening, you have really messed up this time. He was the only show left that did not put wild ideas in their minds about how to make money fast with a little investment. The only investment Paul ever recommended was physical labor, patience and determination to get back to nature and take care of what we have. I am very disappointed in HGTV in making this decision.

  346. Paul Meyer  Says:

    Gardening by the Yard was the only show I watched on HGTV the rest of there programming stinks.I am not an old person and I love gardening.I just removed the HGTV channel from my memorized channel list. HGTV is dead to me.

  347. Joe Holloway  Says:

    I couldn’t agree more, Gardening by the yard was one of the best shows HGTV has. Getting rid of great TV shows seems to be very popular with the networks. I guess HGTV thought they would join in.

  348. Tim  Says:

    HGTV? Oh…I get it. The “G” is silent.

    I didn’t realize they had cancelled the program until now. I had been getting up early on Sunday to watch it and with a strong cup of coffee. Always learned something and got a little motivation to work outside.

    All they are showing now are incrediably bad home “improvement” shows. Does anyone actually watch those programs?? Stupid network.

    Maybe a PBS station will run Gardening by the Yard instead.

  349. rose ploss  Says:

    another corperate idiot decision bring back gardening by the yard

  350. Jean  Says:

    I only discovered GBTY about 2 years ago, and have been a huge fan ever since! I just found out it has been cancelled and am SO DISAPPOINTED!! I join everyone else in praising Paul for his great personality and interesting and useful gardening information. I enjoyed the show’s focus on education instead of just landscape design. And I too am bored with all the House Hunter episodes and shows about how much homes and remodels are worth. I’m keeping my house and my garden and will miss Paul!

  351. Priscilla Johnson  Says:


  352. steve gasdorf  Says:

    I think that the people at HGTV have made a terrible decision to cancel one of the most informed gardening shows on this channel. I will no longer support this channel.

    I only hope the individuals that made this decision have an incredible dose of the runs.

  353. Andrea K.Lake  Says:

    I can’t believe that the show is cancelled. I just retired and am so glad I can finally devote the time I want to my garden. Paul James’ show was my “go to” for answers. I like some of the ‘fix it’ shows but the gardening ones are the shows I watch for things I can use. Please put this show back on the air

  354. Tom Bedocs  Says:

    Well here we go again, first I loose a group of fishing shows I liked and now the one fun gardening show that made learning about how to take care of the average yard from someone who made it understandable. Now it seems like HGTV only wants to put things that appeal to those who wish they had the funds to do what they show and not some down to earth education. Having worked for a college for the past 20 years, and in the broadcast end of that, it never seems to suprise
    me how all executives never listen to the folks that make up the majority of the viewing public. Well lets hope PBS or DIY picks this one up and we all can benefit again from someone who know his field, makes it fun, saves us some money and is not just another contest winner to boost HGTV ratings!!

  355. Craig Willie  Says:

    HGTV needs to get a clue about what good tv is.
    Paul James is good tv somthing worth watching.
    just let me know where and when Pual will be back on tv and i will be there.


  356. Wendy Rudokas  Says:

    Gardening by the Yard was the last show left that kept me watching HGTV. I didn’t hear it wasnt coming back on the air until just now and I am upset!!
    There isn’t anything on that channel now that has any interest for me. I dont plan on buying a house or building one. I dont plan on flipping houses for profit. I just did a scan on what they have on for the next 2 weeks and I KNOW for a fact I will not even consider turning to that channel. Now that I don’t have to worry about that channel anymore. I will delete it out of my channel options. I loved Gardening by the Yard. I have learned and implemented so much from watching Paul James. I watch episodes over and over and take notes and have them in a binder for different seasons. I am in dire need of gardening assistance that isnt boring or too fluffy like the other shows that are on!!
    Glad I have 11 episodes saved on my DVR.
    Thanks Paul James for the episodes they let you give us!!!
    Wendy Rudokas

  357. bp463  Says:

    HGTV update from Paul himself:

    He’s even got “webisodes” to watch from his “GGTV” link on his website (

  358. Lourdes  Says:

    I am soooo sick of House Hunter’s International!!!!! Seriously, it used to be fun to see a couple episodes during the weekend, but it has been going on all day today! It has zero value to anyone not shopping for a vacation home outside the US!

    And by the way, loved Gardening by the Yard.

  359. Bill Shapiro  Says:

    As a master gardener from NJ it was always a pleasure to watch Paul explain all types of gardening questions, special projects and problems and now we are watching contractors just complete “jobs”. HGTV you are making a mistake of not renewing Paul’s contract. “Do it yourself” has taken a “”HIT”"……

  360. john CATES  Says:

    Gardening By the Yard was the “Gardening” in HGTV. I watched the landscape shows that came on Sunday morning after Paul James only because I got up early enough to watch him. Now that he is off my TV, I don’t watch any of the landscape and yard renovation shows. Taking him off was a real disappointment to me.

  361. Wilt Shaw  Says:

    It is difficult to believe that Paul James’ Gardening by the Yard is canceled by HGTV. It is one of the few true gardening programs being aired. I have picked up more tips from this program than from any other. It is informative, educational and fun to watch. I have watched every one of Mr. James’ programs, some several times with reruns. I hope another network picks up this program. I have no other reason now to watch HGTV.

  362. cheryl hoisington  Says:

    HGTV had mine & my husbands attention for Paul James show “Gardening By The Yard”. Too bad for HGTV, we’ll be watching gardening shows PBS.

  363. Lstewart  Says:

    I set my DVR for Gardening By the Yard last week and recorded some other program instead. Well, HTV you’ve just lost me as a viewer. I don’;t understand how in 24 hours of programming you could not find at least a two hour block for “Gardening Shows” on Saturday or Sunday. The world does not revolve arounf 18-34 year olds. Not everyone is interested in redundant decorating, house flipping, house/apartment searching programs. From here on I’ll stick with PBS. At least they realize the diversity of age, and interest of TV viewers.

  364. Joan Holliday  Says:

    I have watched Gardening for the past 5 years and can’t believe that it’s being cancelled. It’s the one show on HGTV that I truly enjoy because it’s down to earth, informative and doesn’t take a lot of money to implement ideas. Paul is informative but has a sense of humor. He covers a variety of subjects for all regions of the states. His gardens aren’t “glitzy”, aren’t extravagant, but are down to earth and beautiful.

    I truly think this is a big mistake by HGTV powers!

  365. Doris Huegle  Says:

    I watched the shows when you ran it at ridiculous times. He was the most “fun show” on gardening that you had. He has a “real sense of humor”, which you just don’t find on TV anymore.
    I, too, learned a lot from what Paul had to say. I have notes from shows that were important to my style of gardening.
    Paul I hope that your show will pop up again, we miss you. Sorry to see that you have left us. Thanks for all the shows that you gave us. “Hope your Koi and ponds are doing great!” lol

  366. Carol Smith  Says:

    I loved to get up on Sundays so I could watch
    Gardening by the yard, my favorite show on
    HGTV. Put Paul James and his common sense
    ideas for gardeners who aren’t millionares!
    His ideas really worked!!!!

  367. Jack and Karen  Says:

    Wake up HGTV! Gardening and home improvement is what people want to watch, not house hunting! The direction that HGTV is heading has us watching your channel less and less. Watching Gardening By The Yard was one of our favorite shows. We are very disappointed. Bring Paul back!

  368. Linda  Says:

    I figured there were problems when the show was moved to early Sunday morning – a time slot that seemed as if it might have been selected to wean old fans off the program and make sure there were no new fans. As others have pointed out, all that’s left to represent the G in HGTV are the landscape shows (which tend to get a bit boring). I am so glad Paul has established his own web site with new episodes to watch – and I don’t have to set my alarm for Sunday to do so!

  369. Cynthia Browning  Says:

    I wondered what happened to Paul James and Gardening by the Yard.Bring him back NOW! He has the kind of knowledge you only get from years of experience.He knows everything my dad knew – but dad has passed on.He makes me smile and I learn so much from him. I even take notes. Finally at 53 years old I have a house and Paul is gone!Now what shall I do? OLD SCHOOL ROCKS !!!
    Cynthia in Texas

  370. Louise  Says:

    I just found out this show was gone this Sunday! This was a favorite-better than a lot of the crappy, tacky decorating shows. Definitely the best how-to show on any of these networks. I’m new to gardening and learned so many useful things that were presented in a way I could understand and incorporate. And I could get results that I could afford. I thought Paul was great! Replaced by more shows with more cookie-cutter, false corny banter. Good job HGTV.

  371. Jaycee  Says:

    Please bring Paul back! He was kept me on HGTV. The house shows are intended for the people with money.I don’e have that luxurt, but like to fix uo things. I need products that I can afford witout taking out a mortgage on the house. Need his exretise abd general ideas.

  372. Chuck Boyce  Says:

    I don’twatch TV much and even less now. I too had a Sunday morning routine set up around GBTY. I have been an avid gardener for years. HGTV, needs to understsnd I bought many a product from their sponsers becuase of GBTY. Guess they didn’t need the customers any longer.

  373. Don  Says:

    Nothing new about canceling the show. It happens every time you find something you like. Maybe we OLD people should just quit watching HGTV all together. Don

  374. cindy  Says:

    We watch GBTY every weekend, he is our sunday morning. You take his show off, and so repeats of the same shows over and over. Some of the newer shows are just not for us. If you cancel GBTY we cancel hgtv in our home. LEAVE HIM ON, HE IS THE BEST AND MOST INFORMATIVE SHOW. He gives hints and ideas for all zones for planting unlike the other shows who inform you in just thier region. LEAVE PAUL ON HGTV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  375. dan g  Says:

    Hgtv, your heading down the tubes. Don’t forget what got you where you are today. Bring back By The Yard!

  376. Patti  Says:

    My husband and I would start every Sunday morning in bed with a cup of coffee, and watch Paul James Gardening by The Yard – it was our weekend ritual!
    And we miss it!!
    I think I caught a glimpse of him on another channel FLN? Anyone have updates?

  377. Kevin Abbott  Says:

    Very disappointed! Gardening by the yard was one of the best shows on HGTV. You have now cancelled all the shows my wife and I enjoyed most. Modern Masters, Extreme Homes and Outside the Box along with Gardening by the Yard. Most of the other programs, well, frankly “suck” for the most part No longer worth watching HGTV most of the time!

  378. Kate Madsen  Says:

    I’ve been looking for Paul James for the last several weeks on Sunday morning. HGTV web site certainly doesn’t tell you they cancelled it. Wasn’t until I googled Gardening by the Yard that I found out it was canceled. I can’t believe it !! Even when you moved the time slot I got up EARLY on Sunday morning so I didn’t miss it. I’ve been a long time lover of HGTV, but you really missed the boat on this decision. This show was truly for the everyday gardener, good information, great ideas and humorous. 99% of us aren’t building a resort backyard, buying an international second home, flipping a house, you know the other shows. In case you didn’t realize it most us have a average size yard with everyday gardening challenges. Gardening by the Yard had something for everyone, regardless of where in the US you live. Gardening is one of the most popular outdoor activities and HGTV you goofed. PLEASE reconsider,no more HGTV on Sunday’s for me … this show kept me tuned, not anymore ! Paul I’ll catch you on your website for sure !!

  379. gary arehart  Says:

    Now I know where the person who cancelled Star Trek & America’s Most Wanted works!
    HGTV needs Gardening shows. I need Paul to point at a plant and tell me what it is and if I can grow it.

  380. Dan  Says:

    Tips for Home television. I have eliminated the Garden from your network, as you have eliminated the only person (Paul James) who knew what a vegetable garden is and how to grow one.
    No more Home Television for me and I truly hope we will see Gardening by the Yard on another network real soon. Good Luck Paul and thank you !!!

  381. LUCILLE  Says:


  382. Paul  Says:

    The HGTV network is dead to me. I will never watch another show on that network again.I am a young gardener who loved watching and learning from Paul James.I have just deleted the channel 213 from my channel line up.Great programming move Scripps Networks

  383. Craig Gerard  Says:

    I knew something was destined for the chopping block when the airtime was changed. I enjoyed his attention grabbing antics and learned a lot from his show. Bring back Paul James – The Gardener Guy!

    Craig Gerard

  384. Sharon  Says:

    Paul James makes learning about gardening fun. In the state that our economy is in I believe that Gardening by the Yard is a valuable tool for people who, out of necessity, may need to grow their own food. The option to “go pick it up at the store” may not always be around. Our upcoming generations need Paul & this show to carry on w/a self-sufficient world-who knows what the future may hold. How many people today could grow,harvest & preserve enough food to survive? Besides the fact that vegetable & flower gardening are one of the most inexpensive & satisfying gifts anyone could have. SAVE PAUL!!!

  385. GAYLE  Says:

    We too have been looking for new episodes to tape and finally decided it must be canceled. We are so sorry to hear that, it was one of our favorite shows. Not only was it educational but Paul’s personality and joking manner was just so entertaining. Now HGTV has too many of the same type of shows. Many people are beginning to garden more because of all the insecurity of buying produce that is contaminated. We are natives of Oklahoma so we loved seeing a fellow Oklahoman hosting such a valuable show….Sure wish they would reconsider!!!!!

  386. Leona  Says:

    I too have been trying to find Paul James the last couple of Sunday mornings and have been getting up earlier so I could catch his earlier time slot. Today I Google’d him to see what I could find. CANCELED??? I just can’t believe it. HGTV has made a big mistake. I looked forward to this show every week and never missed it. Then I go out to work in my garden. I’m very disappointed.

  387. john  Says:

    I will no longer watch HGTV in protest bring back Paul James

  388. Elaine  Says:

    I am so disappointed to hear that Gardening by the Yard has been cancelled. Paul James is why I get up so early on Sunday morning! His humor is so refreshing and I have learned much from him over the past years. These networks have to remember that there is more than one demographic group to be courted. Gardeners have lots of disposable income for advertisers to entice. I for one am tired of the HGTV program schedulers filling the time slots with “house hunting” programs and the bottom-feeding realtors.

  389. Len  Says:

    Your cancelling of Gardening by the Yard is ridiculous. Paul James is the most entertaining person you have in your total lineup. I am not a gardener but I saw my wife looking at Paul one sunday and it caught my attention. I have been a fan of Paul’s show ever since. He not only is knowledgeable but very clever in his presentation of the subject. Why is it necessary to have 5 episodes of House Crashers in a row? You aren’t going to gain or keep viewers by doing that. In addition, Holmes on Homes is an abrasive, sarcastic excuse for non- entertainment and a good example of bad behavior. I don’t know who is making the decisions regarding programing but that person needs a reality check!

  390. James Shurts  Says:

    I guess I fall into that “older” catigory. But when my four year old grand daughter sees me in the garden she always wants to help. So I save things that she can help me with like deciding what to plant next and helping me plant the seeds we pick. I miss GARDENING BY THE YARD with Paul James. I still have things to learn, so I can teach my grandchild the joys of being outside and gardening.

  391. Karen  Says:

    If one of the other “home” networks are wise, they would pick up his show. Paul is down to earth and doesn’t put on “airs”. With the crops freezing in FL and other southern states, the price of food will go through the roof and it is even more important to be able to grow your own food. As for our yards, with the economy in disrepair, more people need to fix their yards themselves and save money and Paul James gives good advice and info. HGTV has become boring.
    Who cares about $80,000 kitchen makovers and Bang for Your Buck and second homes in Figi. HGTV, get real!!!!!

  392. Evelyn Martin  Says:

    My alltime favorite show is gone Paul James Gardening by the yard. Why would you take it away with so many people that loved and watched it every week. Please bring it back to us either Saturday mornings or Sunday mornings. He is the best garden guy ever!

  393. Barry  Says:

    I guess I can remove hGtv from my favorites list on the remote. Has anyone found a channel that does actually have gardening?

  394. VickiT  Says:

    Gardening by the Yard is the ONLY instructional and useful show about gardening on HGTV. Paul James is entertaining and educational. If HGTV is so in love with home improvement and real estate shows they should drop the ‘G’ in their name.

  395. jeff reed  Says:

    Very disappointing this show is canceled. Like someone else said HGTV is now HTV – theres no more gardening on this channel. AND I can’t stand anymore of these stupid shows that fix up a house and sell it. How the hell many of these shows do you need on one network????

  396. dinorah  Says:

    The network name should be changed from HGTV to RETV (Real Estate Television). They have cancelled all the real gardening shows, A Gardeners Journal, Gardeners Diary, Garden Architecture. Now we House Hunters, House Hunters International, Design to Sell, Get it Sold, For Rent, Real Estate Intervention, The Unsellables, come on get real. HGTV used to be all I watched, now I rarely watch.

  397. Creg Beasley  Says:

    Sorry to here that the program has been canceled. Every thing is going green except the teaching of the word GREEN. If we don’t have programs like yours to teach us it will not be helping us go green. Our heritage started with our grandmother and grandfathers working the land. Now days going green means Politices and greed. If shows like yours does not stay on air all will be set back but not lost. People like myself and others will do what we can to support you. Thank for sowing us the green.

  398. MIchael  Says:

    This blows!!! I’ve had him Tivod’ for years. I watch them no matter if they’re reruns or not. I’ve never learned as much as I have from Paul James and who can beat the man’s sense of humor. Shame on you HGTV!!!

  399. MIchael  Says:

    I have to agree with Kate Madsen (feb 28th 2010). I myself don’t have the money or can afford to build the kind of landscapes that HGTV’s design show do. I’m a 20 bucks here and 100 bucks there kind of guy.

  400. Joan  Says:

    I am SO disappointed. This was truly the best television show on the air. Perfectly paced, educational and entertaining. Inspiring! It was the one half hour segment that everyone gathered together in the house and NO ONE was allowed to speak until commercials — so we didn’t miss one bit! Three generations would gather to watch. Very sad that this fun family moment — imagine a TV show that speaks to three generations — from teens to octagenarians — was pulled from the air. Very sad.
    Paul James – I hope you find an avenue to bring your knowledge and fun delivery to another channel. We will find you and support you there.

  401. Mike K  Says:

    Hello, I to am a big fan of Paul James and very dissapointed that HGTV cancelled his show. I can’t believe HGTV cancelles Gardening by the Yard and puts on a show like Marriage under Construction.

  402. Judee Diehl  Says:

    OMG NO! I wake up early EVERY Sunday to watch him! My husband and I really enjoy watching him….PLEASE DONT TAKE HIM AWAY!!!!!

  403. Rudy Boisseau  Says:

    HGTV made a bad move here. We need this type of show that Paul James made. This was one emjoyable TV show that my daughters, 13 & 15 and I could enjoy together and learn from at the same time. My oldest daughter is studying Plant Science in 7th grade and she especially is dissapointed that Paul is gone. HGTV, get your priorities straight and return Gardning By The Yard to the lineup where it belongs, so I will be a return viewer to your channel. Meanwhile, your shows are off list on my TV.

  404. Linda  Says:

    The ONLY show I watched on tv was GBTY. I’ve been gardening all my life, and still learned a lot from Paul.

    Now I am presented with many, many, many shows about wealthy people hiring wealthy landscapers to design their yards to impress the neighbors.

    No thanks. Bring Paul back!

  405. albert and vickie  Says:

    Goodbye HGTV.I pay more per month to access HGTV,and that is only to watch Paul.We have chased Paul’s show all over the schedule and have not received an answer to our emails to the HGTV channel.They do not care.

  406. jon maddox  Says:

    We need more gardening showss like pual james.

  407. DeWayne  Says:

    I can not believe that you would take Gardening by the Yard off. Paul James has made this shop so popular with his sense of humor. He has made me a better gardener around my own home from his teaching on Gardening. He is a delight to watch and learn from. I have listen to a lot of his suggestions and try them myself around the house. This man makes gardening a enjoyment and is very educational.I agree with a lot of people and wish you would take other shows off are reduce the number of time they come on. How many people out there have a lot of money to buy a home international. I was a advid of HGTV but I may take a second look at it now. I,m very disappointed on this decision that HGTV has made.

  408. Trish  Says:

    I totaly agree with all my gardening alies out there,I started garding just this last spring because of PAUL JAMES he made it seem so easy anyone can do it, even me .I HAVE LOST ALL INTEREST IN HGTV, they should just call the show HTV, as there is no longer any gardening shows .I no longer watch “htv”.

  409. tracy  Says:

    It’s upsetting that HGTV canceled the only gardening show that gave you tips and how to’s for the gardener. All of their outside “gardening” shows require a bank account of at least $100,000 for the elaborate landscaping and water features. Paul gave us regular gardeners tips, tricks, info and even great ideas for tools. The only show like it, other than maybe on PBS, and it got canceled. ????? The million dollar idea shows are getting redundant. It was a bad decision.

  410. John  Says:

    HGTV was entirely wrong to cancel Gardening By The Yard and has done a disservice to it’s viewers. Home gardening is increasing during these difficult economic times. We need gardening programs more now than ever.

  411. carol  Says:

    Paul James is great! Please put him back on. His show was the only informative gardening show on tv. All gardners are not old. We need more shows like his, not just rip out and put in with no information on how to care for plants…..

  412. Lynne  Says:

    HGTV has lost their minds.Gardening by the Yard was certainly far better then some of the repetitive (bathrooms, kitchen shows etc.) that is continually on all the time. Put Paul James back on. It is very informative especially now with everyone’s interest in having a garden now to save some money. Has HGTV heard of recession, you cannot eat a bathtub!

  413. Cathy  Says:

    I agree with everyone. THis is pitiful! I’m sick of the way HGTV has taken all of the gardening shows off of their schedule. I used to wake up on Saturday morning and watch hours of gardening and landscaping shows. It was my treat to myself after a week of hard work. THen one by one, they disappeared. I’m sick of the building and renovating shows!!!! HGTV, please bring back the gardening portion of your programming!!!!

  414. Nathalie  Says:

    It’s the first day of Spring and I just tried to find my favorite Garden Show to find out it was cancelled!! I have never had more friends starting vegetable gardens and it is a shame that such an informative show was cancelled. See ya HGTV and hello Youtube! :op

  415. charles lombardo  Says:

    gardening by the yard was my favorite show paul james was the best please put the show back on

  416. peggytrent  Says:


  417. Sandra Brandley  Says:

    It’s Sunday morning and I am craving Paul James…sob..sob..sob. I remember him mentioning that he was going to sell his place and I thought, wow, it’ll be fun watching him start from scratch someplace else.

    I know I’m a year late getting to this, but I just found your website this morning. I was desperate!!!

    I don’t even turn on HGTV anymore. As for DIY, well I don’t get it here unless I want to spend a lot more bucks.

    What a rollicking way to start my Sundays off when I had Paul coming on at 7:00 am. I severely miss him.

  418. shelly  Says:

    I have been waiting for the new shows to start only to find out it has been canceled. I enjoyed getting up on a Sunday morning, having my coffee and watching Gardening By The Yard. I love the way Paul makes gardening fun. I have learned so much from his show, and his show gives me affordable ways to improve my garden. If you really need to cancel shows, I can think of a few you can get rid of and put Paul James back on. I am a paycheck to paycheck kinda gal(I do not have the bank account required for some of these new shows) and although I’m 51 I certainly do not consider myself old.I get out there and do all my own gardening including removing sod to put in new beds, putting in rock walls… And with ideas and tips from Gardening By The Yard I have a beautiful garden. Shame on you for taking away one of the best gardening shows and the most informative hosts on the HGTV network!!

  419. Cathy  Says:

    I find it hard to believe that the program execs would think it a wise move to cancel the best gardening show on TV. Paul James’ ideas and knowledge helped millions of people create their own little paradise in their back yards. True gardeners would rather learn, try, and maybe fail a time or two but know they did it with their own ideas and hands. The average gardener isn’t able to afford paying someone to come in with THEIR ideas on what a “back yard get-away” should be nor would we want them to. That seems to be what all of the new “make-over” shows are all about. The average HGTV watcher isn’t planning on flipping houses nor do we want to watch some guy who does nothing but put his ideas into someone’s yard. All we want is the wit, humor and knowledge that is Paul James in Gardening By The Yard. I would hope that you would reconsider the cancelation of his show before his sponsors and your channel suffer any more “cancelations” by his loyal viewers. Please reconsider your choice!

  420. Vince  Says:

    One thing you could always count on was HGTV and Paul James. I looked forward to each show. Bring him back or put him in short between show segments asap.

  421. JoanneKokes  Says:

    I really miss Paul James and his great show. Learned alot from him. Simple things that you can do do us a favor young and old put him back on. the other shows I don’t watch, I tried just not a good.

  422. Christy Thomas  Says:

    Maybe we should look at Paul’s website & see what he actually says. We can still see him on the web anytime Yeah Paul!

  423. YVONNE GOODSON  Says:


  424. ken  Says:

    I think it is a sad day with out Paul. This was my favorite program and always started my sunday gardening out on the right foot. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! HGTV

  425. Dionne & Tom  Says:

    If you take Paul James off the air… What will happen to our Sunday morning ritual !!! We look forward to Paul every week before we hit the gardening…… DONT TAKE HIM OFF THE AIR! BRING HIM BACK !!!

  426. steve skjod  Says:

    HGTV loss since they canceled my favorite show gardeing by the yard I have no reason to watch there network, no reason to see there addvertising, no reason to see commercials for there new shows,I just don’t watch hgtv so please bring back paul we miss him

  427. Linda Gonzalez  Says:

    this was the best gardening show ever. I used to watch it every sunday am. I’m really mad that it’s been taken off the air – Don’t you care about the viewers? There really aren’t any other shows like this one. I’m sick of the over priced outdoor room, backyard do-overs, etc. shows. The average family (especially in this economy) is more interested in gardening!!

  428. Kathie  Says:

    I miss Gardening by the Yard terribly. I had introduced the show to many friends who all loved it as I did. Please bring it back! It was my Sunday morning ritual to watch the show, take notes and LEARN. If I couldn’t watch it, I recorded it to view later. Paul’s show was the most realistic people-friendly show on the network and appealed to the everyday gardener. Unlike some of the yard projects that only a millionaire in the perfect climate could possibly identify with.

  429. Bonnie Hardin  Says:

    I am very unhappy with HGTV and their lack of any gardening programs now. I always liked Paul James and other gardening programs that use to air. They gave me help and ideas with my garden. Now it is nothing but home sales and real estate programs with some remodeling shows. They are not HGTV anymore. They have become HTV. I do not watch HGTV anymore.

  430. Bay  Says:

    I wrote HGTV this
    “Why are you canceling the ‘Gardening by the Yard’ by Paul James?
    That is one the few programs I watch on your channel. I guess I will not be watching HGTV any more.
    What a pity that one wrong decision in your organization will cause this.

  431. Nancy Trevorrow  Says:

    This household misses Paul James. I am a seasoned gardener who found his show an an entertaining way to continue to learn. HGTV should do the right thing and Bring Him Back!

  432. Shirley Timmons  Says:

    As hard as it was, my husband and I used to wake up early on Sundays to watch Paul James on Gardening By the Yard. I am saddened, disappointed and ANGRY about this crazy move on HGTV’s part. Like many have said, HGTV seems to be focusing on silly reality type shows that are anything but “real” to the common homeowner/gardener like me. Mr. James was imparting much needed and appreciated valuable knowledge to our community. HGTV’s cancellation of Mr. James’ program was very shortsighted and a totally earth unfriendly move!

  433. felice miles  Says:


  434. Tammy  Says:

    It is indeed very sad when during these tough times that they would take off the one show that encourages people of all ages to garden. We too would get up and start our day with Paul and the very few gardening shows that were left. Then they moved him to Sunday’s. I am sick of stations/shows that cater to the home buyers, redecorating, and mega landscapimg crowds, it leaves nothing for the rest of us who do have a budget and want real honest, down to earth information and encouragement. Our children miss watching him as well, he was the only one they would watch. Hopefully “H*TV” will bring back some good shows for a change and think of all the people not just the select few. Until then it is Victory Garden for us!

  435. Angel  Says:

    The only reason I watched HGTV was to see the gardening shows. Without them the network has a great void as refelcted in their name, “Home and Garden Television”. Perhaps Paul should gather his gardenig asociates and start a channel for those of us who would watch gardening throughout the day and evening. Count me as a supporter Paul.

  436. shirley mcdonough  Says:

    Watching Paul James on Gardening by the Yard, was the best show you had on HGTV, I can’t believe you would entertain the idea of replacing that show. You can only watch other people looking at houses to purchase, just so long. Not interesting at all. Please reconsider and put Paul James back on HGTV with Gardening by the Yard”.

  437. Mike  Says:

    Hgtv, no more i used to get up early on the west coast to start my day i watched Paul what a great guy down to earth could be your best friend on any day, always learned something, he was and is the best. I can not find any garden shows on hgtv it is all about selling and buying homes homes, I’am sick of it no more hgtv for me

  438. keith socha  Says:

    I do not understand why paul is going off the air at HGTV. Are you guys or gals new.I know now why I watch DIY more and more.

  439. Adrienne Brown  Says:

    I can’t believe it. Gardening by the Yard is a great educational show. I did not realize that I was one of those old people (40 something). Sometimes a person with a yard wants more than just that green stuff & mulch. Even the right type of mulch is … well hard to figure out. Paul helped us non-gardeners not to look so dumb when we went to the local gardening depot.

  440. Darlene  Says:

    I have been waiting for Paul James to return this spring and am sorry to hear that it was cancelled. Like so many have said its the one show that gets me to HGTV. I am a student of Horticulture and Landscape and Gardening by the yard gave me the best hands on training. I hope HGTV learns how much his show teaches us and how much we miss the show.

  441. Terry  Says:

    HGTV has become H_TV!! What insanity would compel the powers that be to cancel the BEST garden show available on TV. Replacing Gardening By the Yard with jokes like Curb Appeal the Block is definitely insane.

  442. cheryl knight  Says:

    Don’t understand why they would cancel this show. Seems to me that lots of people were watching! I learned so much from watching Paul James.”Real” people like myself can’t spend thousands of dollars landscaping their yards. Paul offered good suggestions for gardening on a budget for those of us who do it ourselves. Bad move HGTV.

  443. Michelle Witte  Says:

    My husband and I run a rural nursery with hundreds of weekly customers. Many of these customers are young and first time homeowners. Believe me, they need real gardening information. The entertainment garderning shows that transform in a few days with thousands of dollars are not helpful. We use to recommend Paul James. Now what?

  444. gail kelly  Says:

    I would like to add my name to the previous afficionados of Paul’s show. He is a treasure and his humor is so good for the soul. Keep the goods ones and let the mediocre go!

  445. Patricia  Says:

    Link to give a comment to file complaint????

  446. Linda  Says:

    Here is is a year later and Gardening by the yard STILL has not made a return. My husband and loved starting our day watching it together. I’m getting borded what is on right now. PLEASE, PLEASE bring back Paul James he brighten up our mornings. I hope you will not lose us as viewers.

  447. kathy ward  Says:

    I enjoyed watching gardening by the yard. Paul James gave you tips on gardening along with cost effective ways to make your landscape look good.Most of the shows now people can not afford to do anything they show. I always looked forward to watching Gardening by the yard. I think it was a mistake taking it off the air

  448. H M Yeager  Says:

    Please add my name to the list of gardeners that miss the host and his educational informatin. I live in WY but still can use the ideas he passes on to all of his faithful audience. Please put the show back on so we mmay again have the opportunity to see Paul again.

  449. Albert Clayton  Says:

    I completely agree. As far as I am concerned
    hgtv and especially it’s sponcers no longer exist.
    I cain’t help but think, old people spend money as
    much or more so than young people. I’m not surprised to know htv also owns gac tv, it stinks too.

  450. Tom Maurer  Says:

    I am really bummed that Paul James is no longer on HGTV, so much for the G in HGTV. I can only watch so much house hunters and Holmes on Homes. Paul made for a great start to my Sunday mornings and I learned so much from. His show is sorely missed.

  451. Sherry Sieber  Says:

    Shame on you HGTV! I miss Paul. The other garden show you have pales by comparison to Paul’s wit and wisdom. I will not even wath the “other” shows. Wake up HGTV, gardening is “in” again, and for most,never went out!

  452. Al Ballinger  Says:

    Gardening by the Yard was absolutly the best gardening show on tv. It makes me wonder what I can watch on HGTV now, Oh I know, NOTHING. Boycott HGTV. They should change their name to Home and Refinace tv.

  453. Royce L White  Says:

    I can’t remember how long I have been watching paul on hgtv but now I can’t remember how long it has been since I watched hgtv because they cancelled Gardening by the yard. Paul knew more about gardening things that any of these other people that are trying to tell us about gardening most of them sound like they are reading from a book. And probably are.

  454. Chris Siders  Says:

    I wish they (HGTV) would quit going for the reality TV angle, who cares about it. I watch HGTV to learn how to do projects around the house not to see who is spening money to have someone do projects around the house! I enjoy gardening, and have always enjoyed Paul James and his approach to gardening.

  455. barb athearn  Says:

    I have missed Gardening by the yard and wondered
    what happened to it. Paul’s gardening program is the very best of all. He has it all,Personality, a wealth of knowledge, witty puns and appealing to all age groups. This is my favorite!

  456. Shelley Snider  Says:

    Gardening by the Yard was THE best gardening show on HGTV! Lots of good info and Paul James is very down-to-earth (pun intended). There are very few informational gardening shows on HGTV. I can’t relate to expensive landscaping shows and I’m tired of seeing “how to fix up my home to sell” shows.
    Bring Paul back!

  457. Don Kessler  Says:

    Has anyone else contacted HGTV about canceling Paul. I did about 2 months ago and they have not answered the e-mail as of yet. I don’t watch HGTV any more. Thanks Don

  458. Chrisitne  Says:

    Gardening By the Yard was part of my our week end routine. We loved the show and Paul. He was inspirational. We miss Paul and the show so much. Bring Paul Back !!!

  459. pat snuggs  Says:

    I have been looking for Paul’s show, thought maybe I was waiting new season. Now that it is cancelled I will be reducing my cable bill by elimating hgtv. The programs keep getting lamer and lamer. Paul had the only worth while program, especially on gardening that was on t.v.

  460. Charlotte Moore  Says:

    Here it is, more than a year later – people STILL miss the show. HGTV execs are extremely disconnected from the audience; years ago I wrote them about the shift from real shows to the current reliance on the mega-mansion and spending mega dollars. Surprise, no response. Paul James was credible, reliable, intelligent, entertaining, educated on his subject…

    With the growing interest in green lifestyle, the BP disaster, we need a show that helps America learn about gardening – and it’s more than paying an underpaid illegal worker to cut your lawn – and less than paying $100K for a crew to come in a create a life-size waterfall and lake in your desert backyard. A sanity check please!

    I used to watch HGTV constantly – there was a entire line-up of appealing shows. Now, they seem to cater to those that built the mega-mansions and fueled the current real estate crisis of buying more than you can afford. Perhaps they should share the blame for our current real estate market. If I see one more HGTV “House Hunters” where they choose the house that costs more than their budget, I’ll scream. Isn’t that how the country got into this mess?

    What a mistake from the execs at HGTV.

  461. Lorine Woodworth  Says:

    Ditto to #458!!!!!! Bring Paul James Back!!!!
    also #457…why have email contact with hgtv if they never reply!!!

  462. Jerry Jorgensen  Says:

    My Sunday morning routine used to be to watch Gardening by the Yard and read the newspaper. Now it is to read the newspaper and avoid HGTV. I have sent them several e-mails, all of which have been ignored. I no longer watch HGTV.

  463. Paul Gricus  Says:

    Bring Paul Back, and I’ll start watching HGTV again. Wise up!

  464. Paul Gricus  Says:

    Why not try PBS they seem to have more inteligent exces.

  465. Katherine Templeton  Says:

    I’m incredulous! Paul James and the content of his show had wonderful appeal to a wide cross-section of viewers. He has so much knowledge to share and is so entertaining.

    At this time of getting back to the garden, be it do-it-yourself or becoming informed enough to hire out, Paul James is the go-to man.

    I agree with everyone about HGTV — What happened to the “Garden”? I am so sick of design on pennies programming!

  466. patricia  Says:

    I enjoyed watching Gardening by the yard. It seemed to educate me farther than the books or other gardening shows on Tv. Paul seemed to break it down for you and every Sunday he would give me an idea for my yard or indoor plants

  467. Sarah Kinbar  Says:

    I’ve been talking with people about this issue with HGTV, all of whom are of a mind with your blog post. I think it comes down to a simple fact: they are having a hard time getting high ad rates for garden programming. In comparison, their other shows that cover home renovation and interiors command higher rates. In this economy, they are probably just trying to stay afloat.

  468. Jeff Brewer  Says:

    This is awful. HGTV is just a bunch of corporate suits filling our programming with a bunch of rookies. How do they take such a great show off the air. I am indifferent to gardening, but I loved the show. My wife and I have watched it together for years. HGTV has taken a special time away from my wife and I. They don’t care. It’s all about money anymore. Very sad HGTV. Very sad.

  469. Donna Migues  Says:

    I have been unhappy with HGTV removing the garden part of the show also. I learn so much from them but my favorite is Gardening by the Yard. I can only hope another channel will pick them up for us.

  470. pamela  Says:

    gargening by the yard is a great program! my husband and i watched it religously. every week we learned something new to help us maintain our yard.wish i could say the same for most other programs hgtv has decided are a better option for viewers!p;ease bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!

  471. Linda Chapman  Says:

    I was hoping I was just missing Gardening by the Yard because I dropped cable and later picked up a satelite company. I’ve been looking everywhere for him. SHAME ON HGTV. I watched quite a few gardening shows but his was always my favorite, I ALWAYS learned something besides the fact that he’s so darned entertaining. I miss you PAUL! All the shows on HGTV are all alike now. Really smart whoever you are in charge of programing. Yeah maybe I’m OLD (fifties) but I turned my 30 yo son on to Paul James and he’s a big reason my son Jeremy is so into gardening now.

  472. Shirl  Says:

    I have missed Paul James The Gardening Guy. What happened? I agree with others that the best shows have been taken off the air. I find myself watching less and less of H&G. It used to be my favorite channel. Bring Paul James back.

  473. Karen M. Dowty  Says:

    Since I first discovered Gardening by the yard back in 2000 I have been a loyal fan of the show. Im so sad and upset that it won’t be shown anymore. I search for reruns. Who can show us how to take care of our gardens, our potted plants,or our yards better than Paul the gardener guy. I have a potted avocado tree that I started from a seed, and it is 6 feet tall and I have qwestions to ask about it, so where is Paul James? There is nothing worth watching on HGTV anymore.

  474. Todd  Says:

    So… I’m 34 and agree that I have been watching less HGTV in the past year. I was a frequent viewer of Paul James and have been missing his shows. I would tivo the Sunday show and usually watch the Saturday show…

    HGTV needs another Home Remodel show like I need a hole in my head! HGTV=Change you name to HTV.

    I miss Paul.

  475. gayle iuppa  Says:

    Put Paul James back on and get rid of some of the boring uninformed show..

  476. James D  Says:

    What happened to Paul James? My Mom asked me that question just yesterday. Something must have happened to him because surely they wouldn’t have cancelled his show. BRING HIM BACK. My Mom misses him so.

  477. Harold Ferguson  Says:

    I am also tired of House Hunters. I like the real garden shows, not the pretty boys reading scripts.

  478. LINDA DICANIO  Says:

    we need paul james back, please bring him back get rid of those showsthat we don’t care for and don’t have a lot of money to do there project

  479. Rosemary  Says:

    I miss Paul James the gardening guy. He was a bright spot in my weekend. I am 47, and have watched his shows for years. I can’t believe they would cancel such a great show

  480. Kathy Young  Says:

    No HGTV response to an email barrage from other GBTY bloggers in March 2010, but the show did come back on the air briefly on Friday mornings at 5:30 am late this summer AND went off again about two weeks ago. Sigh. I watch very little HGTV anymore so what message should that send to HGTV programming executives and advertisers? I won’t be spending the money I protected from the recession (by utilizing financial strategies learned elsewhere!) on any of the products they are marketing. Have they forgotten the spending power that exists among the sheer numbers of the Baby Boomers! Long live GBTY…boycott HGTV!

  481. Lynda Keyser  Says:

    I actually feel as if I have lost a dear friend and cannot seem to get over grieving for him.

    I am not even sure if Paul James (after the cancellation) would be interested in continuing his wonderful, entertaining and educational show but I would follow him anywhere.

    I find myself watching “HTV minus G” a LOT less nowadays, and without Paul James’ return – I predict I not watching at all.

  482. PHILIP TESTA  Says:

    Where is my “Paul James” hgtv is going to lose a lot of its watchers because their idea of home and gardening dose not include gardening. I like holmes on homes but enough is enough. Give me back my gardner guy and let me enjoy my Sunday mornings again.

  483. Kathy Young  Says:

    Same here. I am reading alot more, but not watching tv. I still get up on Sunday mornings but today was probably the last time I will have tuned in to HGTV….there is nothing “garden” about it anymore. DIY here I come. Paul does have a culinary show on Fine Living now, but I don’t really cook. My husband is the chef in the family.

  484. Phyllis Petrolito  Says:

    I cannot believe HGTV would cancel such a wonderful show and person such as Paul James…If HGTV does not bring him back, say goodbye to a former loyal fam!!!

  485. john Fletcher  Says:

    SAVE OUR PAUL JAMES or The GARDEN GUY. If they going cancel Gardening by the yard maybe we all should sent a letter to the channel protest this action not email but by snail mail so we will get their attention. When they see tons and tons of letters they might listen. They can delete emails very easy but not letter it not that easy

  486. john Fletcher  Says: he’s on this site

  487. Cindy  Says:

    Not only am I not watching HGTV any more, I no longer visit their web site. bye bye HGTV.
    I will be using Paul James’s web site

  488. FAYE  Says:

    This is just terrible. Gardening by the yard is my FAVORITE show. I plan my time so I can watch it before work since it was changed to Friday. When it was on Sunday – my preference – my clock was set so I couldl get my coffee and watch the show. I have learned so much from Paul – not to mention that I just like to watch Paul. He has a great presentation and is funny!! This has to be back on TV. My grandson now is into gardening – we really enjoyed the christmas tree segment and how the mulch and fertilizer was made. The visits he makes to other places were all so interesting. TV programmers take things off that the viewers like to watch and I am really ANGRY about this!!!!!

  489. Mark  Says:

    I thought I was losing my mind, not being able to find Paul James, but now I see it wasn’t me that has lost his mind. BAD move canceling one of the best shows on. Maybe I should cancel HGTV.

  490. Jana  Says:

    Gardening by the yard was one of the ONLY reasons I cared about getting HGTV. I’m NOT old. My husband and I use to love to watch that show. We’d stop all activity to watch for 30 minutes. Now HGTV shows stupid, yes stupid shows most of the day. HGTV can just go away now for all I care. DIY is better anyway.

  491. Bill Downs  Says:

    It’s not just gardening shows that are disappearing from TV. It’s “how to” shows in general. Woodworking, crafts, computer shows like “computer chronicles” have all disappeared or have been greatly curtailed. It’s all part of the dummying down of America. And it’s not just the commercial networks. PBS (in my area, i.e. northeast Ohio) cancelled their “how to” shows on Saturday mornings years ago and replaced them with cartoons and PBS is now indistinguishable from a dozen other TV channels on Saturday mornings. Fortunately, the Internet does provide some relief in the way, for example, of Youtube where you can get pretty specific and targeted “how to” information if not in a very entertaining format.
    On another angle, I don’t buy for a minute that the baby boomers have less discretionary income then the X-generation and am therefore at a loss at the stupidity of so many advertisers unless they are dominated by X-generation nincompoops.

  492. Barbara  Says:

    Paul James Gardening by the yard was my favorite show on tv. Paul James is entertaining along with having a wealth of information on gardening. HGTV needs to put him back on; its not to late.

  493. brian  Says:

    bring back paul james show.
    I miss it alot and it was the best
    gardening show on tv.
    miss you paul,brian

  494. Cathy  Says:

    I loved watching Gardening by the Yard. It was very informational to me. I learned alot from the show. Please bring it back on.

  495. Doug  Says:

    I used to get up early on sundays to watch paul james I have watched him for many years I do not watch hgtv any more

  496. Wendy  Says:

    I had a feeling before now that either the show would go away or Paul would leave. Thank goodness I had dvr’d a few of my favorite shows. I noticed HGTV was doing more home than garden shows, also Paul was almost a empty nester and had talked about downsizing his home on his show, that his yard was becoming alot if work. I only hope he finds a new outlet for his expertise. My cable company just had to update a contract w/HGTV,DIY etc (they wanted more money)it actually went off the air for a few days, I never missed it being off the air!!!

  497. Jesse Vardaman  Says:

    I agree that HGTV is losing its focus. I like a lot of the other shows but I always enjoyed Paul James. His show was fun, interesting and educational. I always learned so much and Paul was great.

    Time to get some gardening back on the network!

    Bring back Paul James and Gardening by the yard!

  498. Robert D. Bullough  Says:

    Please bring back Paul James (the gardener guy). We really miss his show. Yardcrashers and Curb Appeal are good but Paul James is fantastic!
    You might consider renaming your network the home channel because gardening shows are getting pretty slim.

  499. Randy Lebeck  Says:

    I was just at my local Master gardeners meeting and we were all discussing that we hadn’t seen gardening by the yard for awhile. a majority of us miss it. I very seldom find anything of intrest on HTV anymore.

  500. Tom Ursry  Says:

    We cannot believe you have cancelled Gardening by the Yard. That was the best gardening show on your network. Paul James is great. I have searched all the networks to find him and I have just learned that you have cancelled his show. BOO HOO on you. I love HGTV and watch it all the time. Where is your gardening shows? I can’t find anything like Paul James and Gardening by the yard on your channel. Please bring his show back, not only old folks have yards and the young people also need to know how to handle Gardening

  501. WWilson  Says:

    Paul James was only the begining. We don’t watch HGTV anymore. None of the programing is fit for a compost pile.

  502. Lees in Allen Texas  Says:

    I was looking through my series recording setup on u-verse and noticed no gardening by the yard episodes were scheduled. I expected no recordings during the summer rerun time because I have it set for no-reruns. I thought something was wrong so I went to the favorites channels list to look for the show and HGTV channel 450 was not on the list. I suspect my wife or one of the kids had dropped it off the favorites lists by accident. However, none of us missed it. I did put HGTV back on the list, but I now know we get along fine with DIY and Food network channels. Thanks to google and this blog I now know what happened. I will see Paul James at the Collin County home and garden show next month and probably at the Texas state master gardener conference in march, but that won’t make up for losing this show.

  503. Kathryn Parker  Says:

    I have truly missed Paul James. He is one of the most popular and resourceful gardeners that has graced the big screen. I have enjoyed learning the Paul James way. I also enjoyed ‘The Gardener’s Diary’. But as ‘The Gardener Guy’, it is no longer a show that is considered entertaining. It might be true that older people garden, but what about the grandchildren of these older people that are spending summers learning how to grow their own food. This is going to be a lost art. Maybe some very smart executive at these networks will listen to the people. We are not asking for a miracle, or hours of gardening shows, but just one morning every week that we can look forward to. These shows actually teach you how to grow plants, and how to take care of these plants as they grow. I never knew how important composting is for the life of a plant. Well, I will be waiting for the executive for the older people to step forward and reward us for our continued patriotism.

  504. Janet Simmons  Says:

    Bring Paul James back… He made gardening enjoyable. His down to earth ways made it interesting. We miss him. Had enough of the home remodeling…. boring !!!!!

  505. Sue Bartell  Says:

    What!! Gardening by the Yard has been cancelled. How could this happen? Please bring it back.

  506. Cc  Says:

    Well Paul James: I think that is very sad that they feel that way. I know for a fact that my grandchildren and I are always out doing something with planting. The sad thing about it other then my family and I enjoy so much is that .The Native Americans had to show other how to live and eat here in the U.S.A nw they have slap all of us in the face.
    By the way I am Native American

    God love them and I am bless knowing that you are like us we love the land and respect what Mother Nature and our hands can do

  507. Tina  Says:

    HGTV can now be called home and garbage tv. Taking Paul James off and replacing him with garbage has been a mistake. Not every project we tackle at home is a major makeover but subtle managable task. How can HGTV justify taking off an informative program geared to the everyday gardener in favor of major projects that never get off the ground? Paul James had knowledge, humor and we miss him

  508. Gary Tucker  Says:

    Where is Gardening by the Yard? Or any garden show on your channel? You should change your your name to the Real Estate Channel?
    Here is what I wrote to HGTV:

    I was looking forward to some sort of garden show (spring is coming) and I find Gardening by the Yard cancelled and a serious lack of shows concerning the subject.

    Garden is still in you name isn’t it?

    Gardening is still the #1 thing Americans do.

  509. Charles Coker  Says:

    What is the latest on,”Save Paul James Movement?”
    Maybe he could move to RFDTV.
    Victory Garden has lost their way!!! I wish they would do a, “The best of the Victory Garden”. And show the shows where they taught how to grow a vegetable garden.
    From what you hear on the news. We may all need to be growing a large victory Garden!!!!!!

  510. Glenda  Says:

    I agree BRING PAUL JAMES BACK!!! He is the best. I have enjoyed him for many years, he knows what he is talking about, and shows things that anyone can do. With all the “green” living out there I can’t understand why you canceled him. You don’t have to have millions of dollars to do what Paul says, unlike all these decorating shows that are geared to people with unlimited funds. Get red of some of those shows, every time you turn around there is a new decorating show on. What happened to the gardening shows? Just bring Gardening by the yard back.

  511. Johnnie  Says:

    I miss the gardening and landscaping shows. What happened to them and especially Paul James the gardner guy?

  512. Johnnie  Says:

    What has happened to all the landscaping shows and Paul James. I miss them. Please try and put them back on. I would love to see some landscaping ideas for mid income families. Things that can be done in increments and not all at once. Budget you know.


  513. Andrew  Says:

    Put Paul back on he is a great and knowledgable and a funny man. No body I know remods their house every year, but most people do garden every year. So quit flipping houses (I like my roof UP) and put some programming back on tv that is useful.

    To HTV executives PUT THE “G” BACK ON TV!

  514. mike  Says:

    hgtv has become the more home, less garden network. bring paul back! sundays aren”t the same any more!

  515. Mary Beth Larzelere  Says:

    HGTV now appeals to a limited viewing audience by canceling what used to be their bread and butter shows. Not everyone wants to buy New York or sail off to Belize. Since no shows have anything to do with gardening, we refer to it as HTV. You’ve totally lost focus of the practical, middle of the road programming that got you where you are (WERE). Gardening By The Yard was the one program we scheduled our day around. We’re extremely disappointed!

  516. Nancy Savusa  Says:

    I am so disapointed in HGTTV for canceling this wonderful show with great gardening tips. All you have anymore on your show is how to sell or buy a house and decorating. Doesn’t gardening fall into place with owning your own place or do you all live in condos where it’s done for you. Shame on you HGTV for getting rid of such a great show.

  517. Karen Lydon  Says:

    I miss Gardening by the Yard very much, my husband and I always watched and learned so much. Paul was so imformative and made things easy to follow…he has such a great personality too. I really hope someone brings this show back…stop with all the design and real estate shows and give gardners what they want to see too.

    Please bring this show back!!!!

  518. RON  Says:


  519. chris  Says:

    The only reason I watched your channel was to watch Pauls gardening show. I really looked forward to it. Take the “Garden” out of your name. Your channel should be called the real estate network now. It’s horrible. How many times can you flip a house or re-do a crappy kitchen and make it look worse? Talk about a one-track channel…..bring the gardening and the Master Gardener, Paul James back!

  520. Sharon Robertson  Says:

    Put Gardening by the Yard back on with Paul James. I really miss that show. I learned alot from his shows, much more than the other shows that come on. Really nothing left to watch anymore since his show has been cancelled. I always had to record his show so I could watch it later since I worked. I had saved some shows to watch later even though I had already watched them. I have nothing to look forward to now.

  521. Noreen Dick  Says:

    I must add my name to the list of viewers complaining about the loss of Paul James show. I am 75 and learned more from him than I’ve forgotten in my years. It seems that I am only one of many mourning the loss. Aren’t you listening?????

  522. susanne worrell  Says:

    HGTV is not worth watching any more it is mainly about real estate,for more than a 1/4 of the day (house hunters). How to chooose a contractor (Holmes on Homes) (though i love mike). Crashing something (yard/house crashers). there is no gardening and very little DIY and creating. NO MORE HGTV FOR ME!!!!!!!!!

  523. william lee  Says:

    Bring Paul back , all this time I thought he was making new programs. What does age have to do with his program. Gardening is a matter of exercising for young old . Paul explained things the way you could understand. OH by the way your saying gardening is for old people ONLY.Why do you have a young people Yard crasher or Curb Appeal if it’s just for old people . BRING GARDENING BY THE YARD back along with Paul THANK YOU.

  524. Judith Alters  Says:

    I will no longer watch HGTV if more gardening shows like Paul James , gardening journel, gardners diary, etc don’t return. I want to learn gardening not how to run a backhoe or sod cutter. PaulJames is the most knowledgeable host on TV. Enough with the house hunters!!!!

  525. joe stark  Says:

    Paul is a great TV personalty with a lot of know how experince.PUT HIM BACK ON!!!!

  526. Susan  Says:

    C’mon. HGTV (even tho I don’t think you read this or even care)!
    Gardening is so much more than plopping in plants in a landscaping. We want more shows like Paul James’ and to have him back, and Rebecca (get your hands dirty), etc.

  527. Harvey McClanahan  Says:

    I think it is very bad taste when you think only old people are the only ones that garden. I have a granddaughter that loves gardening. regardless how long you garden you can still get some good advise from an expert like Paul James. Come on Gardeners and complain to HGTV and get Paul Back ON if He would come back. If not Get someone on to give good advise. Thanks Harvey From Texas

  528. Deborah McClanahan  Says:

    Only the BEST show on TV ,and we Need it back,Idon’t care much about very much TV but that show I had to watch. With times as they are we NEED more people to garden.Weather it be in a flower garde or 5 acres,Paul James could show you how to do it..I have kids just learning to garden and could sure use the help from him,please bring him back.

  529. Harvey McClanahan  Says:

    I think that the people at hgtv need a little education about Gardening because they don’t know who likes gardening. Yes older people do like gardening but younger people like gardening to. Besides what is the second word in HGTV. It’s
    GARDEN Wonder if they forgot or does droping a few plants in the ground and calling it yard landscaping. Who wonts to watch about 5 or 6 shows on house hunting. I think it is about time they either got Paul back or some other garden experts to help us get some inside information on gardening. Thanks Harvey

  530. Bruce Collins  Says:

    I no longer watch HGTV because of there lack of gardening programs. Gardening By The Yard with Paul James was my very favorite of all. I am so surprised that the network would think that the vast majority of viewers would be more interested in someone shopping for a vacation home in the islands than creating their own island paradise in their backyard.Please bring back the gardening shows, especially Paul James.

  531. Bruce Collins  Says:

    hgtv please bring back Paul James and Rebecca, The victory garden and add more gardening shows if you want to increase your ratings and numbers. I’m very sick of House Hunters and remodeling programs geared to the very wealthy. I don’t have an extra $100,000. to redo my kitchen or bath room, I can’t afford a $650,000. for a vacation home in the islands, however I can spend a few hundred on plants and landscaping to make my home more enjoyable. Please bring back the gardening shows.PLEASE

  532. Bill Mack  Says:

    Scrips stricks again. Takes off a show that is helpful,and replaces them with interior decorating shows, that no one can use. I live in a apartment, but I have a litte patch of ground to plant; schrubs, flowers and the like. Paul’s information can even help me.

  533. Kevin Schepman  Says:

    I have learned so much from Paul James over the years. I really enjoyed “Gardening by the Yard” and would watch it every weekend. Bring the show back.

  534. Becky Hicks  Says:

    I,too,like all the others I have read want to see HGTV return to its gardening roots. I am getting tired of seeing shows the remodel to sell,multi-million dollar homes(do you think I am Paris Hilton?) and other home decorating shows/contests.
    I really enjoyed Paul James when he was on,on the weekends.His show,and the others like his made for a very nice balance with all the home selling shows.
    Please bring them back,or I may have to take my viewership elsewhere.
    Becky Hicks

  535. Justine Kimball  Says:

    I have been searching the TV and the web for Paul. I miss that show so much. HGTV needs to change their name to HTV! Now that I retired I have more time for my garden and am trying to grow fresh fruit and veggies alone with my flowers. I suppose that because I am retired that supports HGTV’s idea that only old people garden. Do they realize that the whole country is growing older? My grandson (who is now 12) has been gardening with me his whole life and used to watch Paul’s show with me on the weekends. I wish some network would bring him back, meanwhile, I’ll turn off HGTV and rely on Mother Earth News magazine and Organic Gardening.

  536. theresa elder  Says:

    I truly miss Paul James, first the cooking show and now the garden! I am now taping shows that are reruns so i can watch them again, you still learn things that you may have missed the first time. I have questions for him too, now who is going to ans
    wer them? PLEASE BRING HIM BACK WITH NEW SHOWS!! We have enough decorating shows, we need PAUL back11

  537. theresa elder  Says:

    Please bring back PAUL> i love his show, I am now taping old shows and watching them, you can always learn by watching them again, and i have a few questions for him, whose going to answer them now??We have enough decorating shows, PLEASE BRING BACK PAUL JAMES!!!

  538. Janet Schmidt  Says:

    I’m starting to get annoyed with hgTv. I started watching because of the gardening shows. Many of your shows are for the rich who do not need your advice.

    Keep Paul James on and here is a novel idea, why dont you show repeats of his shows in the early evening.

  539. Faye Paddock  Says:

    I just recently got back on the internet. I’m an oldster I guess. Most of the notes I’ve read are from young folks. I had enjoyed Paul James’ program. His was the only program that would keep me inside on summer days. It was just before noon on Saturdays. I love this guy. He’s cute and so are his kids. Always intelligent and caring about plants. He is the Steve Erwin of the plant world. Hey, he’s great. Please Paul, don’t lose your passion. The people love you and the way you do what you do. In this day and age more people are gardening and preserving the harvest than there has been for nearly 30 years. WE NEED THIS MAN.

  540. patricia  Says:

    Apparently HGTV,in their arrogance, has chosen not to listen to viewers they are alienating. HGTV used to be all I watched….for the gardening shows;now I barely watch at all. The programing is too repetitive and boring. Bring back Paul and the other REAL gardening shows as well as more about “green”building ideas, or I’m dropping HGTV from my programing list.

  541. SHARON  Says:

    I no longer watch HGTV or affiliated stations. Nor do I subscribe to any magazines associated with this station. Sense you (HGTV) has taken Paul James off the air. He is an excellent teacher for all ages with vast amounts of helpful information for us. I resent being told I am to old for gardening. I am only in my 50′s. I have been watching Paul James’ show sense it came on the air. He not only had me watching his show, I was going on line in your HGTV site to check out other things and purchasing products Paul James was using on his show. So not only have you lost my TV viewing, but my on line use and my money I used to buy products and magazines associated with HGTV. Imagine, I am only one of your former viewers out of millions. Please put Paul James back on TV. It will make a lot of viewers happy and eventually more money in your pockets.

  542. nancy  Says:

    HGTV lost me as a customer years ago. It became phoney, and pretentious. Now I love the Create channel my converter box.

    LA born and raised, but not fake. : )

  543. Diann Hilton  Says:

    I am so upset with hgtv. I used to watch hgtv-Paul James Gardening by the Yard-one of my favorite shows on TV. It was very informative-loved the show. Bring Paul back! I no longer watch hgtv at all. The only shows presented are buying/selling or remodeling a house. Enough!! We need this gardening show. What needs to be done to bring Paul back????

  544. Pam  Says:

    Only garden show I REALLY LIKE. Guess I’ll be watching HALLMARK CHANNEL,and catch Martha Stewart on her garden shows.I’ll be on Paul’s site.

  545. Penny Potts  Says:

    I loved to watch Paul James and also love to garden, he gave very good advise and was entertaining at the same time. There are not any gardening shows left and I do miss them. Wish I had found this site a couple of years ago when my comment would have been more timely. The fact is they did take the G out of HGTV and I for one miss it. I’m with you Diann, what can we do?

  546. dd  Says:

    With an economy in shambles and no cure in sight more and more people are reverting back to a simple sane life. People a tearing out these 2001 hot tubs and putting in 2011 victory gardens.

    The 65 shows doing 100K makovers to houses in 8 hours or less is so yesterday.

    Take my advice HGTV. History tells us what was old is new. SHows with a format ala the original victory garden and shows like Gardening by the yard are what people want will be hot once again

  547. Spike  Says:

    I miss ths show so much. This was the only entertaining Gardening show on TV. You think they could at least post all of the episodes on their website. Maybe we can bug PBS to pick this show up. They could use another garden program and at least this one won’t put you to sleep like P Allen Smith’s does.

  548. AzRobin  Says:

    It’s been over 2yrs and we’re STILL missing and supporting the return of Paul James.

    I too have stopped watching HGTV as a result of them cancelling his show. His were the ONLY shows I looked forward to watching/recording and would actually leave HGTV on all weekend as I found it relaxing and energizing to do my gardening with his tips as well as see some of the design shows. Now and again I’ll turn HGTV on and I’m bored to tears. I’d watch reruns after reruns as well as new episodes. That’s how informative and entertaining Paul James is.

    Home & GARDEN TV?…Yard Crashers don’t quite cut it, Producers and powers that be.

    BRING PAUL JAMES BACK! (There…that’s my 2 cents)

  549. Gene  Says:

    Gardening by the Yard was not the only program I watched on HGTV, but it was the lead-in to all the other programs I watched on the weekend. And it was the best of the lot. I haven’t watched HGTV since they took Paul James off. The only reason I watched any other programs on that network was because once I turned on Gardening by the Yard, I didn’t bother changing the channel when the following programs came on.

  550. Rita Bain  Says:

    Like so many of the others, I have lost interest in HGTV. The programs that are on now are just boring. My love is gardening. I can’t wait to get out in my yard and dig in the dirt. Paul James was full of some very good information about gardening. I used his advice often. And he was just a pleasure to watch. Come on HGTV, you guys need to quit catering to the rich and famous and get back to the basics that made you a popular network to begin with. More people are gardening to save at the grocery stores. These are hard times. We need the simple abundance of the earth. Put the G back in HGTV and bring back Paul James. Please.

  551. Maria  Says:

    My husband and I really miss Gardening by the Yard. Paul is so funny. He has a way of making gardening fun. We have always had a garden even when I was little. I miss all the gardening shows HGTV use to have on. They have some dumb shows on now. The only shows we watch now are Holmes on Homes, House Hunters (International) and Income property. Thats it.

    I agree put the G back in HGTV and bring Paul James back.

  552. Bob O'Brien  Says:

    Lets keep the dialog going. I haven’t read all the blogs regarding this topic, but here’s my two cents worth. I love HGTV and DIY, but they are really getting away from their roots. Garden Crashers is a good show, but you don’t learn very much other than get to watch someone hit the gardening jack pot. Paul James was funny, but could really teach you about gardening. It was a fun half hour show.

    Two many shows are focusing on buying houses. A few years ago, there were too many shows about flipping houses and getting rich quick. Do you think this may in some sort contributed to the biggest housing crisis since the Great Depression?

    I understand that shows need to make money by selling adds. But maybe its time for the folks at the network to re-think some of their programming and marketing strategies. Holmes on Homes is a great example of the types of shows HGTV cut their teeth on and since Gardening by the Yard is an educational show, its time to bring back Paul James.

    Ps. HGTV can stop showing re-runs of shows that pre-date the housing market crash…they aren’t to relevant anymore are they?

  553. Sinderbella  Says:

    There will never be another gardening show like Paul James Gardening By The Yard program. Not only was it informative but it was entertaining and funny. I learned so much about gardening while watching it. Paul was the perfect host and I must say, very easy on the eyes. I miss him and I also miss seeing his little corgi dogs.

  554. Leon  Says:

    I wrote letters directly to HGTV back when it was announced Paul’s GBTY show was being cancelled. I never received one response from HGTV. My wife is the gardener in our family, but I always watched Paul James’ show with her. The others I never cared that much about. I do a lot of the heavy stuff, like digging holes, prepping the ground, etc while my wife does all the “finer” things. Paul was great with information, also slightly nuts, which made for a great show. Our loss is America’s loss since we can no longer get down-to-earth advice and tips on gardening for the non-experts. TO HGTV… I don’t care about searching for homes in foreign countries or even in the US. I want to know how to work my home and keep it looking better… GBTY did that for our landscaping, which is a constant activity around our house. I don’t have $800,000 or so to spend on some tropical setting or to live in Paris or Italy or even NYC (I’d never live in NYC, even if someone paid me). Get real HGTV, and wake up, let’s get back to basics and Paul James did that for several millions of us.

  555. Peter W.  Says:

    One of the best quality shows on TV. Sorry to see it go.

    Now, HGTV has this terrible “Design on a Dime” show. On one episode the host says how much she hates the “ugly sliding glass door,” which I thought looked pretty good. Instead of cleaning it up a little and updating it, she got really carried away with an over-kill treatment. She should have just said, “I really hate the ugly sliding glass door, so I’m going to make it uglier and here’s how.” Wake up HGTV.

  556. Scott Sterner  Says:

    To hell with HGTV my wife for the past several years has been going through alot (cancer/loss of right leg)we have always looked forward to Paul James even in the Rose Parade but we have been a little preoccupied to know what has been going on and now that we have found out we will stop watching along with all of our friends any HGTV.

  557. sue payton  Says:

    Paul James is the bomb. I have all the episodes I could find on tape and I watch them every year. He is best and is so entertaining. Miss him a bunch and now am stuck with the gardening shows on Createtv, bummer.

  558. sharon  Says:

    love the gbty show. paul james is the master of compost,veggies and humor. we miss him greatly.

  559. Kathe Norris  Says:

    Hey HGTV! It’s February 2012 Are you going to get your heads straight and give us what we want instead of all that junk remodeling people that don’t have a lick of talent that anyone can use?
    If Paul and Gardening By The Yard don’t return then this season, neither do I. Get some producers who are actually “in the Know.”

  560. Travis  Says:

    I have to agree, their are not very many gardening shows on tv that actually give you information on the act of gardening or growing plants. I liked Paul James because he was fun to watch and also informed you on the actual plants. I think we have enough designer shows on HGTV so how about some educational gardening shows.Just because they are designing a yard does not qualify it as gardening. Unless they want to change it to HDTV (D-for design)

  561. phil ewington  Says:

    paul james is great so miss his sense of humor hgtv bring him

  562. Laura Mulkey  Says:

    I quit watching HGTV because they took all the good garden shows off. I had watched them since the first day on the air. Hope you’rer happy that you have taken away our best enjoyment.

  563. Colleen Mooney  Says:

    I retired last July and actually have some time to enjoy working in the yard and the one show that would have made it complete is Gardening By The Yard. I really do tire of the “drama” in some of these new shows and don’t get anything from the endless “staging” shows. I really enjoy Yard Crashers with Ahmed, but that is limited. It doesn’t teach you about gardening basics. Come on HGTV, please reconsider!

  564. Shannon  Says:

    I miss you Paul James! Sunday morning just is not the same. Hgtv has gone to pot!

  565. Mitzi  Says:

    Finding those post 3 years late, but I too don’t watch HGTV much any more. Wish they would get viewer opinions before they cancel shows.

  566. Brian Stuck  Says:

    I can’t believe that HGTV stills calls themselves that. All their shows consist of how to rebuild some piece of crap. Put some gardening shows back on. Paul James was the best. Bring him back and I’ll come back to watch your channel.

  567. Liz  Says:

    I haven’t watched HGTV since Gardening By The Yard was taken off. It was their BEST show. Bad, bad move HGTV.

  568. garye anderson  Says:

    I miss Paul James on HGTV. HGTV is just not what it use to be, how many couples do we need to watch select a home. There needs to be more GARDEN content! Even the home shows are really ‘how to’ any longer.

    Hopefully there will be some re-runs (and not in the middle of the night).

  569. jeff  Says:

    hgtv all about houses no gardening ,paul james missed

  570. Chris & Tina  Says:

    Paul James inspired us to have our own farm.

    Fools, for cancelling his show. Just what we need another stupid reality show.

  571. Chris & Tina  Says:

    Paul James inspired us to have our own farm.

    Fools, for cancelling his show.

  572. Bernard Williams  Says:

    Thank you Paul James. You gave so much of yourself, over so many years, to so many viewers, about so many lawn and gardening subjects. You were our wise father, our learned older brother, the neighbor guy down the street that knew a little something about everything. We could come to you for advice and place our faith in your answers. You were important to our lives. We did learn from you and we enjoyed the time we spent with you. THANK YOU. Being a long time fan of Paul and his show I was very sorry to learn that he was being cancelled. Today, after many profitable years of his show being produced and aired on HGTV, they do not air re-runs of the show. They must have scores of them available. Why not at least re-run them? All of the shows production costs are paid. A re-run is free money to a production company. The HGTV shows airing now are all made on the cheap, using “ego-inflated real people”, doing unreal gardening. The players laugh and giggle their way through the entire show. These quickie shows get re-run over and over again. But, alas, no re-runs of Paul James and his sophisticated, intelligent and witty gardening show. Do the programmimg minds of HGTV truly believe that a gardening show is not relevant in todays real world? Maybe the production chiefs that make such decisions should get up early on a Saturday or Sunday and visit their local home store or garden outlet to discover the throngs of people that are buying garden supplies. Cancellation of Paul’s show makes no sense. Today the HGTV producers air fluffy, mindless shows. Then they re-run them to death. DEATH: this probably is a good place to end this. Gardening By The Yard is dead. A premature death. Gardening By The Yard is not coming back. Even sadder, I doubt that Paul James is coming back to a TV near you, anytime soon. THANK YOU PAUL.

  573. kathleen Lesavage  Says:

    I love Gardening by the yard. Its my favorite gardening show! I have been gardening since I was 20 years old! As soon as I bought my own home I started gardening! I have learned so much from Paul James!! I would love to invite him to see my extensive garden and water features!

  574. Chris  Says:

    I never missed an episode because gbty was always recorded on. DVr. Recently some shows have popped up on hgtv again. I hope they consider and pal James considers a return to tv

  575. Barbara Romano  Says:

    This is the BIGGEST JOKE ever,Paul James is the best. I’ve always learned so much from him. What a big mistake it will be if he’s not on. If it’s his choice that’s a different story . What about his dog , she needs a job .

  576. Elena  Says:

    HGTV has gone to the dogs. The same home improvement shows over and over. I do not care about rental property,or what somebody is buying overseas. Bring back the gardening shows, like Paul James. He was our favorite, actually learned something! DIY is the same junk! Please bring us something worthwhile to watch.

  577. Cathy  Says:

    The G is gone for hGtv. Bring back Paul James, Gardening by the Yard. It was such a good and informitive show.

    All the repeats of the home improvement shows over and over. They suck! And My Yard Goes Disney….come on…the ideas are good, but do those people really keep those yard up? I douby it!

    I say again…bring back Paul James!

  578. Alicia H.  Says:

    Gardening by the Yard was inspirational! I LOVED how Paul James added a fun flare to it, and it was very educational. I was raised in the city without much of a yard. When I was old enough to have and invest in a yard, he was there to entertain me and make it seem like such an easy task! WHY ARE THESE SEASONS NOT ON DVD? What a shame to have such a knowledgable and funny man’s show not be put on DVD for future generations to see (and so I can rewind and stop when I need).

    Bring Paul back to us, HGTV!

  579. Lorrayne Steward  Says:

    Please upgrade HGTVand bring back Paul James. In this day and age, with the economy the way it is,it would be nice to have a gardener show us how to grow our own food. We need more information that a master gardener could teach us.Especially one like Paul that has such a great sense of humor. Sincerely, Lorrayne

  580. matthew K  Says:

    Paul was a blessing for H_TV. He is too good to bring back to H_TV. Bring him back to a different network or just let him enjoy his retirement. Paul is good people, too good for H_TV! Thanks for the memories, Paul, and for all the information you have provided over all the years.

  581. olivia lotz  Says:

    Hay! What’s going on. Gardening by the Yard was great! More than ever we need TV shows that not only entertain but more importantly “inform.” You can throw away the dancing and singing and got talent garbage and keep TV shows that help improve people’s life and lifestyles. We are all about going green and natural – Paul James was great – it’s not just old people. Maybe if you brought back Paul James my 30 year old neighbors might get the hint that landscape is important… and quit asking me “how’d you get your yard so nice….????”

  582. Harry Case  Says:

    It’s too bad I didn’t know about this blog back when it started. I would have chimed in. I loved Gardening by the Yard. It was the best show on H_TV. If it were brought back, no matter on what network, I would be an avid viewer and fan. But then I don’t think H_TV knows what’s good for them. Their shows have become increasingly redundant and boring. The last 2 of their shows that I really enjoyed were Holmes on Homes and Holmes Inspection. But, true to form, the network cancelled those too. I really am sick of seeing one boring house hunting show after another. It’s no wonder I find myself watching less and less of H_TV.

  583. Greg Kofskey  Says:

    I am very disappointed that Gardening By the Yard was canceled. I used to enjoy watching Paul every Saturday morning. I didn’t think that us “old gardeners” were in the minority! There’s not much to watch on HDTV now as these house hunting shows or house designing shows are shown over and over again. If anyting the planet needs more about growing things, not less of. Because of the repetition of the same shows, I don’t watch HDTV much anymore.

  584. Tina Wilson  Says:

    I am an avid HGTV viewer but I am very disappointed that HGTV has eliminated Paul James and his wonderful gardening show. People are interested in more than just decorating and home purchasing. His show provided information that benefited many people. I hope you seriously consider bringing his show back. Many of your decorating shows are repeated over and over. Surely you can provide a spot for a show that offers help to those of us that are interested in growing our own plants,fruit and vegetables!

  585. GLENNWHITT  Says:


  586. Jack and Erma McGowan  Says:

    We were sitting here watching HGTV–another boring show about buying a home, and reminicing about the days when Paul James hosted “Gardening by the Yard.” We got so many useful tips from his show–he was both entertaining and informative. We feel that gardening is not a lost art–go to any gardening center and see people of all ages buying plants, fertilizers, and tools. HGTV has become too focused on home buying, remodeling, and various crashes. While there’s a place for this type of show, without the gardening shows it should be just “HTV.”

  587. Scott Smith  Says:

    I wish they would sell the old episodes on DVD or make them available on HULU or Netflix. It just doesn’t make sense to me. If there is money to be made here is a perfect example of someone not seeing the potential. After all we do live in a capitalistic society.

  588. Ed Nodohara  Says:

    I used to wake up early on Saturday to catch Paul James on “Gardening By the Yard”. I learned a lot from him, the do’s and don’ts and chuckled along the way. The problem is we are losing our knowledge of how to do things for ourselves. We have to rely on someone else to do it for us and that’s a shame.

  589. Wally Leuchtenberg  Says:

    It was very satisfying to me seeing how many people felt the same as I do about Paul James and “Gardening by the Yard”. I have to laugh at the notion that gardening is for old foggies: my kids and their friends all started becoming GBTY regulars. I too am sick of watching people with unlimited (and unrealistic) budgets searching for million dollar homes in exotic places. This was a common man’s program. I really miss it. I would be happy to purchase the entire series if only it were available. To the brain trust at H(g)TV: just get rid of the G unless you plan on actually promoting DIY gardening.

  590. Debbie Turner  Says:

    My husband and I were talking about Paul James this morning cause we miss him on the Rose parade. Loved his show and learned so much. HGTV not the same without him . How many makeover shows do you need? These homes have landscaping and the maintenance is ongoing. Paul gave so much entertaining,knowledgeable information. He was sexy too.Just saying…Good idea to make these episodes available. Please consider bringing him back in some capacity.

  591. Mari Gifford Paulsen  Says:

    I am come too late to the discussion. And more’s the pity because I miss his shows a LOT. I have been surviving on reruns but even they are gone. HGTV no longer makes appearances on my TV (except for P.Allen Smith). Beside Paul my other favourites were Erica Glasener and Kathy Renwald.Now they’re all gone and I am bereft. So much for HGTV. ptooey!

  592. Sharon S  Says:

    Please bring by Gardening by the Yard with Paul James and all the other gardening shows. HGTV was a great station. Now it is all about folks shopping for homes and remodeling homes. Miss the original HGTV where it was about decorating your home and gardening. I never watch it anymore.

  593. Kim  Says:

    I stumbled across this website after a futile tv search for a gardening show. My son and I watched Paul James every chance we could. That show started my sons love of gardening. There are NO gardening shows left on HGTV – there is nothing left worth watching.

  594. Dennis Evans  Says:

    Paul James, Gardening by the Yard was a delightful show about gardening for real. How many fluffy spoiled house hunters do we need to see. HGTV has become mainstream TV. Bad Bad Bad

  595. Jim Quinn  Says:

    Dear friends of the Paul James show, the power is not in fighting with the network, it’s in contacting the sponsors of the show. They are the ones who pay the bills. If you don’t like what the network does contact the sponsors of the show and tell them that if they don’t support the show you will never again buy their product. This is how the game is played. Advertisers want to sell product and when they hear from their customers they listen and that’s were the power is!

  596. Jim Quinn  Says:

    Dear Paul James Fans, you might think your one letter to a sponsor means nothing, but in reality they know that for every 1,000 people only one will take the time to write a letter…so send in those letters….they know that words equate to lost dollars and you have the right to whom you spend them with

  597. Blanca Flanagan  Says:

    I really love gardening by the yard all of you and HGTV are fool there is nothing about gardening on the show anymore Stop watching the show

  598. Lisa  Says:

    I’m still very disappointed “Gardening By The Yard” isn’t on anymore! Young and old was watching this show. The other shows are not as practical as “Gardening By the Yard”. Those other ond I won’t watch! A lot of people don’t have money to do things to their yard. Paul James showed how to garden at a reasonable price. He was in my house every weekend. I never missed a show. Get him back!

  599. juan  Says:

    Why mess with success.I miss this show.

  600. Kathy  Says:

    I really do enjoy the home renovation, buying and selling shows. But, I sure do miss “Gardening by the Yard” with Paul James, the gardener guy. I looked forward to watching his show every Saturday morning before getting out and working in my yard. It was so informative and down to earth. Never boring.

  601. Sandy  Says:

    Are you ever going to put “Gardening by the Yard” w/ Paul James back on HGTV??? We loved his show and patterned our own beautiful yard with his help. Also loved his dry humor. If he is on another channel someone please let me know the channel, day and time.
    The dumbest thing HGTV ever did was canceling that show.
    MISSING PAUL – Sandy

  602. Joyce Camper  Says:

    Does anyone know if there anyway to get hold of the whole series of the Paul James show?
    Sure miss this show and other gardening shows.

  603. Maria  Says:

    Little by little. All the Gardening and Landscaping shows are gone. Shame on you! We can only paint our homes one way. Who can afford to remodel and watch your shows? I’m sure your rating have gone down as well. #ProudGardener #GreatGrandfather #LeopoldoCarrillo #1800s #GARDENER

  604. Marilyn  Says:

    You sure messed up by cancelling Gardening By the Yard. Loved that show. Will follow him. I watched HGTV for 12 years straight. Now I never watched it. Hope whomever is watching it is enjoying it.

  605. Cheryl coryea  Says:

    Bring gardening by the yard back, please

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