Iris Update

May 27th, 2006

As I reported previously my irises hadn’t bloomed for a number of years and were not going dormant during the winter.

So what I did was give them all a haircut to try to simulate dormancy and well, either it worked or the irises finally stored up enough energy because they’re all blooming nicely now.

They are a little late this year, but so is everything else, at least 2 weeks later than last year I’d estimate. Our spring was warm, or so it seemed, but perhaps it wasn’t quite warm enough.

2 Responses to “Iris Update”

  1. Melissa  Says:

    So what sort of haircut did you give them?

  2. Administrator  Says:

    I basically took my hedge clips and cut them down to the ground back in Febuary or March or whenever it was.

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