60 Bags of Mulch

June 25th, 2006

I had 60 bags of mulch delivered from Lowes this morning.

The picture is 20 bags of 3 cubic feet each and 40 bags of 2 cubic feet each. I have in the past gotten a full 60 bags of the 3 cubic feet and that pile was significantly more. This time though I got some colored mulch for the first time (previously I liked the look of natural more) and those only came in the 2 cu/ft bags.

I have a bit of a problem with mulch. You see for my lot size I have a large amount of garden beds. People with this many beds usually get mulch delivered in bulk from a landscaping company in a dump truck. I cannot do this as I have no where for them to dump the mulch at, unless I wanted to kill a spot of my front lawn. So I’m stuck getting the more expensive bagged mulch and having it delivered by truck.

This problem though has contributed to me not mulching as I should. You see you should put down atleast 2 inches of mulch to cover your beds, I only put down enough so that I can no longer see soil. I’d like to put down more, but getting it is such a hassle for me.

So that is what I hope to cure with this delivery. I hope to finally get a nice depth going. It certainly will be a few days of work and I have a wedding reception to go to so I cannot even get started today.

With the colored mulch I got both red and gold. I don’t plan on using all one color for my gardens. I plan on using gold, which really just looks like fresh mulch only it keeps it’s color, in my front yard. In my back yard I have one bed on the side with some spruces and some yellow/white/green hostas so I’ll put the red there. It’ll contrast nicely with the blue & green spruces and the yellow in the hostas. For my other beds (my very large ones) I’ll just use standard mulch for two reasons. 1, its cheaper, and 2, I have plants of all colors in those beds and I think the colored mulches really work best when you use them to contrast with your plant foliage or flowers (red mulch for yellow or blue plants, yellow mulch for red or green plants).

Also today I had this very large urn delivered with the mulch. It is very nice looking and made it Italy. I love big pots.

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  1. panasianbiz  Says:

    I stumbled across your blog while I was doing some online research. I can’t imagine how you deal with that quantity of mulch being delivered at one time; for me, just putting down a bag or two seems like a daunting task!

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