Fledging Robin Visitor

May 27th, 2006

The other day I noticed this fledging Robin in my back yard and I went out to say hello. He was very well camouflagued and had I not seen him move I would never have noticed him. He wasn’t that scared of us but I believe they’re instincts are to stay still to avoid notice. His parents (all 4 of them it seemed) sure got upset though, screeching at us from all over.

I was really quite worried about it. Our neighbors let their cats out and they’re always coming over to our yard and a flightless bird like this would be quite a morsel for them. Apparently too robins are in this state of being able to walk but not fly for quite awhile as they mature and so I really don’t know if it’ll be able to avoid the cats for that long. They also apparently need to eat constantly so when I was done with it I fed it some worms (which it took quite readily). I figured I had probably stressed it out the least I could do is feed it.

Apparently, by the way, there is a whole Keep Cats Indoors campaign. The idea is that domestic house cats exist with greater density than any natural predator would be able to and still survive so they disproportionately threaten the species they hunt. Anyways, our cats are house cats and that works fine for us.

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  1. Michelle  Says:

    I agree with the keep cats indoors campaign. I have 2 indoor cats as well and I love cats. However, we have many neighbors who let their cats roam outside all of the time. They are all up to date on shots and such but, they spray everywhere. I can’t leave the garage open for any period of time. My backyard smells like urine often. I live in Florida and of course the humidity and heat make it easy to smell this. Wish people would be more conciderate. ;).

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